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  1. The american.gxt file is 0 in size, most likely causing your daily crashes. Get a clean copy of GTA from steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/12120/Grand_Theft_Auto_San_Andreas/
  2. So apparently the issue being users having windows 10 and AMD/ATI hardware. Question remains: Does it get triggered by actual windows update or AMD/ATI drivers? Didn't see any reports so far for win7/8 users.
  3. Please run this tool: paste your output in here (pastebin link)
  4. This server is propably blocking your IP address/ISP. Try to get in contact with server owner.
  5. CEF does not work on linux/wine. Unfortunately theres no workarround.
  6. I suggest you install a clean copy of GTA:SA. No mods or other stuff, cuz this is way too much. Directory of F:\Clean San Andreas\San Andreas 05/09/2020 04:22 PM <DIR> . 05/09/2020 04:22 PM <DIR> .. 08/04/2019 06:23 PM <DIR> .jagex_cache_32 05/29/2011 08:16 PM 0 0.log 11/07/2010 02:52 AM 207,158 1288920838-570.png 02/02/2011 09:58 PM 7,967 173509_511575740_4740451_n.jpg
  7. Could also be related to this issue: https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/issues/1408
  8. -ffs-PLASMA


    loopTable doesnt exist or has no data.
  9. Doom port soon in MTA? Good work :3
  10. Take a look at the additional arguments. target: element target used for heat seeking rockets. rotX, rotY, rotZ: float starting rotation for the projectile. Either you specify the target(eg player) or you set the rotation of the projectile to the way it should fly.
  11. At line 24, you already divide image size by 6000 and then in 26/27 you multiply it with player position but you need to multiply image size with player position first before dividing it by 6000.
  12. Yes it is possible but no one will tell you. Ask the author for an unencrypted version.
  13. And people still think openMP will be released
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