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  1. -ffs-PLASMA

    Random crashes

    Could also be related to this issue: https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/issues/1408
  2. -ffs-PLASMA


    loopTable doesnt exist or has no data.
  3. Doom port soon in MTA? Good work :3
  4. Take a look at the additional arguments. target: element target used for heat seeking rockets. rotX, rotY, rotZ: float starting rotation for the projectile. Either you specify the target(eg player) or you set the rotation of the projectile to the way it should fly.
  5. At line 24, you already divide image size by 6000 and then in 26/27 you multiply it with player position but you need to multiply image size with player position first before dividing it by 6000.
  6. Yes it is possible but no one will tell you. Ask the author for an unencrypted version.
  7. -ffs-PLASMA

    MTA vs SA-MP

    And people still think openMP will be released
  8. Its always a pleasure to see constant player count and development for this game/mod.
  9. Run the vmware client with sudo rights.
  10. The script has been encrypted and compiled. You need to decrypt and decompile it somehow to get propper source code. Anyway no one here would help you do this. There is a reason why the original author wants to protect his work.
  11. Very interessting indeed. Just being curious: Does the main.scm also include the AI logic from singleplayer? If so it would be a useful source to implement basic traffic and AI logic/movement in MTA.
  12. Why dont you just create a script and load the custom model directly on the server. So you dont have to mod any gta3.img nor restart MTA everytime. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/EngineLoadDFF
  13. Hey community, here is my newest creation^^ Hope you like it
  14. hey guys, I converted some mario kart maps a few months ago, but now i dont need them anymore so I share them with you guys^^ Enjoy the maps BlockCity, CookieLand and Luigis Mansion. PS. I only uploaded the DFF COL and TXD files so you have to put them in a map by yourself Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fm15i ... DDMAPS.zip Password is: maggi Have fun^^