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  1. destroyElement..

    where are you setting the element data?
  2. Report community resources here!

  3. addCommandHandler("checkplayervehicle", function(source, cmd, target) if not (target) then outputChatBox("/checkplayervehicle [Player]") return false end local target, targetName = exports["serverCore"]:findPlayer(source,target) if target then local targetAccount = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(target)) local playercar1 = executeSQLQuery("SELECT Model FROM vehicleSlot1 WHERE PlayerName = ?",targetAccount) if #playercar1 > 1 then outputChatBox(getVehicleNameFromModel(playercar2[1].Model),source) else outputChatBox("slot 1 empty",source) end local playercar2 = executeSQLQuery("SELECT Model FROM vehicleSlot2 WHERE PlayerName = ?",targetAccount) if #playercar2 > 1 then outputChatBox(getVehicleNameFromModel(playercar2[1].Model),source) else outputChatBox("slot 2 empty",source) end end end )
  4. How to change sniper scope

    It isn't complex actually...?
  5. how to add markers

    createMarker createBlipAttachedTo
  6. kick a player is not working?

    Add "resource.admin" to "Admin" ACL group. That should do the trick.
  7. screenX, screenY problem

    For every lower height, try to increase the Y by some value to have the same size. It will have same size, and it should fit. You have to find the some value tho.
  8. How to change sniper scope

    I assume drawing the image while the person in aiming sniper through isPedAiming (useful function), and then adding a picture which has the same diameter circle should do. You could add some frames in it to make it look more better
  9. Getting, and inserting data to MySQL!

    Very hard to give proper answers isn't it? Lol. The syntax for INSERT is incomplete and wrong because it is incomplete. And by the way you do not poll dxExecs..... Anyways, there is a good tutorial on this. Go there and check the first post with db functions.
  10. Randomly Teleport Tp PvP places

    function spawn( player ) local rnd = math.random( 1, #spawns ) setElementPosition( player, spawns[rnd][1], spawns[rnd][2], spawns[rnd][3] ) setElementPosition( player, 0 , 0, spawns[rnd][4] ) end addCommandHandler("pvp",spawn)
  11. How to pass server Timer to client ?

    How about using getTimerDetails, and setting those details in a table in setElementData? Server timers are different from client sided timers Client sided timers usually depend on FPS.
  12. [Help] Some script trigger client event with imageData of that create the file client side
  13. Anti-zombie player

    function katana(attacker, weapon, bodypart, loss) if getElementData(attacker, "zombie", true) then if getPedWeapon(attacker) == 8 then setElementHealth(source, getElementHealth(source) - 40) end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerDamage", getRootElement(), katana)
  14. Downloading problem

    Thanks. Figured it out that my anti-virus was detecting the network as public... that's why..
  15. Downloading problem

    This week, on my local server, I have not been able to play on it properly. Resources do not download. <httpserver>1</httpserver> is set to 1 <httpdownloadurl></httpdownloadurl> is empty Pictures: