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  1. Thanks. Figured it out that my anti-virus was detecting the network as public... that's why..
  2. This week, on my local server, I have not been able to play on it properly. Resources do not download. <httpserver>1</httpserver> is set to 1 <httpdownloadurl></httpdownloadurl> is empty Pictures:
  3. He's a nice dude. I recommend him too, like anyone else above. GL mate, and I'm sorry again D:
  4. If I wanted you to make that script, how much would you cost? (Your customers who need an price, can assume and estimate if it is in your budget, from this pricing)
  5. You cannot if you do not have the premium version of it. I'm unaware of any free VPN to portforward.
  6. For connection forum profile picture to ingame profile picture: Using PHP SDK: Use PHP SDK to call a function which sends it the link of the image to use "fetchRemote" from. And update it.
  7. You may want to go for VPN. You don't even need to set up it. lol
  8. xRaM isn't even a scripter. He contacted my friend on Skype, who further contacted me. He asked me to get RPG gamemodes for him. I simply told no. He told me plese help am beginner in Lua Now beginners making RPG modes while asking.. well ok
  9. @Woovie NBG was a old server, these scripts are leaked. On the page, he claims to be the owner. Which is not true at all.
  10. Replace 6th line with: if #playerQueryResult == 0 dbPoll returns a result, in a table. If the table is empty, there is nothing. Anyways, can you show the full script, where you add the table? Make sure that is done. I see nothing wrong here Use a else on that if to load your settings
  11. You can connect to SQLite database (it will automatically make the file, if it it doesn't exist) through dbConnect. dbQuery examples show how to use SELECT query on SQLite database, and dbExec UPDATE, INSERT, CREATE queries on database. dbConnect basically links you to the database so you can fiddle with it
  12. read: The normal and exec queries, SELECT * tableName WHERE acc=?, acc..etc. It is practice that will get you used to this. Do not forget to connect to a database through dbConnect and then create it with dbExec dbExec dbQuery dbConnect onPlayerLogin getPlayerAccount getAccountName -- These are all the functions you'll need mandatorily! PM me for help, I'll send my skype.
  13. When a player log ins, get his acc, then his acc name. Proceed for a SELECT query towards a poll If there the poll returns 0 results with that acc name -> INSERT one statement, and then put in default settings. Otherwise load it .
  14. There can be a solution around this. You can use exports to the damage cancelling resource, and call it when it hits the head or use element data. That is a way around it, although I do not see a reason why wasEventCancelled wouldn't detect it.
  15. If you want it to pass it to MTA, use fetchRemote/callRemote from your server. You can set a timer, and then send data to X page, which will send it to a website, then it comes ingame through php sdk. There are many ways - but I'm not sure how you will implement as I have never even seen mIRC scripting stuff fetchRemote() --(requires PHP SDK, for such purposes) callRemote()