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  1. no, i mean Grand Theft Auto World Online (not Single Player). that beta one they released was fun....(single Player) but it's been soo long already since they worked on it. I guess they're trying to make it No errors and stuff.
  2. LMAO [KFC]UtopiA... That's one funny Signature
  3. I might give him a visit he might not like How did you find out his address and shit??
  4. also, is gtaT gonna be released before GTA-WO? or is it gonna be released with gtawo? well, if u release gtaT with GTAWO, no-ones gonna play the regular gtaT without GTAWO But, im not telling u to wait for gtawo to be done, release gtaT as soon as posible plz
  5. Hello MTA team, I leave you guys peace I'm not really making that map mod now. Or MTA "Hacks". Posty inspired me to give up the "hacks". Im not kidding if you think i am:P
  6. Ah, im gonna cry lol. I dont care. Go ahead and talk shit. DeathB is a person who worships MTA.
  7. Hey DracoBlue, I hope u add in an option for the admin's server tool that has "allow CRC *******" because I know some ppl that wanna play with cudda world and shit. I'd hate to make a gtaT client hack
  8. hey, can u add are HQ Are Head Quarter is Stadium Roof. (that Rockstar building on the roof of the Stadium)
  9. I left in the accidents because some of them were funny. Like the one when i hit the car and spin alot, then fall.
  10. http://www.cuddakine.tk Go in Cudda Kine's Stunt Videos. The Volume Edition's were made with the original handling.cfg (Except Volume 7 ).
  11. Well, i know at least 1 Stunt Server that allows Cudda! World. Its [kl.net] 100M Stunt
  12. try deleting the file "gta_vc.set" in My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files
  13. i know i shouldnt be saying this, but I have Infinite Health for ANY vehicle in the game This isnt cheating because........ I ONLY PLay in Stunt Servers so anyone that says im cheating. SHUT UP. btw, mta should make a option for the admin to select how much the vehicles in game should have like Infinte health, or just Twice as Normal. Dont Bug me about how to get infinte Health
  14. I got it from RadioShack. It was $12 and it has Rumble Support (MTA doesnt have Rumble but i use rumble on N64 Emulator). Its not the best PS2 adapter but its very good.
  15. Ya, it is lag. Right When u connect, Try getting on the Closes Vehicle Near u. If its in use, u will steal their car. (U might transport to where they are too)
  16. Hey thats cool. I use my PS2 controller on mine
  17. Hey, i have that problem now alot of times. reinstalling mta solves it temporaraly. But what if i set the config.cfg to readonly attributes???? will that make sure mta doesnt delete it???
  18. filauhdf isudh iohisudhfisuhd oiwiosudh fsfh isud hsd LOL. Englsih Only!!!!
  19. Dont make any patches for those kind of OS. Anything Below Windows 2000, stop trying to play!!! 98 is like 5 yrs old already.
  20. I have (4) PS2 Adapters. Its the Radio Shack one. I know its not the best but a can play with all the on GTAVC and all other games. Its only $12 from the radio shck here.
  21. THis is the only Video i made with a lot of mods. All my others didnt only had a monster truck in it and stuff. PS: The mods i use arnt cheatful. I left the Handling.cfg to its original. So its not cheating! These mods are for New car textures instead of the BORING Original Cars.
  22. Just to let everyone know that there is a another escret spot in Vice city (Not Easter Egg Room). THe 1st Secret Spot was easy to find out and easy to get in. But the 2nd spot Is VERY VERY Hard to get in. I went in 5 or more times already. PS: the spot is at the same Building as the 1st Secret Spot. (Next to VRock)
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