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  1. This is a little project I've been working on for a while now. I'm a huge Ace Combat fan, and I always wanted to bring the frantic, high altitude battles to MTA. That being said, I unfortunately don't have a lot of free time to work on this gamemode, which is why I want to assemble a small team to help me with that. What exactly is SKIES HIGH? SKIES HIGH is a "arcade flight simulator", if you will. Battle against other players around the globe for air superiority, purchase aircraft, climb their respective skilltrees, become what pilots refer to as an "Ace", and eventually, the "A
  2. Ah yes, I wasn't exactly sure if those are "interchangeable", so to speak. I myself like to use resourceRoot, anyway.
  3. Your code is serversided, you say? In that case, "onClientResourceStart" won't work, as that's a clientsided event. Use "onResourceStart" instead. And while you're at it, don't use getRootElement(), as otherwise, the same object will be created whenever a resource is being started. Again, use "getResourceRootElement(getThisResource())" instead.
  4. I'd love to help out. From what I saw, skills/abilities are something that need to be implemented. I recently introduced "soft skills" to MTA DayZ as a way to shake up the gameplay a little, in case you want to see how I work. Although I'd be happy to help with other stuff, too.
  5. I don't know if this is the right section, in case it isn't, please move this topic to the appropriate area. Anyway... For the longest time, I've been thinking: there's a crapton of roleplay resources out there, all having a similiar premise - you're some dork who has moved to San Andreas and now you gotta make a living. However, I have yet to see an actual RPG being developed and published. This leads me to wonder whether or not there's an interest in some sort of "MMO". You know, where you walk around, kill stuff, level up, unlock new skills, use said skills to kill even more stuff, level
  6. Hello everyone. It's been a long time since a post has been written here, but rest assured, development hasn't (really) ceased (yet). I'm currently working on some new features, one of which is a RPG-related one. I've added several skills to MTA DayZ for a more unique experience. Four "Paths" exist: Soldier, Medic, Scavenger, Engineer. All of them have different skills (which are currently passive, I plan on adding active ones as well). Here's a list: SOLDIER Dodge Blows -> Chance to dodge zombie hits Toughness -> Damage Reduction by x%
  7. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Closed Alpha for MTA:BG will launch on September 23rd, 4PM UTC/GMT+0! Check your inbox on our forum to see if you've got a key - this may take between 24-48 hours. If you haven't registered on our forum yet, please do so now! Here's a countdown: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/293585/mtabg-closed-alpha
  8. We managed to complete an alpha version of MTA:Battlegrounds! Stay tuned, for we will soon reveal a date at which the closed alpha will start. In case you haven't registered on the forum already, do so to receive an alpha access key!
  9. The forum is up and running! Please register if you wish to be one of the first 100 players to receive an alpha access key! https://nullsystems.xyz/site/index.php
  10. DevLog, 08/22/17 Development is slowly, but steadily progressing. We've acquired a new member for the team, expert975, who's managed to solve a problem we've been dealing with for quite some time now. There's no set date for a closed alpha, but rest assured, we are working on it as fast as we can. The Home Screen The screenshot inside the spoiler shows the earlierst version of the "Home Screen", where players will be able to customize their character, check their rewards and statistics and join a match (via that big "PLAY" button). After a while, I realized that the loc
  11. With MTA:DayZ being pretty much how we want it to be (except for a few minor details), we figured that it's time to move on, to our next project: MTA:Battlegrounds. This time, we do not aim to recreate Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG for short), instead, we are drawing inspiration from it while creating our very own Battle Royale gamemode. It's true that MTA offers a lot of Battle Royale servers, but none of them possess the same gravitational pull PUBG offers, something we wish to replicate. We've already started development, but we arrived at a point where we, due to respective priv
  12. As the old topic is becoming increasingly cluttered (plus the title not being accurate anymore), here's an updated version with some new information. GITHUB: https://github.com/ciber96/mtadayz RELEASES: https://github.com/ciber96/mtadayz/releases DISCORD: https://discord.gg/th86Tmw DONATIONS: https://mta-dayz.org/donate.html FORUM: http://forum.mta-dayz.org/ We also offer three branches: master: Where experimental features are being implemented and tested. Once they are deemed stable, they will appear in the respective branch. stable: The version that is actually released to the gene
  13. We just released Version 0.9.9a! DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/ciber96/mtadayz/archive/v0.9.9a.zip ADDED: New Sound + Visibility System (based on terrain, weather, light, movement) ADDED: New zombie spawn system based on loot location ADDED: Petrol stations now have a limited amount of fuel (configurable in cfgServer.lua) ADDED: Achievement System ADDED: Anti-Advertising for chat system ADDED: Indicators for temperature rising/falling ADDED: Occasional rain when weather is cloudy ADDED: MySQL implementation ADDED: Old clothes/skin system ADDED: New condition (fractured arms) ADDE
  14. Took us a little while, but our new forum is now fully operational and can be accessed here: https://forum.mta-dayz.org/ Also, MTA:DayZ 0.9.9a is being developed, head over here if you want a taste of what's to come: https://github.com/ciber96/mtadayz
  15. Count me in, too. Although only for occasional updates, and there'll be times where I can't respond to emails or the like.
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