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  1. Nobody stops you from backporting changes. It's not that hard. Patches work the same way Don't follow MTA:SA way of solving things. GitHub is an all-in-one solution for development, bugtracking and cooperation. Also it's a lot easier to handle issues on GitHub than on a GoogleCode+Mantis combo. Also please note that GCode does not have a "search sourcecode" option, which is a pretty big nope for me.
  2. Let's take a look at current MTA:SA hash functions: MD5 - old algorithm with many vurnerabilities - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MD5#Security I believe there also was a SHA1 function, but it got replaced with SHA256 - the computing power required to crack it isn't that expensive The most important feature of a good hashing algorithm is the high expensiveness. They are slow, so it's harder to crack them. Current hashing functions implemented in MTA:SA are shit. Even the un-salted SHA256 isn't enough (a Polish website got hacked, used such hashing method, passwords got easily cracked - in
  3. Usługa Skrypt mogę wykonać za 35 PLN, zapłacone poprzez PayPal, w jeden dzień. W razie wystąpienia błędu w moim skrypcie w ciągu pierwszego tygodnia, naprawię go jak najszybciej. O mnie Jestem profesjonalnym programistą i administratorem systemów informatycznych. Na co dzień pracuję w międzynarodowej drużynie nad zaawansowanym hostingiem serwerów gier opartych o chmurę. Od 2008 piszę skrypty do MTA:SA. Stosuję innowacyjne metody oraz zapewniam usługę na najwyższym poziomie. Preferuję kontakt przez Skype - pzduniak. Możesz wybrać między jakimś dzieckiem albo mną. Twoja decyzja
  4. DO NOT USE THIS HOSTING They wanted to trick my friend into "working" for them, offering unbelievable amounts of money. They didn't check his experience. The website's content is stolen, offers are wrong (200mb transfer + 400gb of ram?) and the people they "hire" for support are completely retarded. Let me quote my friend's try: and mine (I was a little bit too harsh):
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