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  1. Good afternoon! First of all I would like to stress how wonderfully this resource pack is fantastic. In the past I got to use this and follow both on the GTW server and as a hobby on my local server. But now I see that you have version 4.0 with the base called MySQL. I have a problem, I've already researched and searched but I can't change to SQlite. So I come here to ask if anyone can help me solve this problem. Thank you.
  2. They are not compiled. Vehicles App in Phone droid is not working .. ANy help ?? Debugs? Errors? Are you sure you have GTIvehicles resource running? Are you sure db is working? I can't help you, for example testing, as you see in my signature I'm retired of MTA. Maybe other developer can help you with your problem.
  3. I have news. JTPenn gave me all lists about all the events and exports of this game-mode. Enjoy, check Github page.
  4. An other thing that I forgot it was about the topic with all exports.
  5. This was decided a long time ago, selling resources is stupid, for good of MTA community is much better release it than delete or trying selling those features. GTi game-mode works perfectly, you just have create the acl correctly and the database. sadly, I don't have acl and mtaserver files. As you can see in my description I'm retired of MTA and GTA SA. I uploaded all features/maps. THE BEST FEATURE WE HAVE ARE THE MAIN INTERIORS. Means: ALMOST OF ALL STORES IN LS-LV and a couple in SF are in main dimention (GTA V Style) Creator of these interiors: FlowerPower.
  6. It's complicated, Of course if we had opportunity to run the server, we would do it.(I talk from myself) Our true owner(JTPenn) always assumed the payment of the server, We had premium system but unfortunately wasn't successfully to keep the server. After a while he stopped with that responsibility, and then we were executing the server with donations, till we had bad months till some random player donate the amount that was needed to pay the bills.
  7. GTi server closed today, for good of the community we decided to release all the features for the community enjoy them. We had our community over 3 years. Sadly, our financial situation was not good, so we decided to close. All Features are available to download. Soon as possible I will publish the list about everything we have.
  8. Grand Theft International -|- Open Source | V3 MTA-GTi-RPG-V3 Grand Theft International RPG From now on all GTis Features are open source and free download, of course you should have common sense and keep the credits. Info Daily, more information will be added, features are going to be updated. Soon as possible all compiled files are going to be removed. Developers of GTi JTPenn Sjoerd Mitch Ares LilDolla Jack Emile Nickelz Derek Noki Creator of Main Interiors: Flower Power. We had more developers, more names will be added, soon as possible. We accept all kind of help, as you know open source is where people help each other for this community use awesome features without problems. GitHub Link: https://github.com/ChicoRDL/-GTi-RPG-V3- Follow the progress of this open source, soon I will add images and more information about how to use GTi's Features. GTi Situation: http://www.gtirpg.net
  9. Today I saw this topic again and I decided to script this awesome resource. But I have a small problem. I created this in client side, meta file is correct, client.lua is correct. But for some reason the resource is not working. I copied the code above and I pasted, and that's it, do I have to do more anything else? My Client file: Debug: http://i.imgur.com/hGzRDlB.png -- Special doors script by Puma -- Free to use and free to edit, but please aks me for approval if you want to release a significantly altered version of this script -- YOU CAN EDIT THIS: local doorTypeRotation = { ["scissor"] = {72, 0, 0}, ["butterfly"] = {0, -60, 60} } -- add doortypes ----------------------- -- HOW TO USE THIS for douchebags ----------------------- -- Just put this somewhere in your script and fill in a vehicle and a doortype (see above for available doortypes) -- setVehicleDoorType ( v, type ) -- If you want to reset the doortype, just use setVehicleDoorType ( v ) without filling in a type -------------------------------- -- Now comes the part you shouldn't mess with -------------------------------- -- Defining som :~ ----------- local p = getLocalPlayer() local doorAnimTime = 350 local doorIDComponentTable = { [2] = "door_lf_dummy", [3] = "door_rf_dummy", [4] = "door_lr_dummy", [5] = "door_rr_dummy" } local doorTypes = {} for doorType, doorTable in pairs ( doorTypeRotation ) do table.insert ( doorTypes, doorType ) end local vDoorType = {} for i, v in pairs ( getElementsByType("vehicle")) do local doorType = getElementData ( v, "vDoorType" ) if doorType then vDoorType[v] = doorType end end local function vRemoveDoorTypeFromTable ( v ) if isVehicle(v) then vDoorType[v] = nil oldDoorRatios[v] = nil doorStatus[v] = nil doorTimers[v] = nil end end function vehicleDestroyed () vRemoveDoorTypeFromTable(source) end addEventHandler ( "onClientElementDestroy", root, vehicleDestroyed ) addEventHandler ( "onClientVehicleExplode", root ,vehicleDestroyed ) -- MAIN ----------------------------------------------------------------------- function setVehicleDoorType ( v, type ) if v and isElement(v) and getElementType(v) == "vehicle" then if type and tostring(type) and isDoorType(type) then setElementData ( v, "vDoorType", type ) else setElementData ( v, "vDoorType", nil ) vRemoveDoorTypeFromTable ( v ) end end end local function elementDataChange ( key, oldValue ) if key == "vDoorType" and isVehicle(source) then vDoorType[source] = getElementData ( source, "vDoorType" ) end end addEventHandler ( "onClientElementDataChange", root, elementDataChange ) local oldDoorRatios = {} local doorStatus = {} local doorTimers = {} local function preRender () for v, doorType in pairs ( vDoorType ) do if isElement(v) then if not doorTimers[v] then doorTimers[v] = {} end local doorRatios = {} for i=1, 4 do local i = i + 1 -- leftfront=2, rightfront=3, leftrear=4, rightrear=5 local doorRatio = getVehicleDoorOpenRatio ( v, i ) if doorRatio and oldDoorRatios[v] and oldDoorRatios[v][i] then local oldDoorRatio = oldDoorRatios[v][i] if not doorStatus[v] then doorStatus[v] ={} end local doorPreviousState = doorStatus[v][i] if not doorPreviousState then doorPreviousState = "closed" end if doorPreviousState == "closed" and doorRatio > oldDoorRatio then doorStatus[v][i] = "opening" doorTimers[v][i] = setTimer(function(v,i)doorStatus[v][i]="open" doorTimers[v][i]=nil end,doorAnimTime,1,v,i) elseif doorPreviousState == "open" and doorRatio < oldDoorRatio then doorStatus[v][i] = "closing" doorTimers[v][i] = setTimer(function(v,i)doorStatus[v][i]="closed" doorTimers[v][i]=nil end,doorAnimTime,1,v,i) end elseif not oldDoorRatios[v] then oldDoorRatios[v] = {} end if doorRatio then oldDoorRatios[v][i] = doorRatio end end else vDoorType[v] = nil oldDoorRatios[v] = nil doorStatus[v] = nil doorTimers[v] = nil end end for v, doors in pairs ( doorStatus ) do local doorType = vDoorType[v] local rx, ry, rz = unpack ( doorTypeRotation[doorType] ) for door, status in pairs ( doors ) do local ratio = 0 if status == "open" then ratio = 1 end local timer = doorTimers[v][door] if timer and isTimer ( timer ) then local timeLeft = getTimerDetails ( timer ) ratio = timeLeft/doorAnimTime if status == "opening" then ratio = 1 - ratio end end local dummyName = doorIDComponentTable[door] if dummyName then local rx, ry, rz = unpack(doorTypeRotation[doorType]) local rx, ry, rz = rx*ratio, ry*ratio, rz*ratio if string.find(dummyName,"rf") or string.find(dummyName,"rr") then ry, rz = ry*-1, rz*-1 end setVehicleComponentRotation ( v, dummyName, rx, ry, rz ) end end end end addEventHandler ( "onClientPreRender", root, preRender ) -- UTILS ----------------------------------------------------------------- local function isDoorType ( type ) if type and tostring(type) then for i, t in pairs ( doorTypes ) do if t == type then return true end end end end local function pv (player) if not player then return getPedOccupiedVehicle ( p ) elseif isPlayer(player) then return getPedOccupiedVehicle ( player ) end end local function isPlayer ( player ) if player and isElement ( player ) and getElementType(player) == "player" then return true end end local function isVehicle ( vehicle ) if vehicle and isElement ( vehicle ) and getElementType(vehicle) == "vehicle" then return true end end It's exactly how you see in main topic, I think that I'm missing a step that I have to do. Can anyone help me, please?
  10. https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... =resources
  11. Join our community, GTI RPG, we are a RPG server with awesome features, and more. Check my signature for more information. Obvious we are not selling nothing, but you can always join our community and server.
  12. Ajudou me a lembrar onde tinha de encontrar as linhas correctas. Obrigado DNL291
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