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  1. TODAY I WANT TO SHARE REVIONERS MTA DAYZ MOD v0.3.19 SCRIPT FOR FREE !!! Links : https://gudanginternet.id/showthread.php?tid=37
  2. how to open it? i use /mods it wont show
  3. how to upgrade ? from 1.4 to 1.5 mta server linux
  4. here i have problem when using groupsystem by castillo there some problem is : 1.there is no green icon at map for showing our member group 2.also there is no green icon at gps for showing our member group is there possible script to create green icon for showing our member group?
  5. did you tried these script ? still error in ilosc attempt to perform
  6. ok fixed them all, now i got ERROR [2015-01-02 23:33:25] ERROR: loadtent.lua:210: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'ilosc' ( a nil value ) save load