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  1. i think he means auto-aiming as in leading his shots to compensate for any lag (or bullet time, which gta:vc doesn't have). ya, i have cable too and you can shoot and try and hit all the people you want, but if they aren't sync'd then it don't matter. i guess someone else can explain it better...
  2. yah, it is almost impossible to who's on you're team. unless you identify unique guns, or spawn points. the radar is unreliable at times...dark purple blips seem to appear later on in the game, but whatever. still, the best way i have found to have a fun team game is make friends, about 4 and just travel in a van and kill every and anyone else. eh heh
  3. yea, the f10 thing should be shown by default, without having to activate it (so people don't ask and shuch) then players would have color, or just a flat out tag that says "POLICE TEAM" or "POLICE" or "EVEN THOUGH I HAVE THE SKIN OF A ROBBER, I AM ON THE POLICE TEAM, SO DON'T SHOOT ME YOU MORON" seriously, if the skin problem mayhem could be fixed...omg, i...i would just like, have an orgasm or sumthing cos that would rock.
  4. there's one packer behind the airport, i think...
  5. well, if the skin problems can't be fixed or be sync'd or whatever, maybe some kind of indication of what team youre on, i.e. colored marker above the player...or something.
  6. acutally, a cop can spawn as anything that i've seen so far, hookers, mexicans, uhh, rarely a actually cop skin, racers, bikers, that mullet guy. same goes for all other teams. if its one bug that really needs fixing its this. untill then, i play on my own team
  7. ah hah yah i got it... if only it worked the first 20 times
  8. has anyone else had a problem with entering in the back of a van or swat van as a passenger? or is there a certain way to do it?
  9. yea, the team radar color blips certainly do help bunches. but i recall the color team blips not working too...everyone was yellow, perhaps another bug, or maybe i was the only robber...
  10. indeed, for a alpha/beta mod, its fuskin awsoem. it ranks up with desert combat and such.
  11. yah i noticed that. its like, you can play as a robber, but everyone else sees you as something completely different. like my friend was a robber skin, but playing on the cop team. that makes teamwork...err, difficult.
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