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    help please

    It is a known bug, read the issues page...
  2. Im just pissed about the darn trainer usage bug when i am clearly not using any trainers and thus still get disconnected also the first time i tried to play MTA 0.5 i could not set my gamepath as it would crash when doing this i think it has given off a bad impression from the start tbh...
  3. Btw eAi i styill get the bug with version 1.1 so it is nothing to do with the version exe you are using..
  4. This really would be a BRILLIANT feature if able to implement by the team...
  5. Make sure you have the latest video drivers for your video card also make sure that you are selecting the right version of the executable to play with (1.0 or 1.1) in the options of the MTACLIENT.exe
  6. Reinstall both Gta vice city and Mta 0.5...
  7. I have had this probelm the solution is to switch between 1.0 and 1.1 then select the version you use and this should stop the error happeneing at least worked perfectly for a few friends i know..
  8. njr is just simply informing the MTA team of these glitches/bugs so that they can make the game better, take a chill pill man P.S. Beta also involves contacting the team of bugs/glitches that users encounter so you are the "Dumbass" here Scar...
  9. Does indeed just as a tempory fix though So if you experience this error then select your version to a DIFFERENT version then back to the version exe you use in the options in the mta 0.5 client and then connect should work perfectly if you are experiencing these issues
  10. Hehe dgtadude i was your friend with the rpoblem hehe anyway i have actually found a fix if you change your version from 1.0 to 1.1 then start game you do not get the error i have proven this to work for numerous poeple so give it a try
  11. Yeah, I think it's a bit too sensitive. I never have any problems with it though as I always close all unnecessary apps in order to boost performance. I know but still.. it gets a bit tedious..
  12. I think this needs to be fixed just to check for applications running and intefering with the MTAclient.exe rtather than the computer..
  13. Also correct the "trainer usage" bug...
  14. Hey, Just tohught i would report this bug to you guys as it is causing me ALOT of hastle and frustration anyway here goes. When i connect to a server and then start the game i press start game start multitheftauto fine and when athat loads up i crash and get a "suspected trainer usage" error i have been having this for the last ohur i have rebooted my comp etc and still no change hell even unistalled mta and installed again no change...
  15. lmao fake it doesnt even have any modules complete fake
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    Thankyou Blokker wasn't sure but thanx
  17. StAnToN


    I currently have the bug where when i go to select the game path it actually freezes ALL THE TIME and i cannot actually edit it therefor i have to edit the mta.ini filebut i do not know where abouts to edit so if anyone can help or post the code here much apperciated thanx in advance!
  18. this is correct becuase it happened with me when i was disconnected to the internet.
  19. I cant even play because it all freezes and crashes when it asks me for gamepath..
  20. I get a freexe bug when i try to set the game path (well it asks me too) and it wont work EVER. Can this be fixed please?
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