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  1. gta_sa.exe not working.

    so, can anyone please help me ? too long time and no reply ..
  2. gta_sa.exe not working.

    And how i can fix this ? As i know this files get generated when the game opens, the game doesnt work, just a loading mouse then nothing therefore no files get generated ..
  3. gta_sa.exe not working.

    Hello, I have a problem with gta san andreas, i was windows 8 and downloaded gta san andreas and it was working good and no problem .. Then i downgraded my windows to windows 7 and now its not working note : the link i downloaded it from windows 7 is the same link i downloaded it from windows 8 and the same are without install just extracted files and im 100% sure is that the problem not from the game, its from the windows .. I tried this and nothing worked : - changed compatible to xp and win 2000 etc .. - tried to go to gta san andreas user files but found nothing, just 2 empty files called gallery and user tracks. - run as administrator. - and lots of online solutions and nothing helped so i decided to come here and im sure that someone will help me here Regards,
  4. I've a problem in my code.

    guys -.- take a minute to read all the code, if i triggered this to all players so if an admin do /talktoplayer, the gui will appear for all not for only the one who typed /talktoplayers the problem is not here, the problem is at onClientChanged thingy, read it carefully and tell me why the gui ( the another gui which only have a memo ) only appear to the admin which is typing on the memo but i want it not to appear to the admin which is typing at /talktoplayers gui and appear to all.
  5. I've a problem in my code.

    You changed nothing ..
  6. I've a problem in my code.

    Hello community, I made a simply script which is Admin speach, simply any one at Admin acl group can open a panel with /talktoplayer and this panel have a memo when u write on it force all players on server to stop and read what u say on another memo ( it force them as it will show cursor to them so they are freezed ) my problem is that, i made it if the memo is empty the whole window get closed, but it don't and another problem is that the window only show to the admin not for all server and also i want it to dont show the another memo to the admin ( just the panel that opened by /talktoplayer ) and finally here is the code .. --Client presWindow = guiCreateWindow(459, 109, 352, 512, "Admin speach panel", false) guiWindowSetSizable(presWindow, false) guiSetVisible ( presWindow, false ) presSpeach = guiCreateMemo(10, 26, 332, 390, "", false, presWindow) clearnclose = guiCreateButton(92, 431, 160, 50, "Clear and Close", false, presWindow) guiSetProperty(clearnclose, "NormalTextColour", "FFAAAAAA") speachWindow = guiCreateWindow(342, 93, 606, 520, "Admin is talking", false) guiWindowSetSizable(speachWindow, false) guiSetVisible ( speachWindow, false ) speachText = guiCreateMemo(13, 30, 583, 480, "", false, speachWindow) guiMemoSetReadOnly ( speachText, true ) guiSetFont(speachText, "default-bold-small") addEvent ( "openPresGui", true ) addEventHandler ( "openPresGui", root, function () if not ( guiGetVisible ( presWindow ) == true ) then guiSetVisible ( presWindow, true ) showCursor ( true ) else return end end) addEventHandler ( "onClientGUIClick", root, function () if source == clearnclose then guiSetVisible ( presWindow, false ) guiSetVisible ( speachWindow, false ) guiSetText ( presSpeach, "" ) showCursor ( false ) end end) addEventHandler ( "onClientGUIChanged", presSpeach, function () local Speach = guiGetText (source) local Speach2 = guiGetText ( speachText ) if (Speach ~= ("")) then guiSetVisible ( speachWindow, true ) showCursor ( true ) guiSetText ( speachText, Speach ) end if ( Speach2 == ("")) then guiSetVisible ( speachWindow, false ) showCursor ( false ) end end) --Server function presGUIOpen ( thePlayer ) local accName = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( thePlayer ) ) if isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) then triggerClientEvent ( thePlayer, "openPresGui", thePlayer ) end end addCommandHandler ( "talktoplayers", presGUIOpen ) Regards, Hell-Mate.
  7. guiSetText Question.

    Hello community, i've a question about guiSetText, the ques is, well, i made a script that when u press a button it set a label on a window to a client info that clicked the button, and i have a problem that when another player hit the marker that opens the gui of the window that has the label, it shows the last client info that pressed the button so to update he have to re-press the button. so how to make it so it only set this guiText only to the player who press the button ?
  8. A Question about server only functions.

    it sets it as nil EDIT: Saml1er code worked fine but it was having some errors and i fixed it. Thanks, Lock.
  9. A Question about server only functions.

    the data is a number not characters or else .. so it have to be number AFAIK
  10. A Question about server only functions.

    tried it, no error but the label not get set, the reason that there is no error is that u put a check if it nill or not .. when i removed the check i got the same error.
  11. A Question about server only functions.

    Server function datas () local theacc = getPlayerAccount ( source ) local mydata = getAccountData ( theacc, "myData", datano ) or 0 end addEvent ("getTheData", true) addEventHandler ("getTheData", root, datas) Client addEventHandler( "onClientGUIClick", root, function () if source == data.button[3] then triggerServerEvent( "getTheData", localPlayer) guiSetText ( datalabel, "Your life time iron : "..tonumber(mydata) ) end end )
  12. A Question about server only functions.

    triggering didnt help, same error, as triggering won't get defines from server side it will just start functions on the client event .. anymore answers to my ques ?
  13. Hello community, i just wanna ask about server only functions, as you all know getAccountData is server only function the ques is, how to use it client side ?? What i mean ? simply i wanna set a gui label with guiSetText ( label, the define of the account data( at server side ) ) i tried to make it with a local define and failed and tried to remove local and make it not local and also same error which is attempt to concatenate a nil value. I hope anyone can help me example .. server function getnum( thePlayer ) local theacc= getPlayerAccount ( thePlayer ) dataNum= getAccountData ( theacc, "data", mydata) or 0 outputChatBox ( "Your data number is: "..tonumber(dataNum), thePlayer, 0,255,0 ) end addCommandHandler ( "datanum", getnum) Client addEventHandler( "onClientGUIClick", root, function () if source == data.button[3] then guiSetText ( label1, "you data number is : "..tonumber(dataNum) ) end end )
  14. Gates For My Squad

    uhh, i got it. all what i meant with "" is to place the id here nither more nor less any way thanks TAPL and Saml1er. EDITED
  15. Gates For My Squad

    TAPL i mean whith "Skin ID" that he replace it with any skin id, for example if hmm == 0 then -- if thePlayer skin is CJ Skin then got what i mean ? btw it's tested and working .. Thanks