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  1. [WIP] MTASharp

    Because C# has lot's of libraries, Visual Studio has IntelliSense. It's easier and faster to write a complex mod in C#.
  2. [WIP] MTASharp

  3. [REL] Socket Module (TCP/UDP) (Server/Client)

    Can somebody give me a working download link?
  4. Map bug

    I fixed it...
  5. Map bug

    Hello! So i replaced this place: to this: (its from an other village) So as it looks like if i stand front of the bank, the objects do not appear, but if i go inside it seems to be everything fine but the players disappear in a line. And the same happening at the other side: Any idea how can i fix it if it possible?
  6. What's the ID of this object/texture/something?

    It's a moving "movie" on the stuff, look around the stadion
  7. What's the ID of this object/texture/something?

    What script? It's on the original map.
  8. What's the ID of this object/texture/something?

    And how can I put/copy somewhere else the shader?
  9. Hi! Someone know the ID of this animated slab? Image:
  10. Hi! Which I write here, it's client side. I created a vehicle, and I want set the camera target the vehicle salecar = createVehicle ( kocsimodel, 20, 20, 4 , 0, 0, 0, "FOR SALE") setCameraTarget( salecar ) The car was created, but the camera was not set to the car.
  11. How can I remove bushes?

  12. How can I remove bushes?

    Hi! How can I delete the bushes from the map? It's go into the hospital building, what was placed in Palomino Creek.
  13. Hi! If I setElementData for the player in the first resource, I can get the data in the second resource, what I set in the first?
  14. Why it doesn't works? (createStaticImage)

    Thank! It's the first problem. The second: I write bad filepath.
  15. Hi! I don't know, why it doesn't works. function createLoginWindow() background = guiCreateStaticImage(10,10,200,200,"bg.png", false) . . . . addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function () -- create the log in window and its components createLoginWindow() -- enable the players cursor (so they can select and click on the components) showCursor(true) guiSetVisible(logreg_window, true) guiSetVisible(background, true) -- set the input focus onto the GUI, allowing players (for example) to press 'T' without the chatbox opening guiSetInputEnabled(true) end ) The picture doesn't loaded. There are only the login GUI Please help.