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  6. Server lagging

    Processor at 50% Usage is very high. Some VPS providers even suspend the VPS for more than 20% Constant CPU Usage. Two cores are very less for a game server with many players. I used to run my old game server, that is 3 years ago on just one core with 512 MB RAM. Heavy weight server, could get up to 20-25 players without lag. The lag would mostly start after 25 players.
  7. Which OS is best for the server?

    Ubuntu is best for hosting game servers, uses very less RAM. Do not ever use Windows since Windows itself will use so much of your RAM. Performance is much better in Linux. For MySQL servers, if you are not much experienced, i suggest you to go for a web hosting, they will provide you MySQL, and so use same for web server.
  8. Server lagging

    Upgrade your processor, you need more cores. Check the processor usage, its quite high. Though you have so much RAM which is not much needed.
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