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  1. Now get your server with Onebip ! MEGA OFFER: Buy a MTA server for 1 month and get: 1.One Free Domain name. 2.Extra 15 Days. 3.Extra 10 Slots. Hurry!! Buy your server before 2-07-2013
  2. As our old site was not to attractive and had a lot of bugs.So we got the Template and Edited it.
  3. Check out www.zonexservers.com ! Many changes made!
  4. $0.09 per slot offer is just valid till a short period of time!.And sorry for my mistake! it is not $9.00 it is $0.09.
  5. We have made ur own Control panel! http://www.gamecontroller.zonexservers.com/index.html
  6. We are now offering MTA hosting in 2 new locations from United states.Seattle And Atlanta.With a very cheap price of $0.09 Per slot!
  7. Yes you are right! We brought the template and edited it.
  8. Sorry! We were restoring a backup of our website.It may be due to it!
  9. Need a free VPS? check this out: http://zonexservers.com/freevps.html
  10. Alex is only person who is available in Live chat currently! And there is no single owner! There are 4 Owners!
  11. Due to a scheduled maintenance the following servers will be down for 10-20 Minutes.(3:00-3:20 UTC+1) NV34.ZONEXSERVERS.COM NV67.ZONEXSERVERS.COM SERVER2.ZONEXSERVERS.COM SY2.ZONEXSERVERS.COM VPS ALCRAY23 [ SEATTLE,USA ] Sorry for the inconvenience
  12. Thanks Tod! We are happy to have costumers like you.We hope you are enjoying your server!
  13. We don't hire people with no experience in hosting field! to apply you need to mail your resume to our admin team! So that they can review it.And i agree that there was error in VPS part of our website because it was Just added to ur website.But it is fixed now.And i don't think that our Chat agent would provide any wrong information.And what is the stolen content do you see in the website?
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