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  1. In FACT... after somone else asking to host... I STILL timeout.. and they don't! Only thing is... Same Motherboards, CPU's, GPU's, Fresh installs of VC and fresh MTA.... Explain??
  2. nope, no Firewalls within the Network itself... No software firewalls either...
  3. Also just to let u know... im at the LAN party now so if there is any way in which i can join in.... ?? Wud be much appreciated!
  4. Right... When playing in a LAN game with a few of my friends... I host the server and then we all connect and then we start up the game.. ALL my friends connected to my server get in and it works np.. I either time out before i get into the game, OR timeout after about 1-2 mins of play... I have tried connecting from both my external and internal IP addresses.. ( & With no luck.. It's REALLY annoying because I cant play but EVERYONE ELSE CAN!!! Boo Hoo! Thanks, Simon Mansfield
  5. I dont think i was missing him... lol I have a FAT multiple T3 connection I dont think he was lagging.. and the server had a ping of 8..? I WAS HITTING him.... no doubt.. he WAS moving faster than he was meant to.. Take my word for it..
  6. Well I was playing in a game a few mins ago where a guy was simply running around with the chainsaw killing people... however he was runnig SUPER speed AND would not die untill after like 4 people had compltely unloaded ALL their Uzi ammo on him.. His name (In Game) : "gangsta" So I thought to myself... what can i do.. so i thought i'd post him up on here... HOWEVER, i had an incling to look at the member list... AH HA!! However I cannot be certaint that this is "he"... However if he is he deserves what ever we can give him.. I.P. ban's, Banned account.. etc.. He's ruining it for all of us..
  7. Sorry guys for doubting your coding for more than one second... It was completely my fault... what I didnt realise was that whilst I was trying to serve.. I had another program using the port that I had specified!! DUH!!! Sorry bout that.. And again YOUR MOD ROCKS!!!
  8. When starting a Win32 server and specifying the port which is being re-directed to my machine (27015... And for ASE 27138). The server is not listed on All Seeing Eye.. Now I have tried opening other ports and a few other idea's, however to no avail. I think that the problem lies with the server resolving it's own IP address... I think that the server (As you can't SET the IP on which to host the server, this is merly a guess) is hosting on the LAN IP address (192.168.x.x), NOT the internet IP address (eg. 217.168.x.x).. Which would cause this effect. However, is there any way in which to test tis theory? Is anyone experiencing the same problem? If so have they managed to resolve it in any way?? P.S. Sorry mod's. for not putting this thread in the bug's.. Its locked and I thought no-one would bother reading it at the end of a 5+ page thread! Thanks a lot,
  9. P5?/6?: OK, get this... When hosting my own server, and my friends connect... they can see each other and shoot each other, etc.. When I join; I can see them but they can't see me! However, when using my screen as a guide they can SHOOT me AND injure me.. (All three players concerned have brand new installs of GTA:VC) This sound's like a connection send/recieve error... However, its very wierd as it is still SORT of working.. *MODS DELETE THIS IF YOU FEEL IT IS INNAPROPRIATE* -> Also I hate to bring this up.. but I like most peopl can't STAND having to mess around with CD's... Including game CD's so I patch Vice City normally to avoid having to bother.. However, with most of the patches MTA stops working and "Unhandled Excep..etc". The no-cd patches are completely legal and so I was wondering if you knew of any which worked with MTA? <- *MODS DELETE THIS IF YOU FEEL IT IS INNAPROPRIATE* Thanks,
  10. P5: (When hosting using a connection with a firewall) The server starts and players can connect (So long as they are TOLD the IP), when a port is specified for the server. However, ASE server posting doesn't work... (ie. Your server doesn't appear in the server listings after refreshing ASE.) A5: (I don't actually know which... Cuz i'd like to solve this one too! But there MUST be a port which the server uses to connect with ASE, and this can then just be forwarded to the appropriate machine.. Any idea's which port anyone?) P.S. I tried to make as much sense as possible... But see it's your fault I don't make sense.. Because it's 2:43am and the reason WHY im up this late is because i've been playing UR GOD DAMN MOD!!! (P6??)
  11. Well worth downloading... Good music, good steady FPS and shows some cool footage from 0.3b! Gets a:- Global Inferno 4 Star **** Well done!
  12. I agree with MAyHeM... 0.2 looked laggy even when it wasnt... just didnt have the GTA 3 "feel" to it.. Also I actually never managed to get it to work for more than about 2mins.. then it crashed.... With style i admit! I had never seen my computer crash so amazingly well before 0.2a! Simon Mansfield
  13. Well, unlike some of you "hardcore" mta'ers im off 2 bed now.. However, i'd just like to say to everyone thats hoping for a release asap.. Please keep in mind that the developers all have real lifes and unlike you, may notwish to stay up all night programming mta! The answer is it'll be released when it's ready... Nothing you guys say will speed it up.. So calm down a BIT? Simon Mansfield P.S. If u are going to stay up all night, check this out... U'll need it!
  14. It was mentioned in the IRC room that the release would "HOPEFULLY" be today... HOWEVER, hopefully is the key word, so dont get ur hopes up 2 much!