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  1. Optic is free configurable. You can enable/disable each part of the shaders! Added some more inventory stuff like player preview, item detail text, working stats, really equippable clothes and so on. Icons are only placeholders! Next time is planned some resistances and first attacks for npc. Also im working on npc- , item- and questeditor for creating content for this! Source: https://github.com/Samake/MTA-RPG
  2. Hi there,out of a bunch of smaller playgrounds is awoken a new project of me. I´m planned to create an mta action rpg.Whats done yet:- complete Core- custom camera- clicksystem- NPC system (no fighting yet)- player system- inventory- equipmentsystem- lightsystem- projected custom markers- skillsystem- parts of GUI- some smaller things If anyone wants to be creating some stuff for this project like graphics, story elements, ideas and so on, so he is very welcome. Also there is no name for this project yet, so you can give your ideas here! Greetz, Sam
  3. Hey Guys, this was a little senseless project, but maybe someone need parts of it. Its a visualizer for music. Not very interesting but good for learning. Its simulates fog lighted by fake lights corresponing on music. NOTE: Version from video is an older version. Download version is more performant and looks much better. Download: http://pewbox.org/index.php?file/73-mta-visualizer/
  4. Original: http://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=10219 Copy: http://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=12321 DONE
  5. Added download link for first version. Buts isnt finished yet, there will be some updates in future.
  6. Thanks for Feedback. I´ve tried to let cars looks wet, but results wasnt really nice. So maybe later i add this or Ren712 will try this, cause he is the professional in vehicle and shader stuff. Release this week is cancelled, but i´ll try to release on wednesday. I´ve done process of roads getting wet and will dry again after rain is over. Materials around streets getting wet now too (but without puddles). I´ve added some particles on driving cars on wet surface, but will replace this later against better one:
  7. I don't even know which version was that ? Bump mapped roadshine mixed with detail textures ? There is so much unfinished stuff. Kind of good that it was put to any use. Looks like it needs some tweaking, but is already impressive. Oh, i was wrong. I think i mean roadshine v3 (was the last official released?). You was sending me roadshine v4 too, but this was only for internal testing i think. My mistake, sorry. The puddle´s looking much better now and i was adding particle effects under vehicle wheels yesterday. So immersion looks more realistic now.
  8. Hi Guys, the last two days i spend some time to rewrote "shader_wet_roads" by ccw and adding some new features. Main technics are the same, but if its finished shader can be handled in for stages: 1. dry roads 2. dry roads with wet parts 3. wet roads 4. wet roads with puddles I´ve implemented a first sun light reflection too, so i plan to integrate roadshine v4 by Ren712 too. In next days i have to tweak process of going wet and dry roads. Also reflection strength has to been tweaked a bit, at night it looks nice with stronger reflections, at day with weaker ones. Pics: Videos: Download: http://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=12266
  9. For my newest gamemode i tweaked a bit dynamic lights technic of Ren_712 and added some features i need to get futuristic looking cubes: Very big thanks to Ren for all his time he spend to his community and create very cool stuff!
  10. Really great and amazing work. This looks very cool. Your stuff is most impressive in that community! Keep it up! Greets [email protected]
  11. @krischkros has built a nice vehicle sound technic too. At the moment he is a bit more active in MTA and you can contact him in forum here or in german MTA forum: Link: http://forum.mtasa.com/viewtopic.php?f=108&t=58855&p=561233
  12. Hi Guy´s, i release an Minecraft experiment i made some weeks ago. My main concern was to recreate some of minecraft mechanics in mta, but project was stopped on object limit of mta itself, which doesnt allow to draw more then 512 objects at once time. (Remember: one layer of 50 x 50 blocks is about 250 Objects, but this will be only 50 meters ingame ). Not all works perfect and most of them was for studying but if anyone need parts of this, then you can use it for free. Features: - simple 9 slot inventory - place / delete blocks - stone block - dirt block - grass block - sand block - glass block - wood door - oak sappling - oak wood block - leave block - simple block/cube visualizer - block click sytem - simple sand block physics - dirt blocks growing to grass blocks after time - grass plants growing randomly on grass blocks - working door - block parameters adjustable - effects on destroying blocks Steering: - Keys "1 - 9" choose inventory slots - right mouse - place block - left mouse delete block - Key "M" enable / disable debug - Key "B" spawns a layer of testblocks (can be configured in TestClassS) Media: Pictures: http://gallery.samake-gaming.de/#!album-3 Download: Source-Code: https://github.com/Samake/Minecraft Resource: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4tp97jz7l8gt1t2/Minecraft.zip?dl=0
  13. The normal way to sync positions should be ever controlled serverside (NEVER trust a client!). All position calculations should be done by server (timer speed is enough for this) and interpolated by each client between two server ticks. So it looks smooth and is syncronized cause all clients got same positions on each tick. BTW: Good job and dont stop to try out different technics.
  14. Added latest projects and videos. Lot of stuff, there are no borders. I´ll create this content only for showing possibilities of MTA. You all can do amazing things, you only have to want to do this.
  15. The problem is that peoples can give all other servers bad ratings to bring their own servers up in list. So this rating will never give back a valid result. This community contains a lot of peoples where unethic things to provide her own servers (script stealing, advise their own projects in other servers chat and so on). A simple rating system will be only a new point to make good servers attackable.
  16. Hi there, i´ve ported a water effect postprocessing shader to MTA:SA. Technique is by Drew Watts - http://www.drewwatts.net and its the same as used in Crysis. To port this effect to MTA i have to simplify this shader a lot, so it doesnt have the same quality but it works for the moment. Some pics: Video: The effect appears if you come out of water. A sceond version of effect appears if you drive a boat or the weather is rainy! Download: http://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=11103 Feel free to use it or recreate new cool stuff from that base. Greetz, [email protected]
  17. I´m in shame, but no this version of water shader was deleted long time ago. But i have new version and it will be released in near future: Here you can see some screenshots of my current shader work (most pics are odd old): http://gallery.samake-gaming.de/#!album-0 No colshapes wont work with world models. Its a combined system of "processLineOfSight" (clientside by synced element), some vector calculations and serverside instanced AI calculations for each ped.
  18. No, i think nobody will play your game in MTA. Why? MTA is what is was made for, a multiplayer API for San Andreas. This community contains a lot of people who were able to create their own games. But why should they "connected" with MTA? This isnt a distribution plattform for hobby programmers. If you are want more players for MTA, then help to make MTA better. Create good stuff with given tools and go and advertise on your friends. Report bugs, create your own MTA branch and try new techniques there or what ever.
  19. Hi dude, this looks very interesting. If they act really separately then its really great work. I was working on a Ped driving AI too the last days, but i´m using another entry. Instead of using waypoints i´ve created a (simple) collission detection, so they check possible collissions and react on it then. Both techniques combined should give a good or better driving result i think. You can write me a PN if you are interested. Great work and keep it up!
  20. Hello guys, i would show you some of my simple but funny projects i´m working on for MTA. I´m not a profi in scripting or video editing, but its much fun for me to create awesome stuff for MTA. Development Gallery: http://gallery.samake-gaming.de/#!home Some project video´s: MTA:The Cube More traps: Laser Trap: Basics: MTA:Minecraft Simple procedural clouds Water Effects Simple PED driving AI 2 Simple PED driving AI Particle Editor Beta Mario Kart Gamemode My first water shader (old) I hope you like some of that stuff, and feel free to check channel from time to time, there will be come some amazing stuff next months. Best wishes, [email protected]
  21. Hi there, yes i know the issue with performance drain of original GTA:SA particles. I can tell you that xrParticles drain performance too, but not in same order as GTA particles. FPS drops of xrParticles is in relation to particle draw count at the same time on your screen. After 1024 particles the fps drops is about 5 - 10 fps. A normal smoke effect contains normally between 32 and 128 particles, so there s enough frame to create effects on the same place. Also there is included a streaming mechanism to stream out effects which out of a customizable distance then.
  22. Thanks, for the bug report. I´ll research most of them next days. You cant load any maps created in map editor. This resource loads/and save only particle effect maps. You have to combine then manually. I was thinking about a addon for map editor first, but editor isnt really usable for dynamically or script created content and you have reload maps everytime you made changes in mapfile. So i starting to create standalone editor then. Same issue i had month ago as i tried to create editor plugin for dynamic lights of Ren_712: At the end of video you can see that new placed content will be visible first after reloading map. Map editor needs to be reworked on handle external script and dynamically mapfile changes.
  23. OMG, i`m S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fan since those beginnings and had a lot of nice years with it (my nick was Utility/Samake03). Im really impressed of your great work. Keep it up. The funny thing is: I´ve tried to rework S.T.A.L.K.E.R. weathersystem (including sky and dynamiclights) for MTA too, but it was never finished. I was using same stalker assets. PS: My current particle work is based on stalker assets too and his name xrParticles is related to stalker´s particles.xr. Was a shame to GSC in what points this all was ending. Survarium is lame, so i hope your project will catch the great atmosphere. Keep it up, your project trailers are more than amazing!!! MTA is the best sandbox api i´ve ever used, so many possibilities!
  24. First beta is released now. Github will come tomorrow too. I´ll try to fix all upcoming bugs in next days, so there should be a stable build end of next week. Feel free to test a bit and report bugs here. Greetz Samake
  25. Hi there, im not lost my motivation, but i lost those challenge, cause i was stucking at any problems at day 7. So i wasnt able to release planned stuff there and then there was no reason anymore to stress day by day, Sorry for that, but underrated the oncoming work for only some hours in the evening. Shaders, and helping tools for creating other new stuff. For first information you can have a look here: http://forum.mtasa.com/viewtopic.php?f=108&t=84701&p=767995#p767995 Thanks mates, and wont give up at the moment, so many ideas but too little time. [email protected]
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