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  1. Why? When I wanted to replace the CJ clothes I pointed out the name of the texture of clothes. And it worked. --Example: local txd = engineLoadTXD('shirtbplaid.txd') engineImportTXD(txd,'shirtbplaid')
  2. Hello everyone! I have one problem with the replacement textures. Debugscript 3 shows an WARNING while trying to replace the texture using a TXD file. --I have file 'des_dirt1.txd' local txd = engineLoadTXD('des_dirt1.txd') engineImportTXD(txd,'des_dirt1') debugscript 3 WARNING: (path) : Bad 'number' pointer @ 'engineImportTXD'(2) The texture does not replace. What should I do?
  3. Hi! Please, help find a standard animation of reloading weapons. Many times I have watched this story https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Animations, but did not find my desired. I do not want to use reloadPedWeapon(), only setPedAnimation()
  4. See: https://forum.mtasa.com/viewtopic.php?f=114&t=87089
  5. iPanda

    solved shader

    You do not quite understand me. I have several models with the same name in the texture .txd file. These models have different ID. Can I apply the shader not only to the type of element, but also to clarify it going? How?
  6. iPanda

    solved shader

    Ren_72, another question. Can I apply shader for a particular only model id?
  7. iPanda

    solved shader

    Everything worked out. Thank Ren_72. Сlose the topic!
  8. iPanda

    solved shader

    I replaced the complete skin, suppose id 114. Now I want to replace the texture of the .txd file, using the shader. Which responsible parametr for this?
  9. iPanda

    solved shader

    Such a question. I replaced model new .dff and .txd files. But now I want to change replace the textures in the .txd file, using a script and .png image. For this I use a shader [texreplace]. I use engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture. But the texture is not replaced. There are some workarounds to achieve specific goals necessary to me? texreplace.lua texture gTexture; technique simple { pass P0 { Texture[0] = gTexture; } } client.lua [OOP] for example local texreplace = DxShader('texreplace.fx') texreplace:setValue('gTexture',DxTexture('newtexture.png')) texreplace:applyToWorldTexture('texturename')--'texturename' is name of texture from .txd file
  10. [06.10.2015] My blog. — Subscribe to my blog! There's all the information about my activities, including the Star Wars project. http://mtapanda.blogspot.ru/http://mtapanda.blogspot.ru/ http://mtapanda.blogspot.ru/ _______________________________________________________________
  11. Project requires mapper for construction of small locations for TDM.
  12. Latest news! [03.10.2015] Video-demo UI Hall Player. — I'm a little fashion continues to develop. I remain work alone, so everything is going so slowly. So far, all this is done only to show the fans the universe. GM is unlikely to open the server, if there is no team. — Finally determined gamemode genre: Arcade, TDM, Action _______________________________________________________________ Let the force be with you...
  13. Problem solved! I invented how to do it.
  14. I do not need rotating. I want to move the object around circle, not rotating.
  15. Hi. How can I make the motion of an object for something along the axis of the circle? I want to use moveObject. But I did not find a suitable graphics in https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Easing