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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7mtMTEMVviJdGcwUTFYTU9DbDg/view?usp=sharing My reupload.
  2. Slothbot peds not emitting bullets

    I have less than 20 ping to my server and players have less than 60 and the issue occurs.
  3. Slothbot peds not emitting bullets

    I guess my fix will be paying more for windows server...
  4. Slothbot peds not emitting bullets

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7mtMTEMVviJV05sLVZQVjJ5MXc/view?usp=sharing download whole zip and use it as a resource "/bot" to spawn bot that most of the time won't be able to hit you. Also there's a bug that players sometimes can't hurt the bot when the bot's listener is not nearby, but that i will probably work around.
  5. Slothbot peds not emitting bullets

    https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=672 And couple bots via spawnBot function.
  6. Players have no weapons for other players

    Didn't find any issues with that client.
  7. Slothbot peds not emitting bullets

    It's the same with, or without players.
  8. Players have no weapons for other players

    Sorry, I didn't check the forums for couple days. I thought the update has been pushed and it works fine on my server now as I or my players experience the issue. There was only one occurence but that was when player still had outdated client. I will test it soon. There's however another issue not related to this problem:
  9. Decided to post the issue there after not getting answers on other post and realising it is issue that occurs on linux-server Post content here: I've downloaded latest Slothbot resource and spawned counple bots. Everything was fine till i noticed that if there's no obstacle between me and enemy, his firing won't make a projectile (or it does, but it looks random). In result players can stand in front of a slothbot while he is shooting at him at point blank range and the bullet projectiles aren't spawning. Left: Bot can't hit me, Right: After hiding into cover, the last bullets he shoots emit projectile (yellow lines) that can deal damage. Extension. How to replicate: 1. Get slothbot on linux server (debian 7 wheezy) 2. Spawn bot with slothbot's spawnBot function. 3. Make the bot start shooting at you, it won't create projectiles, but when you hide behind any sort of cover (isLineOfSightClear=false) bot emits projectiles to wall or to player because of recoil. I have investigated the code and I didn't find anything that could be the reason this issue occurs. Thought: Maybe it's some anti-cheat regulation? Issue didn't occur on localhost Win10, but does occur at Debian 7 (wheezy).
  10. Players have no weapons for other players

    After full day of testing I can tell, I didn't come around the bug in my client (everyone could shoot me) but sometimes I couldn't hit others because they had the old client.
  11. Players have no weapons for other players

    It seems to be working. After 4 games with 2 players (new client(me) + old client) I have seen every weapon and the old one didn't see my weapons atleast twice. Then 3 games both with new clients it worked perfectly till one moment. Other player didn't see most of my weapons (he saw only one, tec-9) but when i threw satchel at him, all my weapons were visible after that. I suggest pushing this update already because it works nearly perfectly. Thanks.
  12. Players have no weapons for other players

    Weapons are set to 0 (when bug occurs). It works normally without the bug (weapons are given).
  13. Players have no weapons for other players

    Tested on 2 clients and it doesn't work. Note: Weapons given when player is nearby other player are visible (except when the weapon is already invisible, but I'm not sure about this one).
  14. Players have no weapons for other players

    It was hard to work with them but I've got some screenshots function renderDebug( ) for i,plr in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if not isElement( plr ) then return end for slot=0,12 do weap = getPedWeapon(plr,slot) ammo = getPedAmmoInClip(plr,slot) ammoTot = getPedTotalAmmo( plr, slot ) dxDrawText( slot .. " " .. getPlayerName( plr ) .. " (D".. getElementDimension( plr ) .. ") " .. tostring(weap) .. " " .. tostring(ammo) .. "/" .. tostring(ammoTot), 230 + i * 180, slot*15, tocolor( 255, 255, 255, 150 ), 0.5 ) end end end local isWpnDebug = false addCommandHandler( "wpndebug", function ( ) if not isWpnDebug then addEventHandler( "onClientRender", root, renderDebug ) isWpnDebug = true outputChatBox( "ON" ) else removeEventHandler( "onClientRender", root, renderDebug ) isWpnDebug = false end end ) Code of that display And I'm really sorry because I've just seen this topic is in Windows, not Linux thread. The server is on linux. From my observations it seems that players that are not streamed in and player equips them and sets as their weapon, are invisible later ( I've used giveWeapon setWeaponCurrent=true to make the bug happen more frequently). There was one little bug that one guy seen I have shotgun, but in reality i had chainsaw. I "shot" it once and it got fixed. It was one of the first screens. On the last screens me (harley quinn model) have no weapon in demonek's ss.