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  1. There i show repo of my old gamemodes I don't work on anymore. The most advanced is [gangwars] It contains territory claiming, joining gangs, police system, minigames like battle royale, equipment systems and many more things which i forgot about long ago https://github.com/Yazir/MTA-old-gamemodes Have fun!
  2. Wrzucam repo z gamemode nad którymi już nie pracuję. Najbardziej rozbudowane jest [gangwars] Tam zawarte jest przejmowanie terenów, dołączanie do gangów, system policji, minigry jak battle royale, systemy ekwipunku i wiele innych rzeczy o których pewnie już zapomniałem. https://github.com/Yazir/MTA-old-gamemodes Miłej zabawy.
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7mtMTEMVviJdGcwUTFYTU9DbDg/view?usp=sharing My reupload.
  4. I have less than 20 ping to my server and players have less than 60 and the issue occurs.
  5. I guess my fix will be paying more for windows server...
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7mtMTEMVviJV05sLVZQVjJ5MXc/view?usp=sharing download whole zip and use it as a resource "/bot" to spawn bot that most of the time won't be able to hit you. Also there's a bug that players sometimes can't hurt the bot when the bot's listener is not nearby, but that i will probably work around.
  7. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=672 And couple bots via spawnBot function.
  8. Didn't find any issues with that client.
  9. It's the same with, or without players.
  10. Sorry, I didn't check the forums for couple days. I thought the update has been pushed and it works fine on my server now as I or my players experience the issue. There was only one occurence but that was when player still had outdated client. I will test it soon. There's however another issue not related to this problem:
  11. Decided to post the issue there after not getting answers on other post and realising it is issue that occurs on linux-server Post content here: I've downloaded latest Slothbot resource and spawned counple bots. Everything was fine till i noticed that if there's no obstacle between me and enemy, his firing won't make a projectile (or it does, but it looks random). In result players can stand in front of a slothbot while he is shooting at him at point blank range and the bullet projectiles aren't spawning. Left: Bot can't hit me, Right: After hiding into cover, the last bullets he shoots emit projectile (yellow lines) that can deal damage. Extension. How to replicate: 1. Get slothbot on linux server (debian 7 wheezy) 2. Spawn bot with slothbot's spawnBot function. 3. Make the bot start shooting at you, it won't create projectiles, but when you hide behind any sort of cover (isLineOfSightClear=false) bot emits projectiles to wall or to player because of recoil. I have investigated the code and I didn't find anything that could be the reason this issue occurs. Thought: Maybe it's some anti-cheat regulation? Issue didn't occur on localhost Win10, but does occur at Debian 7 (wheezy).
  12. After full day of testing I can tell, I didn't come around the bug in my client (everyone could shoot me) but sometimes I couldn't hit others because they had the old client.
  13. It seems to be working. After 4 games with 2 players (new client(me) + old client) I have seen every weapon and the old one didn't see my weapons atleast twice. Then 3 games both with new clients it worked perfectly till one moment. Other player didn't see most of my weapons (he saw only one, tec-9) but when i threw satchel at him, all my weapons were visible after that. I suggest pushing this update already because it works nearly perfectly. Thanks.
  14. Weapons are set to 0 (when bug occurs). It works normally without the bug (weapons are given).
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