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  1. I have made another test because previous wasn't made by me. They've told me they both didn't see their weapons There's a new test with the bug after a few tries (with your code) http://cdn.pasteraw.com/c5zr12qtyge4ssv0hfk1n2y2yaphgi0 The issues were: Pogromca_ didn't have a weapon for me ( i didn't see his shotgun) and when he tried to shoot, it wouldn't let him (after pressing lpm nothing happened). Next round I've got the issue myself and it happened with mac-10 in middle of shooting. I couldn't shoot anymore resulting in my death. Pogromca_ now has weird issue that if he starts running while he is aiming, the weapon will get changed. Didn't experience that myself and maybe it's affected cause of your script. @ccw edit: I couldn't shoot because i had 0 ammo. I have also made custom weapons with setWeaponProperty. Maybe that might help.
  2. Here is log of when the issue happened (from match start till the end) http://cdn.pasteraw.com/quo2abvl67y3zspd1z3br3wfksd9vkg
  3. I have found this post with I think similar issue: Though there's no solution as the author just closes the topic. On the other hand I wanted to make something like this addEventHandler( "onPlayerWeaponFire", root, function ( wep, eX, eY, eZ, hitE, sX, sY, sZ ) local amm = getPedTotalAmmo( source ) local clip = getPedAmmoInClip( source ) outputChatBox( tostring( amm ) ) takeWeapon( source, wep, amm ) giveWeapon( source, wep, amm-1, true ) end ) But as i have made this, I've seen that there is no function to get and set player's ammo in clip serverside.
  4. The problem is still there. It makes my server nearly unplayable.
  5. I have GTA:SA on Steam .
  6. It seems random, sometimes it is every match, sometimes it's not happening. The gamemode and resource is written by myself, but i can provide you scripts where i spawn player etc. for key,player in ipairs(lobby["players"]) do local skin = getElementData( player, "skin" ) addStat(player,"played",1) spawnPlayer( player, -1500*key,-1500*key,1500*key, nil, skin, nil, dim) setElementDimension( player, dim ) setElementPosition( player, 1000*key, 1000*key, 1000*key ) setTimer( function() setElementData( player, "canFire", true ) giveWeapon( player, 46, 1, true) setElementDimension( player, dim ) setElementPosition( player, math.random(-700,700)+x, math.random(-500,500)+y, 800, true ) setElementVelocity( player, math.random(-30,30), math.random(-30,30), 50 ) setElementData( player, "headshotMulti", 2 ) setElementData( player, "score", -1 ) end,2000,1) end Player spawning. Tried delaying changing dimension/spawning and spawning players far apart. if itemdata[3] == "equip" then giveWeapon( source, itemdata[4], itemdata[5], true) removePlayerItem(source, iid, item) end Code for giving weapon when player equips them. Players can equip item any time they want (single time). Setting set current weapon to false seemed to help, made it happen less often but that might have been just random. It was a problem for this gamemode for since i remember. Also when player shoots and you don't see his weapon, he occasionally swings his fist and when he's moving it looks like he is running in a direction and gets warped back to the position he was standing originally every position update. @ccw
  7. Hello! I have a problem that i couldn't solve for the past month. I am making a gamemode. On start of the round i spawn players in different dimension in air, with parachutes (given by giveWeapon). They can pick up weapons and walk around the map, but sometimes player don't see other player's (player2) weapon and even if the player2 is shooting at him, he doesn't deal any damage. What could be the issue? Please help me. I have tried many various things like manually giving weapon to a player, setting his weapon and sending a message to players to update player2 but with no result. Tried moving/spawning into other dimension in one place then moving them in air. Or the same but spawning far away (thought it could be some streaming issue). No results. Setting giveWeapon's set as current to false seemed like it kinda made the issue happen less often. Weapons that are given when the player is nearby are visible.
  8. That will be a tough one then. I will still wait for a closer answer because I know nothing about shaders in mta.
  9. Hello! I would like to make a skin system but i can't find any information about if it's possible to change the same weapon skin for different players. Example: There are 3 players with AK, all of them have different weapon skin and everyone can see it.
  10. if anybody could test it on their machines, I would be gratefull.
  11. Doesn't hit/hit
  12. You can modify it to fit your needs.
  13. Hello! I've downloaded latest Slothbot resource and spawned counple bots. Everything was fine till i noticed that if there's no obstacle between me and enemy, his firing won't make a projectile (or it does, but it looks random). In result players can stand in front of a slothbot while he is shooting at him at point blank range and the bullet projectiles aren't spawning.