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  1. Not going to make anything big out of this, but the "Ex CEO" (As he calls himself), never had anything to do with the financials, so he wouldn't know, but the company is doing Tax Fraud of any kind. Sane Hosting is a registered company in Norway, and by law, we pay about 40% of all revenue into taxes + additional taxes. If you are interested on knowing how it works in Norway, please contact me, and I'd be happy to explain. It's a legit company. As for the lag on Feb 21st, our datacenter did some work on the fibre optics. We were not informed of this beforehand, and therefore we didn't know until we gave them a call. The problems should be fixed now, and you shouldn't notice any lag at all. I'd just wished they had sent out an email regarding this beforehand, so that we could inform our clients. It's unfortunate.
  2. Take a look at that list. Browse through their websites and see which one that appeals the most to you. Send them a message about your request.
  3. We are currently developing a brand new Windows Application specifically for Sane Hosting! It will help our customers manage orders, invoices, support tickets as well as manage your game servers. This is something we are really looking forward to! Also, remember to like our Facebook page to stay updated on our latest promotions and news.
  4. No problem, TAPL, and again, sorry for all the trouble we have caused you.
  5. Hello darhal, Sane Hosting ( offers SMS payments. See our topic and get 40% off.
  6. EDIT: I'd be happy to give you one month free to test our services. Add me on Skype (eirikutvik)
  7. Vortex has been there for a long time. My bet is that they've run into problems in the past as well, and learned from their problems. So have we. We are fully up and running, and intend to stay that way. From now on we're only going one way, and that's straight up.
  8. Of course the ticket is opened since 3 days, they said "this will be fixed soon!". It's seems that i can't find stable host, i was with Vortex but they shut down my server and send to me email and said that i increase the slots without pay (even though i didn't). Then i went with BuSign, and wow this host dies every 3 days and so. Tried volt-host, after 10 days their hard disk dead and i find my self without server for two weeks. And now with sane-hosting, 3 days without server . We're really sorry you experienced this. I'd really like to make it up to you by giving you one month free of charge. Please contact me on Skype (eirikutvik).
  9. Some servers on one IP was down for a time, yes. All customers who created a ticket was moved instantly to another IP. I can not remember getting 3 tickets from you Leonard.DC. I'm really sorry you did not feel satisfied. Anyway, Sane Hosting has now moved to a new datacenter in France with proper DDoS protection, better connection, not to mention better hardware. All problems have been solved and there is currently no issues. We hope to win back our customers trust and loyalty with this. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  10. Use XMAS20OFF on checkout and recieve 40% off on new services and 20% off on upgrades! Get your service up and running now. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
  11. Just so you know, we offer free trials. Get a trial server now and test our servers.
  12. We have integrated a "Group Pay" system on our website which allows customers to have their players donate/add funds to their accounts. This feature is great if you want to accept donations to help you pay for your services.