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  1. i have that sound card... and ive never had that problem. cept when i was messing with the mixer thingy majig... i have it set for headphones (cuz i use headphones) k bai... u must of done somthing wrong
  2. yea... i messed with old ogc sorce a while ago
  3. Ahhchuu

    Question, short

    html is disabled on forums... for molicious code like java scripts or
  4. Ahhchuu


    unless u need to forward ips... (with a router) ports 2126 by default
  5. im now level 7 and i turn u into a sheep with lycanthropy... (warcraft2)
  6. Ahhchuu


    number will probably be used for easy kicking/banning and possibly the number will go onto the radar... other than that i dont know
  7. try forwarding to 2126 - 2130... that can help... it does register it onto ase. but since you are looking at it through yourself. it will show up under LAN games. so just wait a bit and people will join
  8. try shoutcast (http://www.shoutcast.com) many online radios come from this on irc networks... gamesnet for one you could just http://www.gtagaming.com/mods/tools the ADF Converter where you can make your own radio statios... or edit ones. mta can make a radio station with good music (metal) and have comercials and what not... possibly for the multiplicty team... dunno
  9. weeee!!! i am a level 4 wizard and i cast fire ball on you!! you die!... i could never play roleplay... i'd... be one of those fags that play magic and shit at lunch
  10. make an account at tripod or geocities... just cant direct link
  11. Ahhchuu

    the next gta3mta

    maybe thats why hes asking cant be possible... u cant create a vehicle... only modify an existing one
  12. well thats kinda why i brought it up... cuz no one is going to use it of course someone will make one but it will have no use because the radar...
  13. i think its dumb... but please continue. i would like to hear more about your roleplay grandtheftauto can it be like dungeons and dragons!?
  14. actually... i'd rather have smaller text... not even changing the resolution changes the size.... maybe it could have a transparent box... that u cant see....... and it disapears after 10 seconds like half-life
  15. these trainers were made way before mta even began... the game would be boring without them if mta wasnt available... same with mods
  16. its not a speed hack ok... its someone that mods their cars speed.... i got banned my first day using mta when i had ferrari enzo on didnt know anyrules about this at the time... otherwise ive been rather cheat free besides the 24/7 daylight
  17. this isnt a final release buddy... learn to live with a few bugs
  18. how about... no? thats not really how gta is set... they are adding new game modes... but it is basically shoot and kill. if u want role play then go get a mmorpg.
  19. as far as i know a wall hack can work on gta. there are many other things that hacks can do. exspecially for counterstrike as its the most hacked game in the world. wallhack speedhack various ESP like names and guns and w/e you want can be shown. most hacks even have winamp integration
  20. well there is a project going on that changes game modes, cars, and the map all together. to make multiplayer a bit funner. i guess on the choppers/cars is that there only can be 50 or so cars/helicopters/bikes on the map at once. or else it would be very unstable
  21. ugh... go check out a cheat site buddy... there not called trainers there called hacks.. ok? no i dont mean goto codes.ign.com .. i'd tell u the sites but i'd rather not
  22. read faq... are you using an ip that is correct? if you put your ip there you must be dumb.... official server #1.... k now connect to that again... read faq
  23. what about making armor, health, and ammo all server side? this might help cut down on trainer use.... also, on the jetpack / teleport trainer... have a scan or somthing that checks the players position.. and if it jumps to places more than say... 50 units away... it kicks them.. have it disable when the person dies also... much like VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) you could have the client... i suppose if possible the server. scan the memory for differences. you would have to have a way to require the client be the same... some might not happen.. but i dunno
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