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  1. Hello, I present to you a simple monitoring script for your server written in Python 3. This script will be useful for your site, for example, if you are developing it using Django / AIOHTTP / Flask or for other purposes. This script provides simple server information: game (mta) port - server main port (UDP) ase_port - server All Seeing Eye port (main MTA:SA port + 123) name - server name gamemode - server mode map - server map version - mta:sa server version players - number of players on the server right now maxplayers - the maximum number of players that can join Usage: from mta.monitoring import Server # pass server address and port s = Server('', 22003) # get current server online and max players print('{}/{}'.format(s.players, s.maxplayers)) Download & Source code: github
  2. Hi, I’m not sure that I want to further develop this site, so I’m ready to sell the domain mtasa dot pro. If you are interested, you can write me a discord with a bid for a domain. My discord: Lipau3n#4224