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  1. You can put line of code in every resource which does some damage to server if the resource isn't loaded by a specific serial.
  2. Gengar

    MTA on Steam

    1 year later, I'll just bump this topic in hopes it will reach attention of MTA staff.
  3. I'm offering scripting (and mapping, if needed) services. If you are in need of any, hit me up on Discord: https://discord.gg/Q5VKrfa
  4. Gengar

    MTA on Steam

    In all honesty, I think it's worth a try. RockStar and TakeTwo can either accept, or refuse the offer. Either way, I don't see what MTA has to loose. Both companies are certainly well aware of MTA by now, if they didn't try to shut it down so far, they won't shut it down just because MTA asked for permission to have their mod on Steam. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, it's win-win situation for everyone. TakeTwo did shut down many multiplayer modifications, true, but that only goes for GTA V (and maybe GTA IV, I'm not sure about that one), because GTA V has official multiplayer mod made by RockStar, while GTA SA doesn't, so they won't mind it, as long as MTA isn't making any profit from it and as far as I'm aware, they aren't making any profit anyway.
  5. Gengar

    MTA on Steam

    Pretty sure most of us here have GTA SA on Steam. But that's not the point of this topic.
  6. If you're creative enough, you can make server on MTA which would be better from all points of view then GTA Online. You do need to be expert scripter for that, though.
  7. The point of this topic is for MTA team to make official Discord server for MTA which will actually work as IRC channels MTA has, not so that every single forum user creates their own version of MTA Discord server. We already have one unofficial here: https://discord.gg/79rwR No point in making more unofficial servers, which will all end up the same.
  8. It's possible to be scripted and it shouldn't be that complicated at all.
  9. Gengar

    MTA on Steam

    Exactly. We're lucky to have survived this far, in my honest opinion. (Seeing what they've done to other multiplayer modifications) They haven't done that to MTA in 11 years and I'm sure they know about MTA. If MTA team tries to talk to them, I'm sure they wouldn't need much to convince them. Yeah, GTA V, unlike GTA SA, has its own official multiplayer version and that's why they are shutting down any other rmodification. GTA SA, on the other side, doesn't have official modification and as I said in my previous post, MTA on Steam can only benefit to both Take 2 and Rockstar.
  10. Gengar

    MTA on Steam

    I found similar topic here that was made long time ago and this is post which gives most detailed explanation on why it is not possible: I think MTA has nothing to loose if they contact Valve and Rockstar and sign the contract to be official GTA SA multiplayer mod. Actually, noone involved into that got anything to loose. MTA will gain more popularity as official modification and with that, gain a lot more players. Both Rockstar and Valve will get more people who might be interested in buying GTA SA trough Steam, which means more money for both companies. From my point of view, it's win-win-win situation for all 3 parties and I know majority of MTA players would like this to happen.
  11. Since MTA works very well with Steam version of GTA SA, why not have MTA client in Steam store? I've seen on many Steam topics that lot of MTA players would like that to happen.
  12. MTA has more players then SA-MP, but also a lot more servers, so servers on MTA feel more empty then ones on SA-MP. Also, yeah, what my Balkan neighbor said: I too didn't know about MTA up until friend of mine showed it to me in 2012, yet I did found SA-MP years earlier, even though, I never even looked for any multiplayer extension. Just googling GTA SA will give you SA-MP among results.
  13. Guess you would know all about it, considering that you are playing there every day in last several years. Oh, wait, you were banned ages ago for trying to make your own server with our resources.
  14. On November 23rd, it was birthday of SAES:RPG server. Whole community started on MTA:VC as VCES (Vice City Emergency Service), 13 years ago. Around 2008, it moved to MTA:SA, hence the new name: SAES (San Andreas Emergency Services). Server started as first RPG server ever on entire MTA community and is still to this day, having pretty decent player base. Happy birthday SAES:RPG. You can read more about our entire server on our forums: http://saesrpg.uk/ You are also free to join our server on MTA and check it out: mtasa://
  15. Not sure about IFP, never used it before. But I'd definitely want to see this:
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