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  1. lol suto that image loaded up in like 10 sec on my cable modem
  2. OK here is the picture from the article sutto was the one who gave... i am just the guy who is hosting the picture curtiousy of sutto
  3. sutto if u have is scanned send them to me on aim or msn ill post em up quick i have 800 meg storage aim is BTC Undead Msn is aaoundead@hotmail.com im pretty much on all day
  4. i have tryed and tryed ive looked at the keys setting for lean turnleft and so on and many other keys and i dont know what key lets u turn in mid air will someone pls tell me how to turn in mid air
  5. oops i forgot ive been looking in tons of forums someone else posted a spaceship design
  6. i really like the glock but the space ship is decent and so are the others
  7. i swear i wish i could be smart liek these guys these guys make al the cool stuff i never think of
  8. please if anyone knows all the tools to edit cars like the color of cars the rims and so on PLEASE respond i would love to start cing if i could edit cars like start out ez then go up from there please respond if u do or email me at aaoundead@hotmail.com
  9. ill try that out also how do u run windows xp in windows 98 compatibility mode???
  10. i dont know why it wont work i have a 1.67 amd athlon and 128 ddr ram and a geforce 4 ti 64 ddr i hav eno clue why it wont work im using xp also
  11. pressing enter twice wont do nothing what patch u talking about if there is one can i have a link not sure what one
  12. seriously the freeking forum when u open it up it says KEEP IT CLEAN AND ENGLISH and u guys are not keeping it cleanby cussing so i think im at least the one who is following the rules
  13. learn to live with it freezing my comp and making me restart every 10 mini play vc thats not very fun keep restarting every 5-10 min and i mean totally restarting my computer
  14. i play for about 10 min and i get one i can click out of that one but then if i get another it freezes my comp so i have to restarted
  15. ive used the search button and i found a couple but im wondering if there is more
  16. what does this mean and how can u tell if u are doin this??
  17. every time i try to luanch 1.2 i get a error is there a 0.3 out yet or what i tryed 1.2 and i get a error
  18. i thought ur not allowed to cuss in this forum the guy on my post said the f word and he didnt get in trouble bc in most forums the search button is at the buttom of the page where there is a box and u type what uw ant for i didnt know there was a search button on top and u need to tell these guys to be a little nicer
  19. which version is the newst one 0.1 or what ive heard 0.2 0.3 0.3.5 waht is it ??? i can be in a game more then 15 min or it freezes om using xp and when will u guys update the game so 2 people can get in the car i would love 2 people in same car and alot others would to
  20. it does it in single also but my bros it doesnt do any of it but i do have a optical lense mouse but theni tryed the other mouse i have that is normal and it still didnt work
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