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  1. lol suto that image loaded up in like 10 sec on my cable modem
  2. OK here is the picture from the article sutto was the one who gave... i am just the guy who is hosting the picture curtiousy of sutto
  3. sutto if u have is scanned send them to me on aim or msn ill post em up quick i have 800 meg storage aim is BTC Undead Msn is aaoundead@hotmail.com im pretty much on all day
  4. i have tryed and tryed ive looked at the keys setting for lean turnleft and so on and many other keys and i dont know what key lets u turn in mid air will someone pls tell me how to turn in mid air
  5. oops i forgot ive been looking in tons of forums someone else posted a spaceship design
  6. i really like the glock but the space ship is decent and so are the others
  7. i swear i wish i could be smart liek these guys these guys make al the cool stuff i never think of
  8. please if anyone knows all the tools to edit cars like the color of cars the rims and so on PLEASE respond i would love to start cing if i could edit cars like start out ez then go up from there please respond if u do or email me at aaoundead@hotmail.com
  9. ill try that out also how do u run windows xp in windows 98 compatibility mode???
  10. i dont know why it wont work i have a 1.67 amd athlon and 128 ddr ram and a geforce 4 ti 64 ddr i hav eno clue why it wont work im using xp also
  11. pressing enter twice wont do nothing what patch u talking about if there is one can i have a link not sure what one
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