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  1. We're happy to announce that our next major update, 1.2.0, will be releasing on Saturday, June 8 2019, 21:00 GMT+2 (Summer Time), read more about it on our official news post!
  2. ma jok, SAMP beta testeri i jos neki poznati community member-i se pobunili i zapoceli Open MP baziran na SAMP
  3. Just a couple more of sneak peaks for the 1.2.0 update of the new maps as well as the updated transport van model: Huge shoutout to our recently promoted community mapper @WolfSchultz for the maps as well as @ThatOneIowan for the prisoner transport model!
  4. Nemoj SA-MP to propada radije odi na open MP
  5. Progress Update Well we've neglected this thread once again mainly because we personally don't see any point in keeping it updated as this entire forum section is rather messy. However it is only fair from us to actually let you all know that we aren't dead yet and we probably won't be anytime soon. Lately we've been working hard on getting the 1.2.0 update released which will bring two new somewhat major features, the Fire Department and the new siren system. However, that is not where the 1.2.0 update is going to stop at as the script itself has went through a lot of changes and will feature a rather long changelog list once it's released. Here's two videos showing some of the new features that are coming with the update: In addition to the 1.2.0 update coming soon we've also reached some important milestones, such as: website has been released New playerbase record of 51 players has been reached Over 20,000 registered accounts in game RAGE MP version of the mod had it's first Alpha test which went well If you'd like to keep yourself more up to date with the entire community we strongly advise you to join our Discord server on: as that's where we're most active at. We'll still make sure to post all update changelogs in this topic like we've been doing so far. EDIT: We've also updated the thread with our new server logo as well as replaced the old screenshots with the new ones that our users have been actively uploading onto
  6. Yes it is, they're active on Discord:
  7. Blast3r

    MTA SA Rank Names

    I don't know what the post count is for each rank but it is based on the GTA:SA criminal ranking afaik, here's the list:
  8. Jebat ga kad po cijele dane provedes u McDonalds-u i skriptanje ti djeluje zabavno hahahah
  9. Koliko game-as u zadnje vrijeme mislio sam da si odustao od toga
  10. Still having the issue, sadly it didn't help. Looks like another guy reported it with GTX 1060:
  11. PUBG servers and SA-MP's popular communities slowly dying out as well as SA-MP pulling back their promised update which caused a lot of mad players.
  12. Just spent the last 10 - 15 minutes testing that, no FPS drops so far, unable to test further. Can't say if it's fixed or not as usually it's quite random and can happen after 30 mins sometimes, hopefully it is though. Thanks.
  13. I think that singleplayer would mess up in that case though, I have absolutely no issues on there.
  14. Hello. So for a while I've been having this issue with MTA:SA where my game drops FPS to about 10 for a few minutes until it goes back to normal. I've tested this on multiple servers as well as the map editor and it happened everywhere, I've also looked around and noticed multiple people report the same issue with GTX 10xx series cards, source: - Multiple players reported the issue here all on GTX 10xx cards: - This user has also reported FPS drops with the GTX 1070: Normally I thought this was probably a problem on my side but then again there are way too many people with GTX 10 series cards reporting it that I'm actually starting to think it's not really me? I'm not sure. My computer specs are as follows: Intel i5 7500 3,4 GHz Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1060 6GB 8 GB DDR4 RAM at 2400 MHz Windows 10 64 bit, version 1709 MTA:SA version: v1.5.5-release-11815.3.004 DxDiag link: I've also pressed Y when asked by the dxDiag in hopes of it repairing my MTA:SA installation, no luck. I have absolutely no issues on other games in terms of FPS and I also didn't have issues on MTA until I upgraded my GPU from Intel HD 630 to GTX 1060 (I've uninstalled HD 630's drivers and made sure MTA:SA is using Nvidia's GPU) My last resort remains at re installing GTA:SA, but I hope that I won't need to do that as there are some mods that I have and would not like to lose with the re installation (these are the same mods I had with the HD 630 as well that gave me no issues, no additional mods were installed since then). EDIT: I forgot to note, I checked my task manager at the time MTA:SA dropped FPS and there was nothing out of the ordinary there, RAM usage was fine only at ~550 MB, CPU wasn't overused or anything like that. EDIT 2: Currently I'm testing out single player to see how it goes. - Played for about 50 minutes, no issues at all even after doing some "intensive" things (let's just say a lot of explosions were made)
  15. Blast3r

    SAEG Skype group

    Believe it or not in MTA everyone is treated and considered equal, there are no "most important MTA players" and I'm sure as hell that the "most important players" wouldn't even join that joke of the community as well.
  16. Why do servers think it's okay to use stolen and leaked scripts if they admit they're using it? You're actually admitting to something that can be seen all the way out of a plane mate, saying other communities also use stolen code does NOT make it any better (there's a reason why I noted valhalla Gaming's scripts in the last thread), I don't support neither you nor Owl Gaming in any way. Issue itself is that nowadays MTA Roleplay is based on who's going to edit the script at the perfect time (when the previous community is at it's weakest point) and then people just move on to the other server which is basically the same :~ with no originality but still offers players a brand new start. The lack of originality in nowadays MTA servers is worrying. Anyway, I'll refrain from further posting here from now on to avoid further drama, good luck in using someone else's work I guess.
  17. Ofcourse I'm judging someone for using publicly released scripts ON TOP of a not so publicly released but rather leaked script (valhalla Gaming, owl Gaming, both versions were leaked without owner's permissions). I see absolutely no originality in your script considering you had to add other people's work to make it look more appealing to your playerbase, which is rather sad and funny at the same time. Thanks for enlightening me that scripters put hard work in their scripts and the systems, did not know that, guess that's something you learned while editing other people's work, congratulations mate. And to answer your question, yes I do script.