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    The last reply

    @neox.Oi, you still alive? Just thought I'd say hi and bring back some memories of this thread during the World Cup 2014 times lol
  2. We're happy to announce that our next major update, 1.2.0, will be releasing on Saturday, June 8 2019, 21:00 GMT+2 (Summer Time), read more about it on our official news post!
  3. ma jok, SAMP beta testeri i jos neki poznati community member-i se pobunili i zapoceli Open MP baziran na SAMP
  4. Just a couple more of sneak peaks for the 1.2.0 update of the new maps as well as the updated transport van model: Huge shoutout to our recently promoted community mapper @WolfSchultz for the maps as well as @ThatOneIowan for the prisoner transport model!
  5. Nemoj SA-MP to propada radije odi na open MP
  6. Progress Update Well we've neglected this thread once again mainly because we personally don't see any point in keeping it updated as this entire forum section is rather messy. However it is only fair from us to actually let you all know that we aren't dead yet and we probably won't be anytime soon. Lately we've been working hard on getting the 1.2.0 update released which will bring two new somewhat major features, the Fire Department and the new siren system. However, that is not where the 1.2.0 update is going to stop at as the script itself has went through a lot of changes and will feature a rather long changelog list once it's released. Here's two videos showing some of the new features that are coming with the update: In addition to the 1.2.0 update coming soon we've also reached some important milestones, such as: website has been released New playerbase record of 51 players has been reached Over 20,000 registered accounts in game RAGE MP version of the mod had it's first Alpha test which went well If you'd like to keep yourself more up to date with the entire community we strongly advise you to join our Discord server on: as that's where we're most active at. We'll still make sure to post all update changelogs in this topic like we've been doing so far. EDIT: We've also updated the thread with our new server logo as well as replaced the old screenshots with the new ones that our users have been actively uploading onto
  7. Yes it is, they're active on Discord:
  8. Blast3r

    MTA SA Rank Names

    I don't know what the post count is for each rank but it is based on the GTA:SA criminal ranking afaik, here's the list:
  9. Jebat ga kad po cijele dane provedes u McDonalds-u i skriptanje ti djeluje zabavno hahahah