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  1. Was asked recently on Discord, MTA:SA staff said they don't have enough developers for a project as big as that. In addition to that I think that there are more than enough of GTA:V Multiplayer mods running atm for MTA:SA team to even bother making their own.
  2. Update 1.0.21 Update 1.0.21 is now live! It comes with the long requested tow truck system. Changelog: Fixed players being unable to get NPCs out of their vehicles in rare occurances Added ability for players to do towtruck related duties Made some minor adjustments to player prisoner transport system Full changelog can be found here.
  3. Update 1.0.20 This week's update has been mainly aimed to minor improvements to the existing scripts as well as minor script clean ups, in addition a new feature worth mentioning is the unmarked Yosemite which has been made for us by our modder ThatOneIowan, therefore big thanks to him once again. This vehicle is the first pickup type vehicle to come to SAPD:FR Online and I just can't wait to see what the modders come up with when creating vehicles for it, so far they failed to disappoint us and I'm sure it'll keep that way with the pickup vehicles. Changelog is as follows: Added unmarked Yosemite Fixed partner system bugs that occured after accepting callouts Increased NPCs density from 0.20 to 0.25 Minor adjustments to the exp system, aimed to the Administrator's side Added 2 more locations to the armored truck robbery callout Full changelog can be found here.
  4. Step 1: Navigate to your SA-MP folder installation file. Step 2: Find the "uninstall" program with SA-MP's icon (should be redish afaik) Step 3: Run it, uninstall SA-MP Step 4: Enjoy the MTA:SA master race On a serious note, I doubt that MTA:SA could have caused that at all since unlike SA-MP, MTA:SA itself installs into another folder which shouldn't cause any file interruptions, etc. which is exactly why you should use SA-MP's support section instead of MTA:SA's (try not to mention MTA:SA there, they tend to ban people for that)
  5. It has come to our attention that our response to support related forum threads can be sometimes rather slow. This is due to the fact that most of our staff team has work, college or school to attend and therefore we're not able to respond that fast on the forum. However, due to us having access to our phones we tend to answer support related questions on Discord a lot faster than the forums, therefore if you have an issue that you would like to resolve quicker please use the Discord to which link you can find on the original post. Ofcourse, as the answers tend to usually come from our phones we'd like to apologize for any grammar mistakes in advance.
  6. "And I ran I ran so far away... I just ran, I ran all night and day and couldn't get away"
  7. Update 1.0.19 Update 1.0.19 is now live on the main server! Thanks to the big help from our beta tester team we've finally managed to push in the long awaited partner patrol system, changelog is as follows: Removed GTA:SA speed limiter that occured on roads such as LS Skate Park, SF Bridge, Vinewood to Jefferson connection, etc (courtesy of MTA:SA's 1.5.4 update) Increased weapon damages to increase realism Added the long awaited partner patrol system For full changelog which includes all of the things that were added to the partner patrol please procceed to our forum thread.
  8. Daily struggles of a Cadet (image credits to djogloc):
  9. They placed a discount for the entire month, so by June 1st you can get it for 50,000$.
  10. You need to pay 50,000$ and you're in.
  11. I must say I +1 this, on SA-MP there are a :~ ton of popular trucking servers and I personally believe there would be on MTA:SA (which would possibly transfer even more people from SA-MP to MTA:SA) as well with even better features but the main issue is that a trucking server would not really work on MTA:SA that well mainly cause of the terrible trailer sync.
  12. Lovely, cheers mate. From now on I'll post both screenshots and videos into this thread as our users have been creating quite a lot. I haven't posted here in a while so I'll make this post about our user Master After showing how Boris Vorontsov's ENB looks like with our server. In addition it looks like one of our members found a new arrest point they can use:
  13. About SAPD:FR Online is mainly based on the popular GTA:SA SAPD:FR mod and it's aim is to bring the fun online and allow players to patrol together, assist other player officers, etc. This project has been going on for a few years already and has had it's ups and down, it also used to be known as FR:MP & 7Precint before receiving it's current SAPD:FR Online name. Originally it has been created by the original creators of SAPD:FR Palm Beach Games (previously known as FR Mods) and was officially taken over by Advanced Gaming near the end of 2016 through a signed contract. Our aim is to bring as realistic and fun at the same time police experience with the Non Player Characters (NPCs) spread around the map being potential fellas that are up to no good. The server gives ability for players to progress through the ranks by arresting criminals, respond to callouts that have different variety of possibilities to happen every time, patrol inside of the patrol zones, simply have fun with your friends or other players, pursuit suspects both on foot and in vehicles, do speed traps, etc. Features The server has quite a lot of features in store for the players to have fun with and the best part is that the features only keep expanding further and further with our weekly updates. Some noteable features are: Ability to patrol in 6 different departments, 3 Sheriff Departments and 3 Police Departments which have different ranking structure and each seperated into "saves" which save your progress in a specific department Callout system which contains a lot of different callout each which can have different outcomes when either you arrive on scene or try to interact with the Non Player Characters (NPCs), these vary from simple callouts such as injured person to somewhat big callouts such as armored truck robbery, street brawls, etc. A ELM system which lets you switch both your primary and secondary lights through different modes, 15 modes to be exact A neatly designed HUD which gives you the most cruical information such as your current level, exp amount, callout that you're in (if any), money, vehicle you're in, speedometer, zone that you're in, etc. Patrol zones which let you patrol around San Andreas for a small experience reward Multiple additional unmarked vehicles that have been designed by our outstanding modder ThatOneIowan Rank system which unlock different vehicles, equipment, etc. A dispatch (aka Central) with which you can interact to check for civilian's background, vehicle's information, request backup, inform that there's an armed suspect, request prisoner transport, etc. Ability to request special units which will assist you in different occasions, such as medics for injured civilians, towtrucks for vehicles that are in the way, etc. Ability to request backup to which other players can respond to Ability to see every unit's locations by opening the map on F11, each unit's number is displayed there Ability to interact with Non Player Characters (NPCs), ask them for their IDs, frisk them, arrest them, perform requests such as sit, flee, pursue them (if they evade), and much more Ability to install mods by just dragging them into a folder (full explanation of the system is available on our forums) Edited vehicle handlings to match IRL acceleration and top speeds and let you travel through San Andreas faster than originally intended by the game Multiple translations for our non English speaking players Helper system which lets new players use /ask to ask a question Simple Pay 'n' Spray script which lets you fix your vehicles for free Inventory system which lets you hold multiple items, in addition to this each precint has a officer vendor at which you can buy (or take) items such as armor, medical kits, spikestrips, vehicle repair kits and more Multiple precints spread around the major cities which players can use to arrest their suspects or reach vendors And much more! Updates & community feedback The script itself is being updated weekly, every saturday to be exact. Due to the script being a few years old we're focused onto polishing it as much as we can while also adding more fun features for you guys to use. We respect our community's feedback and are quite happy with the fact that they've already gave us 4 forum pages worth of suggestions to deal with. We may not add those suggestions as fast as some would expect but that's because we either need other features for it to get added or we have some more important focuses onto them, but we can assure you any suggestion we like will be eventually added in, so far we've added in 30+ different suggestions into the server and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. In addition, the server tends to undergo some major changes sometimes and to prevent us from making a mistake with such ideas we create public polls on our forums and notify our members everywhere about it to let them give their vote and also post their opinion on that. If the majority votes against it then ofcourse, we scratch the idea and make something else instead. Media Ever since the server started our users have been posting media around youtube, our facebook inbox or the forums. We're also happy to say that we've inspired few people to start youtube channels as well as have an long active youtube member recording videos in the server actively. Therefore, before the media we'd like to point out some channels that you might want to check if you're interested in seeing more of the server: Unit23OnPatrol Unit 170 Officer371 Unit 28 Videos: **All of the following media is created by our users, full credits go to them** Screenshots: **Warning: a lot of pictures inside of the spoiler** Social Media SAPD:FR Online Website Forum Facebook page Discord: Where to join? IP:
  14. Even if someone was to create something "basic" (for which there's absolutely no need as Paradise script kinda does the job for a "basic" script) people will still go for oG scripts as they'll have more features. Not to add how long creating a RP script actually takes to even bother making it an open source project to end up having someone that probably can't even roleplay properly and is just opening it for the fancy admin commands he can access using the script.