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  1. Well I've let this thread get quite some dust on it as I haven't attended to it in a while. So, instead of making a whole new reply on how we released the 1.0.23 I'll just give a short recap on what's been going on at SAPD:FR Online lately: Update 1.0.23 was released, yet another minor update with some bug fixes and requested changes by the players. In addition to that Tosfera has returned to the MTA:SA branch of SAPD:FR Online and is slowly starting with the work on the long promised EMS and FD updates. Due to the summer season ending I have also managed to get more free time and will be a lot more active in terms of scripting on the server, these two changes in the development will result in bigger and faster updates (yay!). Through this reply I'd like to thank all of our players that are quite active in the server as well as our amazing staff members Nick & Caracatus1 for keeping the server clear from up to no good guys during the summer, hopefully you guys will like the future updates as we can assure you that we'll do our best in them.
  2. Pitanje

    picku dala da server otvori
  3. Pitanje

    neces jebat
  4. The server is a must check! The story behind it is extremely detailed and the fact that every area has something going out in it is just outstanding. I was driving near the Vinewood mansion when I got sniped by Ryder lol, got attacked by some raiders at a small camp, bandits around Los Santos and of course walkers. Every place in the map has it's group of NPCs which is just outstanding and makes it feel so alive to play at it.
  5. Wastage of Servers and players

  6. Update 1.0.22 Update 1.0.22 is now live! Just some minor improvements to the tow truck units feature & bug fixes. Changelog: Towtruck units are marked yellow on the minimap & the F11 map from now on Towtruck units will no longer recieve callouts Fixed a rare occurance in which Armored Truck Robbery callout vehicles would blow up Fixed evading suspects walking styles sometimes being reset to CJ's resulting into players not being able to catch up to them & more Full changelog can be found here.
  7. The story behind this looks well detailed. I will definently check this out once it opens, good luck mate!
  8. MTAV - MTA on GTA V

    Was asked recently on Discord, MTA:SA staff said they don't have enough developers for a project as big as that. In addition to that I think that there are more than enough of GTA:V Multiplayer mods running atm for MTA:SA team to even bother making their own.
  9. Update 1.0.21 Update 1.0.21 is now live! It comes with the long requested tow truck system. Changelog: Fixed players being unable to get NPCs out of their vehicles in rare occurances Added ability for players to do towtruck related duties Made some minor adjustments to player prisoner transport system Full changelog can be found here.
  10. Update 1.0.20 This week's update has been mainly aimed to minor improvements to the existing scripts as well as minor script clean ups, in addition a new feature worth mentioning is the unmarked Yosemite which has been made for us by our modder ThatOneIowan, therefore big thanks to him once again. This vehicle is the first pickup type vehicle to come to SAPD:FR Online and I just can't wait to see what the modders come up with when creating vehicles for it, so far they failed to disappoint us and I'm sure it'll keep that way with the pickup vehicles. Changelog is as follows: Added unmarked Yosemite Fixed partner system bugs that occured after accepting callouts Increased NPCs density from 0.20 to 0.25 Minor adjustments to the exp system, aimed to the Administrator's side Added 2 more locations to the armored truck robbery callout Full changelog can be found here.
  11. SAPD:FR Online Media

  12. Lag Issues

    Step 1: Navigate to your SA-MP folder installation file. Step 2: Find the "uninstall" program with SA-MP's icon (should be redish afaik) Step 3: Run it, uninstall SA-MP Step 4: Enjoy the MTA:SA master race On a serious note, I doubt that MTA:SA could have caused that at all since unlike SA-MP, MTA:SA itself installs into another folder which shouldn't cause any file interruptions, etc. which is exactly why you should use SA-MP's support section instead of MTA:SA's (try not to mention MTA:SA there, they tend to ban people for that)
  13. It has come to our attention that our response to support related forum threads can be sometimes rather slow. This is due to the fact that most of our staff team has work, college or school to attend and therefore we're not able to respond that fast on the forum. However, due to us having access to our phones we tend to answer support related questions on Discord a lot faster than the forums, therefore if you have an issue that you would like to resolve quicker please use the Discord to which link you can find on the original post. Ofcourse, as the answers tend to usually come from our phones we'd like to apologize for any grammar mistakes in advance.
  14. SAPD:FR Online Media

    "And I ran I ran so far away... I just ran, I ran all night and day and couldn't get away"
  15. Update 1.0.19 Update 1.0.19 is now live on the main server! Thanks to the big help from our beta tester team we've finally managed to push in the long awaited partner patrol system, changelog is as follows: Removed GTA:SA speed limiter that occured on roads such as LS Skate Park, SF Bridge, Vinewood to Jefferson connection, etc (courtesy of MTA:SA's 1.5.4 update) Increased weapon damages to increase realism Added the long awaited partner patrol system For full changelog which includes all of the things that were added to the partner patrol please procceed to our forum thread.