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  1. Peds are :Oing up my script

    Seems like the hill enter is being triggered on the peds as well, try moving the element type check to before the getAccountName.
  2. SAPD:FR Online Media

  3. Help me with this issue,its getting annoying!!!

    Enable uPnP, make your local IP static (search the internet on how to do so).
  4. With the SAHP Public event going on today we've managed to break our new playerbase record of 29 players! Big thanks to everyone that attended, there will be more events hosted each Saturday, hope to see you on those as well! Some screenshots made by our users during the event:
  5. [Roleplay] Liberty City Roleplay [English]

    Is that why vG / oG edit servers you used to script at failed? Can't believe how two faced you can be lmao.
  6. SAPD:FR Online Media

  7. SAPD:FR Online Media

  8. I have fps problem with GTX960

    That always shows for me when I try to volume up, I believe it's windows related. Maybe there's a windows based setting which disables that? As for the slow game, did you try other games? Does it only happen on MTA:SA? Maybe you didn't install the driver properly. In addition, maybe, if you have an intel CPU, MTA:SA is running on the intel HD graphic instead of the Nvidia's, try uninstalling intel HD graphic drivers if you have them installed.
  9. [Roleplay] Liberty City Roleplay [English]

    I was asking about the script, not the UCP
  10. [Roleplay] Liberty City Roleplay [English]

    Is this written from scratch and what are your plans on the economy?
  11. [RPG-CnR] Delight Network [English]

    It's really disgusting how you copied Dynasty Network's thread style, made a similar name and almost the same logo but didn't even finish the thread... Source:
  12. SAPD:FR Online Media

    Can I take your order?
  13. SAPD:FR Online Media

    It appears that the roles have switched:
  14. SAPD:FR Online Media

  15. SAPD:FR Online Media