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  1. [Roleplay] Legacy Roleplay [English]

    Why do servers think it's okay to use stolen and leaked scripts if they admit they're using it? You're actually admitting to something that can be seen all the way out of a plane mate, saying other communities also use stolen code does NOT make it any better (there's a reason why I noted valhalla Gaming's scripts in the last thread), I don't support neither you nor Owl Gaming in any way. Issue itself is that nowadays MTA Roleplay is based on who's going to edit the script at the perfect time (when the previous community is at it's weakest point) and then people just move on to the other server which is basically the same :~ with no originality but still offers players a brand new start. The lack of originality in nowadays MTA servers is worrying. Anyway, I'll refrain from further posting here from now on to avoid further drama, good luck in using someone else's work I guess.
  2. [Roleplay] Legacy Roleplay [English]

    Ofcourse I'm judging someone for using publicly released scripts ON TOP of a not so publicly released but rather leaked script (valhalla Gaming, owl Gaming, both versions were leaked without owner's permissions). I see absolutely no originality in your script considering you had to add other people's work to make it look more appealing to your playerbase, which is rather sad and funny at the same time. Thanks for enlightening me that scripters put hard work in their scripts and the systems, did not know that, guess that's something you learned while editing other people's work, congratulations mate. And to answer your question, yes I do script.
  3. [Roleplay] Legacy Roleplay [English]

    I never said they should credit me though as they're not using any of my work lmao
  4. [Roleplay] Legacy Roleplay [English]

    To add to the GTA V HUD they are also using the graffiti system recently added to the community as well and did not note any credits of that on their thread related to the graffiti system. Guess it's always the servers that use someone else's work that get attention on MTA:SA. EDIT: Hell, even the City Hall map is public lol.
  5. Image credits go to our dedicated member MaXKillS!
  6. SAPD:FR Online Media

    Guess it's safe to say that the medic release attendance was good:
  7. Just 2 more hours until the anniversary celebration starts and we're slowly setting everything up: Hope to see you there!
  8. Balkan DayZ

    Fali nam jos jedan za bazu
  9. We've just announced our first year anniversary celebration that will take place on December 16 21:00 GMT+1 Saturday! It features a double EXP weekend, 1.1.0 release (yes, medics are finally coming!), a convoy towards the mountain chilliad and a party on top of the mountain! This was an amazing year for us and we'd like to thank everyone that came to visit us at least once!
  10. Peds are :Oing up my script

    Seems like the hill enter is being triggered on the peds as well, try moving the element type check to before the getAccountName.
  11. SAPD:FR Online Media

  12. Help me with this issue,its getting annoying!!!

    Enable uPnP, make your local IP static (search the internet on how to do so).
  13. With the SAHP Public event going on today we've managed to break our new playerbase record of 29 players! Big thanks to everyone that attended, there will be more events hosted each Saturday, hope to see you on those as well! Some screenshots made by our users during the event: