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  1. an other question : is it possible to remove a column from a table and to rename it if yes wish funcs I can use
  2. hello, I wanted to ask you if I can use the same the same sql strings for sqlite and mysql ? I saw this in a script and I wanted to know if I can use it in sqlite or not dbExec("UPDATE blabla SET hi=?, ho=?, oh=?, tit=?, cha=?, cho=?, titt=?, wfa=?, fwfn=?, wfwf=?, wfwf=?, wfw=?, wdwd=?, wdwd=? WHERE name=?", fe, ww, faw, waffa, wdaf, wfaf, wafa, wafwa, wafwaf, wafwfa, eafwfa, wafwf, faf, wfwf, wfwfw)
  3. 1) fileDelete deltes the file but your client have to download it it each time he connect and that sucks 2) cache="flase" this saves the file on the clients RAM so he also need to download it each visit and that also sucks =====> compile scripts that's the best way
  4. Desaster

    weapon Bug

    that's not what I mean . I mean when any player login the ammunation resource give him *2 ammo as he had before idk why it's a bug
  5. Desaster

    weapon Bug

    well I located the error in the ammunation shop and idk why everytime the player login he get double ammo well here is my function server: addEvent ("wepShop", true) addEventHandler ("wepShop", getRootElement(), function(name, id, ammo, cost) if not id then return end if (getPlayerMoney (source) >= tonumber(cost)) then exports["TopBarChat"]:sendClientMessage ( "You bought a " .. name.." for $"..cost,source,0,255,0,TopBar, 5 ) takePlayerMoney (source, tonumber(cost)) local account = getPlayerAccount ( source ) setAccountData( account,"GunsMoney",tonumber( getAccountData( account,"GunsMoney" ) or 0 ) + tonumber(cost) ) giveWeapon ( source, id, ammo ) else exports["TopBarChat"]:sendClientMessage ( "You can't afford to buy this!",source,255,0,0,TopBar, 5 ) end end) hmm the client side isn't needed but it has a function with onClientGUIClick that triggers this event triggerServerEvent ("wepShop2", getLocalPlayer(), wepName2, wepID2, wepCost2) ps: id / name / cost are defined thnx
  6. Desaster

    weapon Bug

    hi I saved the wepon id's and weapon ammo's in a SQL table but the problem each reconnect the player get + 50% of the weapons he had any idea why ? ps: I used this func on login giveWeapon
  7. hmmm as I saw in wiki that method hmm well I try that resource
  8. client="1.3.4" /> ="client.lua" type="client" /> ="mod_c.lua" type="client" /> src="mods/bullet.txd" download="false"/> src="mods/bullet.dff" download="false"/> src="mods/infernus.txd" download="false"/> src="mods/infernus.dff" download="false"/> this is my meta but idk why the files dowload when I start the resource can you help me pls
  9. hi, useing this downloadFile how I can define were the file will be downloaded ^^ or it will be placed in the same place where i putted it but in the clients pc also if I use fileExists and the I put a path there it checks if it exist in the server or in the clients pc thnx for answer ps : all must be client side
  10. Desaster


    In think he is testing the triggering hmmm try to remove (timer)
  11. I already did but I just get that result
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