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  1. Ok, so I got a new mouse, it's a Logitech Marathon M705. The scrolling works again. But for some reason, when I go to Esc > Settings > Binds and try to change some binds, like next weapon and previous weapon, then go back ingame and try to use my side buttons, nothing happens like MTA doesn't recognize it. I find that when I disconnect from a server and go back to Settings > Binds > try changing the binds with my side buttons, it recognizes them. But as soon as I go back ingame, the side buttons don't do anything and when I go back to Settings > Binds and Esc the binds and try t
  2. Yeah, you are free to edit the .tmTheme and modify it to your liking or use 50p's Theme, which is basically already a night theme. This theme that I made is mainly for those, like me, who like working with a white background, like the one Notepad++ has.
  3. Sorry for double posting and bumping an old thread, but I just realized I had a backup of QtToLua. Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yh53531o8rs7dj6/QtToLua.rar/file
  4. A lot of people are reporting that with this new version of MTA (1.5.7), their MTA is crashing all the time, which I think is related to the problem I reported earlier. A bug maybe? If so, what is the progress on fixing this bug? I experienced this issue myself and was told to use the recent version of nightly MTA build, which did fix my problem. But some time later, a server required me to upgrade to the newer version of MTA in order to join it, which has the issue of the crashing.
  5. Removing the resources folder and installing the nightly MTA build seems to have fixed the issue. Have not experienced that freezing issue. Glad it had nothing to do with my hardware. Thank you!
  6. Hello. So as I'm playing in a server, like CIT server for example, I noticed that every once in a while at some random time as I'm playing, my MTA will just freeze. And the issue is never able to fix itself, it just stays there frozen. So I have to force quit MTA. And then if I join the server again, it'll end up freezing up again at some point. I would like to know what is causing this and how to resolve it. I am using MTA 1.5.7 version.
  7. So I found some servers here: https://www.game-state.com/index.php?game=mta And the ones I wanna connect to are MTA Providence. But I get this error message when trying to connect to them: https://i.pilo.ovh/images/h6RAI.jpg Someone mentioned that the only way to connect to these servers is to use a custom launcher, modded MTA. So my question is how to get this custom launcher, modded MTA?
  8. Hi, so I've got a question regarding testing scripts. This specifically has to do with a tournament system script that I've made. The problem I have with this script is that it's just too damn complicated and it also involves a lot of players in it, so I think it would require many players to test it. So my question is how do you get a script like this to be tested with multiple players? Or is there a way to ensure that a script like this would work with many players without requiring many players to test it?
  9. This is a continuation of the topic originally posted by 50p for his Sublime Text 3 Syntax Highlighting package. I have edited 50p's Sublime Text 3 and MTA: SA Lua VS Code packages to my liking so it looks more like the original MTA Lua Notepad++ package that was made by JR10. Here's my edited version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gitph76wb6n7sbh/Backsages_Sublime_Text_3_and_VS_Code_MTA_Lua_Syntax_Highlighting_Packages_Notepad%2B%2B_Theme.rar/file If you still need a copy of the original packages they're here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1c11ct1y4z61ddu/50pMTAEditor_%
  10. Well, I don't think this package is working anymore. I don't know if it's because I switched to Linux, but it doesn't seem to be working on my other computer as well. It was working in the past, but now it seems to not be working.
  11. Do you get sounds in single player? If no, that could be an indication you don't have the audio files installed. If so, you'd need to do some youtube searches on how to get those audio files and install them.
  12. I had the same problem and your suggestion to use a timer worked.
  13. Use my link. I don't think 50p is gonna edit his post 'cause he seems to be inactive.
  14. I had to post this because for some reason, my edited 50psMTAEditor, it did not look right in Sublime Text, so I had to fix it. Here's the new version. http://www.mediafire.com/file/qxmp46hjg9ag1j2/50pMTAEditor_%28With_Notepad%2B%2B_Theme%29.rar/file Disregard the old link. Also, you do not need the Cobalt2 Theme. My updated 50psMTAEditor has the Notepad++ Theme and the little dots highlighted. I also recommend getting the packages PackageResourceViewer (which you'll need to extract packages to the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Packages folder), and BracketHighli
  15. Here you go, it's the original by 50p. Luckily, I had a backup. http://www.mediafire.com/file/1c11ct1y4z61ddu/50pMTAEditor_%28original_by_50p%29.zip/file
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