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  1. No problem. Glad to have helped.
  2. Double Your money! and invest online! Best PTC Site

    Pyramid scheme. Don't ever fall for it, no matter how much a person wants to talk to you or tries to convince you or starts acting defensive (starts explaining why it's not a pyramid scheme). When they start acting defensive you know they are insecure and know deep down inside it's a scam/spam/fraud/commercially deceptive content (I'm quoting from YouTube) /pyramid scheme.
  3. An update from Backsage himself

    Alright, look. I just want to make something very very clear. And I want to say this now before I forget. Yes, I know I did something that was very unforgivable and inexcusable. Obviously Arran and Brian, the Head Staffs at CIT server, are obviously upset over what I did. I have accepted the fact that I will never be unbanned. Yes, I know I spouted a lot of stupid things and was talking WAY WAY too much. Talking WAY WAY too much, with that alone, you can obviously tell something's not right here. So for that, I do apologize. All I'm saying is whatever you do, and whoever you are out there, don't do what I did and think people will just be on your side, back you up, or what have you. I said a lot of stupid :~ and now I regret it. But, now reflecting on this, I realized that a lot of times in my life I have had to learn things the hard way, and I still am learning things the hard way to this very day, sleep being one of them by the way. Do not make the same mistakes I did. Be more empathetic of other people's feelings and watch what the hell you say to people; not just online (well especially online) but in real life too. Think of what you say to people. And think of how of what you say to people might cause them to react, especially in a public place and you don't want to cause a scene. Try to understand the situation more clearly. Be more alert, pay attention, think of what you say to people and try to think of what exactly you should say to people or how you should respond, especially in a public place or forum. But most of all, think of how you should respond, follow through with it, and just keep it to yourself. Because if you don't, you might just piss off the wrong person, or persons in this case, like I did. Even worse, that person may just have a knife or a gun or be violent or may even kill you. So I'm telling you right now. Do not make the same mistakes I did. That is all. - Backsage
  4. Sublime Text 3 - 50p's MTA Editor (package)

    Also, if you use Sublime Text and have had trouble reading the indents (those little dots in the text editor indicating a code block), then this package is probably for you. Install a package called Colbalt2, then Windows Explorer > C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Packages , then replace the Theme - Cobalt2 folder with mine. Download: - Cobalt2.rar
  5. Sublime Text 3 - 50p's MTA Editor (package)

    I've edited the Lua MTA.tmLanguage and Monokai-MTA-Edit.tmTheme files so that the color scheme looks identical to Notepad++, if you like Notepad++'s color scheme (I personally like it 'cause it's easier on my eyes). Also includes Notepad++'s syntax highlighting for XML files. Download:
  6. cant connect to CIT server HELP!!

    lol. ccw is owner of CIT? Since when?
  7. How to pass server Timer to client ?

    Nevermind. Fixed it. I guess I just needed to move some client sided code over to server side. And I didn't need to use element data.
  8. How to pass server Timer to client ?

    I'm having the same problem. I have no idea how to sync a server side timer to client side. But I need to check for timer details somehow. Not sure how to do it.
  9. Sublime Text 3 - 50p's MTA Editor (package)

    New link pls.
  10. No, nothing. All I know is that after I load the GUI code, it makes the Output window's position to something like -1106 (x position) and 273 (y position). But I've fixed it by modifying output.lua (in guieditor) with guiGetScreenSize.
  11. I'm using guieditor 3.1.3. When I try to do Main Menu > Output after loading GUI code, the Output window doesn't open.
  12. Here's a new link:
  13. [TUT] SQLite

    I never understood what is the purpose of dbExec. When you execute it, how will you know if it worked if it doesn't return anything? I guess one way would be through a script error. But I always use dbQuery because I want that query to return something, so that way I know it worked. Not sure what would be the purpose of using executeSQLQuery either. Oh, I didn't know that. Thx for that.
  14. Sublime Text 3 - 50p's MTA Editor (package)

    Yes, that would be so nice to have different font color for server and client. Could also be nice for Notepad++. Also, when is this getting updated?
  15. Hey guys. I found a video on YouTube (in German, sorry) that shows you how to install MTA syntax highlighting and autocomplete for Notepad++. You don't have to watch the video, but there are links in the video description (which I'll leave here) that leads to a forum and in there will be a download link (which I'll also leave here) for installing to Notepad++. And the reason why I'm recommending this version is because for whatever odd reason, JR10's way of doing it doesn't really come out the way I'd like it to be. Problems such as 'function' turn to white and MTA functions are blue and also everything is in a thinner font which is hard to read, so I don't like that. So with this version, things like function names are highlighted in red, it's the same font thickness, and all the up to date functions are also highlighted. If you don't like the autocomplete, just go to Settings > Preferences > Auto-Completion > and uncheck 'Enable auto-completion on each input'. And that's pretty much it. Hope it makes things a lot easier for you.ür-notepad/?pageNo=9ür-notepad-zip/