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  1. We had short brake.But don't worry we still working on the project.What more can i say it's become better and better Here's some ss:
  2. Update screenshots from labolatory!
  3. After looong break we decide to start agian...(We have many problems with that modyfication we can't solve in easy way) but we never give up! I realy want say thx to our scripter Brzysiek he spend alot time trying to help us and hold that mod alive.(Dzięki za cały poświęcony nam czas i cierpliwość tym razem nie nawalimy). So guys stay tuned more updates soon
  4. I dont want to be rude but in my opinion this is nothing special .
  5. Update ! Short video about the gravity anomaly
  6. I'm glad to hear that.We still working on the project.Now we have 3 locations (they are pretty big): -Janowo City -Red Forest -Sectret X8 lab And ss from x8 lab: Enjoy
  7. Maybe we try do a one map bind for some key.We dont know yet And here some news: Brzesiek (Scripter from our team) made some anomalies + he now working about artifact system.(video soon) We looking peoples who have good experience with modeling and to check performance in first map (Janovo) we need pre-alpha players if you think you have free time and you want help us PM me Ok here some new screen shots:
  8. +- 200 mb Screenshots from swamp:
  9. Little progres the Janowo city is almost done 80 % . Screenshots showing Water treatment
  10. Zone is dangerous place: Guitar guy script is done but i have still problem with add'ing more bots
  11. Little update Hope you like it guys Im looking a person who can help me code anomalies ^^
  12. I'd like to show you project called "S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Rise of Zombies (SRoZ)".New version of our old mod MTA:S.T.A.L.K.E.R The project are changed the basic world of San Andreas in to the post-apocalypse world where players have one objective: Survive. Mod take us to the Janov city placed near Pripyat.Due to unexplained increase in the number of deaths in Zone after year 2024 authorities wanted to block access to the Zone.This leads to rebellion in Eastern Europe.Many peoples gets arrested when they trying to cross borders in to the Zone.Some peoples heard myth about straight and safe but unkonown way to the Zone trought city called Janov.Is that myth can be real? Or its a trap? We have a lot of work to do with gamemod.But we plan to mix Day:Z and S.T.A.L.K.E.R into one perfect game. You will be able to create your own character something similar like in sz-online.Big open custom world full of bloody zombies and unfraindly players trying to get rich fast as they can even is that mean "death" one of them. Dev screens: In game (old) screenshots: Progress: Map: Scripts: Other (weapons,vehicles,sounds etc)
  13. If player join in some area then will be send a message to server and as call back ped will be spawn or something like that.Because like i said before when somebody join to server or is far away from ped when he come close to him he dont see animations and holding weapon only standing ped.I think about making a big marker (cylinder for example) and the ped will spawn if player be in marker.
  14. Your little patch does not help.But i realy appreciate that you try help me. But maybe there is a way to solve this .I dont know lua language but i know is powerfull thing.Is that possible to script get auto load if player is in some area near ped ?