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  1. Key J is already used for inventory open. IP adress? What do you mean?
  2. Essle

    Objects streamer

    Hello. What are methods of optimization with a large count of objects on server? Are there streamers?
  3. I'll do it. What key use for inventory with AZERTY keyboard? After update 3.0.1 inventory is fixed
  4. (I apologize for my bad english) I present is a completely new MTA project with a survival mode in world full of zombies. Server is created from scratch and has many unique systems. Creation and up-level of bases, raids on bases of other players. Hunting, fishing and growing vegetables for food. Attacks on camps and military bases, captured by bandits. Craft of various items and much more... New mapping: IP #1 SERVER - IP #2 SERVER - YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbKSMM9yIFhM1cMQvhIEUHA VK - https://vk.com/mta.zombie
  5. Here frequency is the distance between trees. That is, the smaller frequency, the more objects. Default frequency - 40.0, up to 20.0 it is possible to lower.
  6. More than 50% does not continue? Show script logs.
  7. Forest generator 1.0.0 ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- Use /forestgen <frency> (frequency is distance between trees) ---------------------------------------------------------- Settings fg_client.lua / generatorData - Generation settings fg_server.lua / treesList - Object settings Forest exported to .map file in root directory of script ---------------------------------------------------------- Download: https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=14680
  8. First need to finish it. Then I'll think about public release.
  9. Hello. I'm present a new mapping editor (beta). Developed for Project Zero.
  10. On tests you will not even notice difference.
  11. This function is needed to convert .map to .ipl In all converters rotation is not calculated correctly. But this function works perfectly. Example local file = File.new("map-test.ipl") file:write("inst\n") for _, theSubject in ipairs(Element.getAllByType("object")) do local rX, rY, rZ = getElementRotation(theSubject, "ZXY") local rW = 0 rX, rY, rZ, rW = math.quaternion(rX, rY, rZ) file:write( theSubject.model..", "..engineGetModelNameFromID(theSubject.model)..", 0, ".. theSubject.position.x..", "..theSubject.position.y..", "..theSubject.position.z..", ".. rX..", "..rY..", "..rZ..", "..rW..", -1\n" ) end file:write("end") file:flush() file:close()
  12. Function to translate angles of Euler into quaternions. Arguments: RotX, RotY, RotZ Return: RotX, RotY, RotZ, RotW function math.quaternion(x, y, z) local c = { math.cos(math.rad(-x)), math.cos(math.rad(-y)), math.cos(math.rad(z)) } local s = { math.sin(math.rad(-x)), math.sin(math.rad(-y)), math.sin(math.rad(z)) } local t = { c[2] * c[3], s[1] * s[2] * s[3] + c[1] * c[3], c[1] * c[2] } return math.drt(1.0 + t[1] - t[2] - t[3], (c[3] * s[1] - c[1] * s[2] * s[3]) - (-s[1] * c[2])), math.drt(1.0 - t[1] + t[2] - t[3], s[2] + (c[1] * s[2] * c[3] + s[1] * s[3])), math.drt(1.0 - t[1] - t[2] + t[3], (s[1] * s[2] * c[3] - c[1] * s[3]) - (c[2] * s[3])), math.drt(1.0 + t[1] + t[2] + t[3]) end function math.drt(a, b) a = math.sqrt(math.max(0.0, a)) * 0.5 return (b and ((b < 0) and -math.abs(a) or math.abs(a)) or a) end
  13. I found - http://gtaforums.com/topic/378291-how-to-make-realistic-radar/ Question is closed
  14. I guess i'm asking incorrect question. What program/tools can create a map image? I think that it is possible to render in 3D-Max, but as I do not know.
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