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  1. mh i like vice city more then gta3. the bikes are just great...
  2. hehe yeah what about a new release You guys are tight. Thanks for spending so much time on programming MTA
  3. whats your operating system?
  4. Bude

    MTA 0.2

    Yes, that works for me too. Thanks@Krake (@Bluejanis: Ich würde die Antwort anders formulieren... nix gegen dein Englisch, aber das is bessa *g*) A1: To solve the problem just duplicate the american.gxt language file coming with MTA and rename the copy to the language you had installed: e.g. german.gxt or frensh.gxt.
  5. why doesnt it work with 0.2? what kind of error is coming up with the nocd-crack?
  6. Bude

    MTA 0.2

    I got the same problem. Does anybody know what to do??
  7. hey give him a chance. what if he really figured something out? im curious
  8. I have really NO idea. Do you have just that one PC? If you have another one, try another gfx card or something... I dont know... :-/
  9. mhh thats weird.. did you try to reinstall everything?
  10. that is acutually not a bad idea to release two versions.. its gonna be more work for the MTA-Team, but i think its really not bad...
  11. it says u got an unrecognized version??? never heard of that.... is your game-language english?
  12. man... alright right click on the desktip icon vice-city --> properties --> compatibliy or something --> choose win 98/win2000 etc.
  13. alright check this out http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?t=2357&start=45
  14. how did it work in GTA1 and2?
  15. HOLY FREAKING CRAP you guys really dont get the point!!! Believe me, the PC doesnt freeze, and the keyboard doesnt freeze as well. IT JUST CANT SHOW THE WINDOWS DESKTOP!!! So you have to do all the steps to close the game BLIND. Thats probably for advanced users only (not for you). If ALT+TAB works then its not really frozen, in that case its a "normal" unhandeled exeption. Last try to explain the steps to you (...what you have to do if it cannot show the Windows Desktop): -Win XP: 1st chance: CTRL+ALT+DEL then TAB then SPACE (that should end the critical task (vice city)) 2nd chance: CTRL+ESC then ARROW UP then ENTER then ENTER again (that should make the system to shut down - which is better then a reset) -Win 98: 1st chance: CTRL+ALT+DEL then ENTER then ENTER again (that should end the critical task (vice city)) 2nd chance: CTRL+ESC then ARROW UP then ENTER then ENTER again (that should make the system to shut down - which is better then a reset)
  16. sure, but actually all i wanna know is, what exactly they already finished and what not. just cuz im cruious....
  17. i know that -guy really looks dumb. and he looks as if he is takin a phat SH*T
  18. dont reset computer.. there is a way to get back to windows without doing it.. search the forum for the topic im talkin about
  19. if you wouldnt be such a noob you wouldnt have to restart the computer search the forum to solve that problem i alreday wrote something about that.. but im too lazy too check out the link for you
  20. oh yeah. thats it... tss why isnt this locked?
  21. @lySdEXiA: your system runs fine because of geforce 4.
  22. lol i mean what people do in singleplayer doesnt matter, but cheating in multiplayer is just not fair not cool and its chicken-livered!!
  23. but some people go to army cuz they want to do something for the land. i mean somebody HAS to do it... so dont fuck around with these guys cuz i DONT want to do that assjob
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