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    reason 5 global ban 2 years ago

    Unbanned, next time to avoid an indefinite ban becoming a permanent one, send a message to the e-mail in the ban message like it asks you to.
  2. Dutchman101

    appealing, temporary, 81 days remaining

    No early unban, misusing a bug that allows you to crash all players on a server instantly is pretty serious. It's about the illegal act and intentions, even though it's already patched. You even spread it and (together with someone else) misused it on more servers than you were willing to admit. The duration of your ban is not up for discussion
  3. Dutchman101


    Because we recently lowered the ban duration for these cheats, I also shortened your ban (3 days > 1 day), I hope that helps. Don't run cheats again, this happens when you try to run detected cheats. Btw, bans like these cannot be appealed here.
  4. Dutchman101

    Was banned

    check your PM
  5. Dutchman101

    [Problem] There was a problem hooking Direct3DCreate9

    Did you update Mumble, or do you remember any other recent change around the time it started causing problems?
  6. Dutchman101

    [Problem] There was a problem hooking Direct3DCreate9

    Then don't use Mumble with MTA until we verified the problem (by hearing from others), that software is apparently interfering with execution of MTA. If we verified the issue, we may review if it's MTA's job to work around an issue caused by other software.
  7. Dutchman101

    [Problem] There was a problem hooking Direct3DCreate9

    Please download https://mirror.multitheftauto.com/mtasa/utils/servicing.bat and rightclick it > "Run as Administrator". This will start various repairs/mainentance tasks which may include the unknown corruption that you have (or preventing correct installation of your GPU drivers) It can take a while, so don't close it, as it will close itself when finished. Restart your PC once it's done. After it's booted up; - run the driver installation once again (but without using DDU) - open cmd (commandprompt) 'as Administrator' and enter ```sfc /scannow``` and restart when it finishes. Now see if it's resolved. If not, get back to me. EDIT: oh wait a second, I didn't notice this part, I thought you were completely blocked from playing MTA. Does the problem only occur when you use Mumble? (it may interfere in a way I described before, with the D3D hook), it would be appreciated if others with Mumble can verify this in that case.
  8. Dutchman101

    appeal for unban

    You got banned by an individual server, "Anty:hack #6" isn't a global MTA ban but their script. Appeal your ban to 4Life server admins, we don't know what happened. It seems to me that you didn't hack (nothing suspicious happened) but I can't judge, because who knows said server also covers server bug abuse/glitches with this type of ban. In the case of this server, you gotta appeal at: https://mta4life.pl/forums/forum/145-apelacje-od-nałożonych-kar/ hope this helps
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    Don't try to act, we know that you are XaskeL, appeal has been handled previously at https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/115300-unban/ Using a different physical location doesn't mean we cannot realise
  10. Dutchman101


    No, you've been involved in cheat development and other clandestine activities for way too long, now also facilitating other cheat devs and using multiple PC's to conceal it is you. You have been given chances in the past, sorry but we're just completely dealing with you.
  11. Dutchman101

    Unban me!

    Unbanned, if you do it again you can never appeal again, not even after many years.
  12. Dutchman101

    how to close scream sound

    You can disable it with the function Ab-47 mentioned. An example to disable player's own voice: addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() setPedVoice(localPlayer, "PED_TYPE_DISABLED", "") end )
  13. Dutchman101

    [Problem] There was a problem hooking Direct3DCreate9

    Most often this is caused by bad graphics drivers, or the lack thereof, but I'm not so sure in your case. - Download & extract DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) from https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html - Run DDU (no need for safe mode) to clean all traces (and with that, possible corruption) better than regular removal or update. Select "device type" GPU and (in your case) vendor Nvidia, as the example below; click "Clean and restart", wait for it to finish. When your PC is booted up again; - Download & install the driver for your specific GPU: https://www.nvidia.co.uk/Download/driverResults.aspx/144411/en-uk - Remove any application that could theoretically interfere with MTA D3D hooking, such as (gaming) overlays. Try to launch MTA and see if it works now. If not, then get back to me. @WilkuES
  14. Dutchman101

    Unban me!

    I can see you got banned early 2016 for sharing a virus (presumably what you mentioned, in a server's chat), and after you got unbanned you got banned again in March 2017 for another hacking offense (it wasn't really documented well, but it should be in the category of using a remote RAT virus to infect another player and try to hack their PC with it). This second ban is permanent. So basically, you got quite a history of malicious activity on MTA. Did you ever watch (for example, in this forum section) what happened to others doing things like you? Why should we believe you won't do it again? Also, did it really hurt, because I noticed you've been using another PC (with serial 9FD1CD7BDFBF2FE157594A9C7AC2B9B2) to play MTA lately.
  15. Dutchman101


    Don't use the "Baimless" DLL injector while MTA is running. Ban is already expired because the duration was 4 hours, please also read the section description next time.
  16. Dutchman101

    Help ( Animation )

    Please review the 'Looking for staff' section guidelines and apply them to your topic within 24 hours
  17. Dutchman101

    I have a crash that i cant fix

    That crash (gta_sa @ offset 0x000A2CF3) is caused by bad mods, more specifically a non-standard or corrupted \models\effects.fxp file. Restore said file to original with a back-up, or re-install with a clean GTA, to resolve it. @CrossFire~
  18. Dutchman101


    Don't use GH DLL injector while MTA is running
  19. Dutchman101

    Serial Ban

    You got banned as a result of running a detected cheat. Therefore, sending us said cheat would be useless, because after all it's already detected. Because we know you're also one of its developers, considering the nature of said cheat and the repeated attempts over months to get it working, the ban is permanent and will not be removed. Also, we already received the source code.
  20. Dutchman101

    R9 Freeroam

    There were no mistakes in determining who was involved with the malicious activity those bans were handed out for. For each individual, we have reason to believe they were involved with at least DDoS and eventually script backdoor ("TK DLE") attacks. More information is at the (final) handling of this related appeal: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/114545-ban-appeal/?do=findComment&comment=943302 We also determined that individuals discussing the preparation of DDoS attacks in the R9 Freeroam discord, were truly the ones earlier suspected of their involvement in the original investigation. As said multiple times before, our decision is final, no one involved will get an (early) unban. Here is a list of serials for all involved, banned players, as you can see there are tempbans, the duration is based on the severity of their individual participation in said malicious activities: The start date of all bans was 2019-02-01 1) 9D4898D737711F0D420745306905A0E2 - Permanent 2) DBF26F16B8B305D8C9B5CD841C8122F3 - Permanent 3) E963921A698AE84C602C199E31EF67A3 - Permanent 4) 6D2B61424A31EC9B04E424FC197D9DA4 - Temporary (until 04-01) 5) 713441ABBBD9A77C3975BC3A86BB7C53 - Temporary (until 04-01) // same person as #4 6) AC71C37DECEDA67AA2346723B61BF3F3 - Temporary (until 04-01) // same person as #4 7) CCB716A666688091C26123C03A379BA3 - Temporary (until 03-01) 8) 2809D1E78F9B6363558F52206A82F7E2 - Temporary (until 02-18) 9) 106B2A1D54D5AE660A4A1B9B11CEE7F2 - Permanent 10) 511D6AFCBCDE740A6339049499014192 - Permanent 11) 4E92D34EC16ACD8D05EAB720E4C59C02 - Permanent (you, 'Samobo') 12) 9DDA10E0DD8E19AD0F3834A656499C54 - Permanent (you, 'Samobo', PC #2) 13) AAABBE02468C3A35652408264E7D3BE3 - Permanent (you, 'Samobo', PC #3) 14) C52FC03185BD191AA8EE48BC581BB043 - Temporary (until 03-01) 15) 8290553B818631CAC0AAB605F6BDF084 - Permanent @Samobo
  21. Dutchman101

    People cant not join my after after i port forwared

    You probably did something wrong while forwarding, I advise to repeat the process with the help of this guide on forwarding: If you start the server and use https://nightly.mtasa.com/ports/, what does it say?
  22. PORT FORWARDING GUIDE In order to host your own MTA Server, you'll need to forward ports for others to be able to see your server, and join it. If ports are not forwarded properly, other players cannot connect, and your server will feel empty. Additionally, the output of "openports" command in server console would be: Testing ports... Port 22126 UDP is closed. Players can not browse! Port 22003 UDP is closed. Players can not join! Port 22005 TCP is closed. Players can not download! Instructions Locate your network's router or modem physically and look on the back to read its model number/type, then search on Google: as there will always be an official manual and tailored guides to forward ports. You'll have to forward (and possibly port-trigger) MTA server ports as they are defined in mtaserver.conf (ex. C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\server\mods\deathmatch > mtaserver.conf), if said file is unmodified then these are the default ports to forward: 22003 UDP (main server port) 22126 UDP (because the server browser port is value from <serverport> + 123, it can differ based on main server port which is 22003 by default) 22005 TCP (internal HTTP resource download port) If you can't find your router's make and model, you can try a generic method of forwarding (of which details can deviate), follow these instructions: 1) open cmd (commandprompt) from start > type 'cmd' in search or start > run > cmd, make sure to run "as Administrator" Type this in cmd: ipconfig /all It will output a table of addresses; locate and copy "Default gateway" and "DHCP server" addresses into a text file. 2) open your web browser, and paste & navigate to both addresses like you would if that IP address was a website. Examples:, (also, both are very common) You will most likely end up on the configuration interface (or login screen) of your router. If you need to login, look if they are on back of your router (sticker placed on it) and if they're not, search this on Google: If there's no known login credentials for your router, try (a combination) of these, both as username (account) and password: username: admin password: admin username: blank (don't enter) password: admin username: blank (don't enter) password: blank (don't enter) * press login without entering anything, it may ask you to set a new password immediately username: provider/ISP name (abbrevation) password: provider/ISP name or blank, or your local translation of the word 'wireless' or 'internet' for the places where username 'admin' is mentioned, you should also try the variant 'Administrator' and 'administrator' (with and without capital letter) As those are the most common login credentials, trying them all has a success rate of 80%. If none of them work, call your ISP, or do a more extensive web search, it should definately be documented (or figured out by someone else on the web) how to log in to your router's configuration panel. Also try searching in your own language. 3) If you successfully logged in, you'll see the configuration interface. It has plenty of tabs for various settings, you should focus on finding the ones relevant for port-forwarding. - Click each category (for example: Network, advanced, security/firewall, administration) until it folds out and shows something like "Port forwarding" or "Applications". It doesn't hurt to be scrolling the categories, even in places you don't expect the forwarding page to be, until you found it. It should be there. If you found it, then create a new rule/port number entry and link the correct protocol (or if you don't get it, "both" UDP and TCP") as the corresponding type is listed earlier in my post, up here. Reminder/TLDR: by default, they are 22003 UDP, 22126 UDP, and 22005 TCP. If it asks for port ranges, do it like this: 22003-22003, 22126-22126, 22005-22005. If you don't see a list or form that fits this description, but rather have an "Applications" tab, then go there and create a new entry. Name it "MTA Server" and enter in the correct ports, most often as ranges. Fill out everything that it requires to save, and save & apply. 4) Major pitfall (cause of problems): If the forwarding entries table has a field that refers to the client (PC you're going to use for hosting MTA server) by MAC address or local IP address (192.168.x.x), then add it so it will link the forward, as the ports will only be forwarded on said PC If it allows you to select and link a device from a list (most often appearing as computer names), then do so. Otherwise, use the MAC address given in the earlier ipconfig /all command output, or if it asks for local IP address only, then take it from the same place, but directly afterwards you should take steps to ensure said local IP will be static to your host PC, because otherwise it will work only once or randomly (when your PC happens to "lease" said IP, getting it assigned). To set the static lease, find a category relevant to "DHCP server" or gateway settings, in your router configuration panel tabs. Enter the current local IP address (which you entered in the forwarded ports table too) and your network card's MAC address from the previously mentioned command output. Apply & save. Now, your forwarded ports should (keep) working on said PC which will be used to host MTA server. Restart your router. Test if MTA Server has its ports forwarded by starting it up and writing "openports" into the server console, or alternatively with https://nightly.mtasa.com/ports TROUBLESHOOTING If it doesn't work, go back into your router configuration and try these workarounds: 1) Locate the internal router firewall settings and lower its level (like, set it to Low so it's less aggressive) or disable it. 2) Make sure MTA server isn't being limited or having its traffic blocked by the firewall on your host PC. If you have a third-party firewall (or complete security product with both anti-virus and firewall or 'internet security'), open it and whitelist MTA Server.exe in a new or existing rule, set it to allow all traffic and activities from it. If this doesn't make it work, completely and temporarily disable the security software to try again and see if the issue was related. If MTA server now works, scrutinize your PC firewall's settings again or use another. If you don't use such security software, or you do but the last steps didn't work, then also check Windows Firewall (it can even run together with your security software firewall which means you gotta whitelist on both). Go to start menu > type "Windows Firewall" or "Windows Defender Firewall" or alternatively Control Panel > Windows Firewall ("with Advanced Security") and then go to its advanced settings. Now, whitelist the MTA Server.exe process like previously explained, in Windows Firewall (both inbound and outbound connection categories) If none of the above options work, you will have 3 last resort steps to take, in sequence: - See if something called "port triggering" is in your router's configuration panel. If it is, then it possibly relies on it for forwarding. "Trigger" the same ports that you "forwarded" earlier, but also keep the forwarding entries. - Add the host PC to DMZ zone. Find the relevant setting in the router configuration interface, most often it's under the "Firewall" or security categories. Now add your local IP or MAC address to make it a DMZ host. *Note: enabling DMZ basically opens all ports, exposing your host PC to the internet and therefore presenting a security risk. This step is most suitable to probe where the problem is; if it suddenly works, then you most likely did something wrong in the process of forwarding. It's not advised to settle for it and keep DMZ enabled on your device. If even DMZ doesn't make it work (given that your forwarding & DMZ device is properly pointing to the host PC, as explained in the DHCP lease/static local IP chapter up in this topic), then the problem is more likely to be with your PC and its network configuration, or otherwise the network infrastructure: it's possible that the router you're configuring (forwarding in) isn't the only device between your PC and the network line that goes to your house. If there's a second router, network (edge) switch, or modem-like router that is between the internet signal and the main wireless (WiFi) router, like is sometimes the case, then you may need to forward ports on both of them and eventually trigger ports to the second router after forwarding them on the directly connected modem. For more information on that scenario, open below spoiler: If you don't have a second router/modem, DMZ doesn't make it work, and neither did any of the forwarding & port triggering instructions listed in this topic (so basically you forwarded and also tried all the listed workaround and troubleshooting methods, including reviewing your firewall settings), then there's a good chance you're still doing something wrong. Consult with someone you know is experienced with networks or technical matters (IT) in general, and ask for help or advise. The ultimate last resort, also in the case you're not doing anything wrong, is calling your ISP (internet provider) and describing the problem and steps taken. You could also ask for a new router, the latest model issued to new customers. However, as I indicated, the chance it's on your and not on their end, is higher. I hope this guide helped. I still advise to stick to the router model-specific forwarding instructions that can be found on the web/internet provider's documentation, rather than using my generic methods for the steps from logging in to actually forwarding the ports. I cannot guarantee you'll succeed with the generic guide for the millions of router devices that exist, it's simply a culmination of personal knownledge.
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    Resource file unexpected change

    Refer to post at https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/114716-something-strange/?do=findComment&amp;comment=944974 for more information
  24. Dutchman101

    error you were kicked out of the server by VF# 2 23070000

    Refer to the post at https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/95681-vf-2-error-when-connected-to-server/?do=findComment&amp;comment=856589 Also, the bottom of that post contains a clarification of the exact error code that you get.
  25. Dutchman101

    Kiked from the game (AC #4 6I30)

    You're getting kicked because of using "ArtMoney" memory editor (similar to Cheat Engine) while MTA is running. To solve the problem, just don't run software like that together with MTA. If nothing helps, uninstall that tool completely or reboot your PC if you used it once since startup; detection can be persistent just like with Cheat Engine.