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  1. Temporary bans cannot be appealed
  2. You got banned because MTA detected your serial isn't authentic (it got generated after you successfully used a serial changing method). This method consists of multiple steps, and really isn't as simple as the things you mentioned that you did. We know that you did it deliberately, and the MTA detection for this act is accurate and has so far only resulted in bans for people that were trying to change their serial. So yeah, don't lie.. MTA is smarter than you think, and serials are more reliable than you think.. the current situation means that you succeeded half way but that MTA still stops you from doing it by making the 'new' serial unusable. Which in turn means, that you can only get unbanned if you undo the steps you've taken (which you damn well know) and this will restore your old serial, which hasn't been banned. Thanks for understanding!
  3. Already handled in https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/122102-ban-appeal/ Your actions were particularly serious, which is why it is truly a permanent ban. Please don't try to appeal again.
  4. Dutchman101

    MIRAGE #2

    Even though you misrepresented (and lied about) a lot of things in this appeal, I won't waste more time arguing with you as we've been through this process, during which the true situation surrounding the things you misrepresented became obvious, and also that you kept trying to twist it. That is to say, we've been there, and just because you're now writing another essay doesn't mean that our decision will change. It will not. You're not welcome on MTA, and you have to start accepting that we rejected your ban appeal and told you that the original ban was extended for further illegal activities on MTA. The combination of all of your activities make it clear that you're a really malicious person, and also we won't buy your lies about FFS clan member account (+ a few other player accounts) hacking. We know for a fact, that you didn't only test the access, nor did you do that yourself (you sent an Austrian hacker to do it, one that MTA happens to know really well). Even worse, you misused stored credentials for said FFS clan member account from your old Vultaic server database (he used the same password), it's really not "just testing what you found somewhere". This is actually a recent attempt from the aforementioned guy that you hired for the intrusion, to apologize to the victim (FFS): For the scamming part, in private messages we carefully established why (and which of) your and DizzasteR's actions were considered financially scamming, and explained the reasons MTA would want to put a halt to this, as there were exceptional circumstances during which you spotted a weakness in a person and decided to take advantage of it. We also clarified why we assisted said person to get what he paid for (the contents of your backdoored files) as he had the full ownership rights to it since the sale was for full source code and not providing this for everything means you scammed him in yet another way. We also don't believe the purpose of backdoors. We really got a lot of illegal activity on MTA from you like I said; - Hacking activities (against FFS) - Misuse of DB from your server to compromise account in the hacking offense (your plain-text account storing was probably intended, with future malicious use in mind) - The huge scam with particular reasons for MTA to put consequences to it - Selling gamemodes with backdoors (commands to grant admin access, etcetera) - I really don't believe "its just in case", even if it was, then intruding any server that would use said gamemode using your backdoors would still be a malicious act in itself. You didn't even disclose the existence of backdoors to the buyer(s), nor did you say anything about it when they asked why there's some compiled files despite your promise to provide full source when sold. Anyways, I ask you to accept that your ban appeal is denied, and that you will never be able to get unbanned. I know more about the type of person you are and the extent of your illegal actions that target MTA users and communities than you think I do. Ban appeal denied. Please do not return. From now on, there will be banning on sight.
  5. Dutchman101

    Ban Unjust

    The admin that banned you agreed to unban you, if you won't be disruptive again (the reason was that you yelled in voicechat). Unbanned, @Dale (Nascimento#4051)
  6. Please read https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/116414-ban-appeals-information-how-to-appeal-your-global-ban/ about bans with EMAIL as reason, and follow the proper procedure for a chance to get unbanned. In short, it means that there was reason to believe you engaged in illegal activity on MTA during that period (2017), causing MTA team to be willing to investigate and question you. That means that it's probably far from "no evidence" like you said. You got reported for illegal activity, and you failed to send a message and therefore it remained, having never been processed. So yeah, just go and do that after all.. Note: i sent a message to the person who banned you (since I don't have much details about the case or what happened), if they want to remove it due to time passed they will. If they don't want to, then nothing will happen and the thread will stay locked. UPDATE: you're unbanned.
  7. You are banned for your involvement with a group of cheat developers (MFT), and the ban is permanent.
  8. Dutchman101


    Don't lie, you tried to use a chinese speedhack. Also read the section description better next time: temporary bans cannot be appealed
  9. The way you describe it works is a rumour, in fact we know all about it. There recently was a wave of DDoS attacks on large MTA servers that were hosted by OVH (like most large MTA servers) which was made possible by a flaw in OVH's Anti-DDoS system. It was fixed by OVH a couple of days ago, as you can see here: http://travaux.ovh.net/?do=details&id=44340 Like i said, we know all about it and have paid great attention to the issue, because there was someone out there (actually a group of people) trying to destroy MTA by targetting important servers with it. So that means we helped these servers and worked in close cooperation to contact OVH support and confirmed that the fix I linked is a direct result of the inquiries to OVH from these MTA servers, after which the server owners confirmed it was fixed and all subsequent attacks failed. But the situation overall was noticed by many players, because they couldn't play their favourite servers at all times, and they started making up wild theories. This guy is 1 of them (that has imagination about what happened, but also wants to appear like a tough guy by taking credit for something he just seen happening). For your knownledge, what happened in most cases was players being stuck on joining the server, and otherwise disconnecting suddenly. Sidenote: the "someone" that was trying to ruin MTA for most players by attacking large servers, has been banned from MTA, along with their entire server and clan (which had great participation in it). Even though I won't mention who they are, I will have to lock this topic to prevent them from coming here and causing a ruckus about it.
  10. Dutchman101

    Ban Appeal.

    You can write a whole story with reasons why we should treat you differently than anyone else, but where it comes down to is that you tested a serious type of hack from cheat developers on the serial (1911E99F5174DC01E15E0AD3AE271D04) of another PC, and it got detected. I don't believe your "brother" story, what I think is that you used the other PC to avoid risking your main PC (the ban you're appealing right now) getting banned. But it doesn't work like that. Activities like these aren't tolerated. Ban appeal denied, you gotta wait until it expires.
  11. Temporary bans cannot be appealed. Your ban is longer than usual because you tried to develop cheats / mess with MTA by looking for something to make a custom cheat, and because it's not the first time. @whatarai061
  12. Dutchman101

    ddos ban

    We already discussed this, you know that you cannot get unbanned but I will just confirm it now (and only once). You were involved in DDoS practises, by leaking the IP addresses of players to DDoS attackers. In january, you were admin on servers that belong to "DicoSky" (such as Vendetta Freeroam) and during this time, said server was home to some DDoS'ers, who attack players that they don't like (or who kill them often). The server owner was unaware of these practises until the investigation started. As an admin, you abused your powers to grab the IP of players and sell them to the attackers, so that they could victimize them with a DDoS attack. This means that you do not belong on MTA, as you are an important cog in this scheme that puts MTA players in danger. No one should be at risk of getting DDoS'ed by server admins or their accomplices, just for picking the 'wrong' server that contains such people. So, we did something against it. Appeal denied
  13. For the gamemode and replicating the features, I advise you to start learning how to script in MTA (using Lua), like begin here: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Scripting_Introduction or some topics at Scripting tutorials board (if you need specific help or don't get it, ask in the scripting board, or if no one reaches out, in the MTA discord #scripting channel The mapping part can be done by getting used to the map editor resource (a script included by default) on a local or mapping server. More information: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Resource:Editor and there can also be a few more advanced useful things listed in https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/26570-scripting-and-mapping-tools/ or the mapping support board Note that GTA to MTA map conversion tools (automatizing heavy processes) do exist, i just don't know them from the back of my head. Pretty sure you can find them somewhere in places i linked..
  14. Dutchman101

    SD #33

    In your specific case, the problem is C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\spfdrv.sys (SoftPerfect Net Limiter driver, which can apply connection rules even when the main application isn't running). The server you are trying to connect on has blocked Net limiter software (https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Anti-cheat_guide#.3Cenablesd.3E.3C.2Fenablesd.3E). Remove the software, or if you cannot locate it or don't want to, then disable the driver (services.msc) and delete the .sys file. Or use Autoruns to search for it and prevent autostart on boot. @BoomHeadshot
  15. It's possible, just port the map to MTA and write a gamemode to match the other things that you can see & hear in that video. Would be an interesting project.. Theoretically, you can toggle "Use modified GTA files" option that appears in the MTA settings main tab (only if your GTA is modded) and then allow all file types involved in a total overhaul modification on your server in mtaserver.conf: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Server_mtaserver.conf#client_file, but since MTA isn't designed for intrusive mods and total overhauls this will most certainly produce unexpected results (things not working, showing up, or crashes and instability). Even more so, you will never get any of the deeper features that the video shows (more than a custom map) unless you script them in MTA, the aforementioned gamemode suggestion.
  16. Please read the section description to understand that server bans cannot be appealed with MTA, you'll need to contact the server owners. Moving to Turkish section as they might be able to assist during said process.
  17. Dutchman101

    MTA radio bug

    This sounds like a custom radio script (as normally, others can't listen to your radio in said way). Topic was in the suggestions board wrongly, but for this reason I moved it to "MTA Chat" (not Scripting), since you also didn't indicate you are the scripter behind that system. If i am wrong in any way, feel free to let me know, but it really does sound like a script. In that case, you would need to contact the server admins, so that their scripter can look into the issue.
  18. Oi @magnux, Este não é o primeiro tópico que você postou que eu tenho que corrigir. Problemas: 1) O que você cola é Lua inválida que não pode ser executada devido a algo estranho no seu editor (causando caracteres invisíveis em guias, espaços finais e recuos) que resultam neste erro: "unexpected symbol ' ' near 'then'" or in MTA: ERROR: Loading script failed: script\client.Lua:2: unexpected symbol near 'Â' O processo de fixação meticuloso envolvido (cada espaço ocupa uma área maior): https://streamable.com/jbiavv Não sei exatamente o que aconteceu, mas, pelo amor de Deus, use um editor normal para seus scripts, para que você não poste mais Lua inválida com esse problema. Recomendamos o Notepad++ ou o Visual Studio Code. 2) Você continua postando no quadro errado. Continuamos a movê-lo. Poste todas as suas perguntas em português no quadro de scripts em português (https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/127-programação-em-Lua/) 3) Lembre-se de formatar, coloque todo o código dentro de um bloco de código com este botão (selecione Lua): Observe para todos os outros que estão lendo: ele está postando código inválido (inválido para executar com erros), tanto com um estilo de código ruim quanto com uma qualidade de código ruim, mesmo se forçá-lo e formatá-lo à força como nos últimos tempos. Apenas não use nenhum código nos tópicos dele, desaconselhamos.
  19. Dutchman101

    ban appeal

    You can't call something that steals Discord accounts (for you to hack them) a "helpful virus". There are no excuses, you are targetting MTA users with illegal and malicious activity. Even more so, you still got the (infected) "Lag switch" video on YouTube and are posing a risk to other users to this date. You're making victims on MTA globally, it's hard to believe they "are now all your friends". No..
  20. Gamemodes on MTA are made by scripters, you will need to contact the server owner to report an issue or make a suggestion. In the case of this server, you should go here: http://www.gtabg.ru/ https://vk.com/gtabg @Rijad
  21. Your history: - Development of abuse tools (e.g spammers, to mess up servers and cause server lag) - Attempted development of cheats (last week). Even though you're far from being able to succeed, this completes the picture that you're up to no good and shouldn't be here. Ban appeal denied, this applies to all of your serials: AE91D8EF0F026724C12CAAFC7AF24E53 80D21A1405F05073E4B7F5852D695DE4 3CC02A507426D64B0FFF897138A1BBA2 @GuilhermeBotega
  22. Temporary bans cannot be appealed, we already told you that so you shouldn't have come here (after raging on Discord). We know what you did, and that you're trying to cover your tracks with lies. You served as a tester for a known cheat developer (who is banned himself, thus looking for people to try it for him). For this purpose of testing cheats, you used a laptop and not your main PC, as you don't want to risk being banned and not being able to continue playing MTA. The anti-cheat is better than said cheat developer, so you got instantly detected and banned. After which we took a look and also, manuallly, banned your other PC. Just because it doesn't work like that, we don't like people that attempt to hide their tracks or minimalize the consequences of a bad action in other ways (like you did by using a disposal PC). Any excuses such as yours, "My friend brought his laptop to me and god knows what he did while playing MTA", will never be accepted by us (this is policy), it's the known "my brother did it / my cat jumped on my keyboard and launched a cheat" type of generic excuse. Even if we don't accept this to begin with, we have additional reasons to be confident that it's really you, which we won't share as we want to prevent people from learning from their mistakes in future. Note: ban duration is 2 months because this cheat developer currently has 3 testers (who all got banned) and really picks & approves them carefully. This means that you are working for him, in order to assist him in his attempts to ruin the game for other people. That is pretty malicious. Anyone found to be helping such people on the sideline, can expect serious bans for themselves.. Please don't return on any MTA platform (discord or forums) to ask for unban or clarification. The decision is final, and cannot be changed. We already had to get rid of you on Discord, we will do that here as well if neccesary.
  23. You're right @Addlibs, i didn't read this part..
  24. internal.db contains all player accounts (unless you're using a custom account system, rather than the default one). 99% of the servers use built-in account system in accordance with the ACL. Besides that, it contains other data as well, such as stored with setAccountData which a lot of resources to date use (less than ideal, yes). So basically, deleting this file would bring destruction to most servers.. whoever is reading this: don't do that. server\mods\deathmatch\databases\global > registry.db is used (for example) by the default admin resource, to store player screenshots taken through the admin panel. For this example, deleting only the .db (and not the contents of conf/screenshots folder) will create inconsistencies and untracked files. I'm not sure of the potential contents of the other registry.db (located in the main server\deathmatch folder), e.g in my case it's always empty (no tables) but judging from the source code at https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/blob/927509565ab3a8d48df006440654c38e0942aa89/Server/mods/deathmatch/logic/CGame.cpp#L836 i wouldn't want to mess with it, also not knowing what it may contain on a variety of servers. Back to the original question though @skybad, It's called defragmenting, you can do that using either of the following 2 methods: Method 1): open mtaserver.conf and set defragmentation to instant on server launch: <!-- This parameter specifies when the internal sqlite databases should be defragmented. http://www.sqlite.org/lang_vacuum.html Values: 0 - Never, 1 - On server start only after basic backup, 2 - On server start always. Default - 1 --> <compact_internal_databases>0</compact_internal_databases> Change the value to 2 - On server start always so it will be like this: <compact_internal_databases>2</compact_internal_databases> Now launch the server, wait for it to output this in console: Compacting accounts database 'internal.db' ... Compacting database 'registry.db' ... Then shut it down, and change back the value in mtaserver.conf (to 1). You just forced defragmentation for now. Method 2): use SQLite browser (download and install from https://sqlitebrowser.org/), this software allows you to open the .db file and defragment it using "Compact database" option from the Tools bar: I personally prefer this because i found that defragmentation results using this software are better than built-in mtaserver.conf vacuum. You can also first defrag it with the software and then with the config vacuum, even though it's probably unnecesary. I also prefer it for the reason that it supports .db files that belong to any resources on the server that use SQLite. The built-in config vacuum only supports databases like internal.db and registry.db.. with SQLite Browser, you could just perform a search for all database files in your server folder (e.g in Windows explorer: *.db) and optimize them one by one. Obviously, no matter the method you use to defragment/optimize your .db files, back them up in a safe location first.