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    MTA Crash

    If it keeps happening to a number of players after they updated, then tell them to put a file called debug.txt into MTA installation folder root (next to Multi Theft Auto.exe) and to hold & release CTRL R + CTRL L simultaneously when it freezes again. That will force MTA to crash, it's a feature designed to investigate freezes. After that, please provide us the crash dumps from MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\dumps\private, we can use them to find the cause of a freeze.
  2. Dutchman101

    MTA Crash

    First make sure that your affected players are using the latest MTA version, because some issues were fixed recently. Tell them to re-download MTA from http://multitheftauto.com/ to get the update Also, your own MTADiag log doesn't include any of these crashes. If they next report a crash to you, then first check their version (if it's atleast r18664, from homepage) and if it is, then collect MTADiag log of your players to forward. Note: you can also make sure they are updated by setting <minclientversion> in mtaserver.conf to 1.5.6-9.18664.0 or executing this with runcode: srun setServerConfigSetting("minclientversion", "1.5.6-9.18664.0", true)
  3. You could ask the server owner to whitelist timecyc.dat modifications, or apply their own contrast/brightness to vehicles through scripting or shaders. It's pretty hard to implement exceptions in a sense that MTA would scan which part of timecyc.dat (parameters) are modified, and even harder for us to neutrally judge if certain 'safe' modifications can be whitelisted, because any change can affect balance in different gamemodes in different ways. So it can never be a "safe for all" verdict. This is why we'd rather leave it up for servers to decide on.. sorry.
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    marker bug

    We cannot help you efficiently unless you provide full code @drhx
  5. Dutchman101

    unban req

    I apologize for the delay, but I can tell you that you're banned for cheat development. Send me a PM to hear about the possibilities. Appeal denied for now. @kubr1ck
  6. After you made your last appeal was at https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/117369-banned-by-mta-reason-trainer/, we found out that you were ban evading the global ban being appealed. So it was also banned. Also, that appeal was denied and we had a lenghty PM conversation following that. You know the situation is not going to change, and evading won't make your situation better. Nor does presenting yourself as a different person (registering another forum account to post this) in a matter of a few days, for the second time. @Darkhobit
  7. It was a result of the same issue as described in https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/117131-network-trouble/?do=findComment&comment=956241
  8. A definitive fix is available. Install this update: https://nightly.mtasa.com/?mtasa-1.5-rc-latest @Flexxy @Willian#
  9. Does it work in: - Windowed mode - Borderless mode - Borderless "keep res" mode Please test each of them in MTA settings > video and let me know, @purple baguettes
  10. Please refer to last posts in: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/117131-network-trouble/?do=findComment&comment=956229 We found another issue and will release a new update ASAP. @Willian#
  11. Okay, we just confirmed the problem. The revert of buggy changes failed partially. Thanks for helping us to test, stick to that build until we get a final update.
  12. You're on the right version now. There's no logical explanation for the issue to be found in recent MTA changes, since the thing that caused spectator bugs & network trouble was reverted. I'll still forward it for further investigation, although it is possible that as I indicated, it being a script flaw often found on racing servers, your renewed attention for spectator in general makes you notice it or finally report it. To make absolutely sure, please try with https://nightly.mtasa.com/mtasa-1.5.6-rc-18445-20190525.exe
  13. @Flexxy, i just checked your client and it turns out you're not using the right update. You're on r18560 and the fix for spectator issues arrived in r18660. You can verify that you're not updated by writing "ver" in F8 console. Please install this build: https://nightly.mtasa.com/?mtasa-1.5-rc-latest So all doubts about the fix in this topic are thus far unconfirmed
  14. With "doesn't work" you clearly mean that your game isn't appearing like it is modded. The reason for this is explained at https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/117279-timecyc-does-not-work/?do=findComment&comment=956021 So as long you don't force MTA to use it anyways (by enabling the "use modified GTA:SA files"), you will be able to play on all servers as MTA will load the default unmodded file into memory. This is an intended change, please refer to the link above.
  15. This looks like the issue described earlier in https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/103371-lag-while-spectating-players/ Should be unrelated. Contact the server admins/scripter. Note: there are 2 reported cases of this, the other one is at https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/117431-network-trouble/. It appears that in both cases, the affected server is FFS Gaming. Maybe they tried applying a (hacky) script fix to try work around the network troubles that were fixed yesterday, before it got fixed in an MTA update. It could also be that this was just sometimes present on FFS, and you notice now because your attention is pinned on it now. Please contact FFS admins, nonetheless I'll also try to dig a little deeper.
  16. I don't know what you mean exactly.. but I can guess; You gotta make sure the skin texture fits the skin model; UV project it in 3DS Max to find out, or just try replacing the texture in TXD using the method i suggested. If the current skin texture is just a 'bit' that is symmetrical (not corresponding to specific dimensions of bodyparts), like a small cube, then you should be able to apply it on all bodyparts without issues. Although textures like that tend to be lower detail, because their edges can never seamlessly connect to the other bodyparts/skin particles, if those edges were detailed. Textures 'like that' could be a symmetrical texture with detail in the center and the edges turning out the same (to connect without surface disturbances), but also often they are just solid colors, sometimes with a little noise. They are far more common than the detailed type of textures that I will explain below; If you're a little bit more advanced in modelling/texturing, you could also make a complete wrap for the entire model: it can have as many unique edges, blemishes and details on the skin as you want, at any location. Instead of just repeatedly rendering a smaller texture on all bodyparts equally, like in most cases, which results in missing high-quality details for the aforementioned reasons. I can tell you that this principle is the main bottleneck for modellers looking to create high-detail skins. There's plenty of tutorials on Youtube on how to make UV wraps and projections for your textures. If you don't understand any of them, maybe it's wise to get a little bit of general modelling experience or as I suggested earlier, asking a good modeller if you know one.
  17. I'll leave the advise we have already given you in Discord here in an image, so others know where to start. The advise given may also help others in similar scenarios.
  18. It was a bug and has been fixed now, get the update here: https://nightly.mtasa.com/?mtasa-1.5-rc-latest @Flexxy
  19. It was a bug and has been fixed now, get the update here: https://nightly.mtasa.com/?mtasa-1.5-rc-latest @Rhae
  20. We know who you are, you and your fellow cheat developers have tried to appeal over 20 times in the past year. It's bad luck for you, but back when you were doing bad things we managed to find all of your PC's, and banned all serials. Please don't bother @Mhykol
  21. Timecyc.dat recently became protected like most other GTA data files that can result in unfair advantage. This means that if yours is modded and the checkbox "Use customized GTA:SA files" in MTA settings is not ticked, MTA will load the original file into memory. Result: instead of preventing you from joining, MTA ignores your mod. It will appear like your GTA isn't modded. So that's why your timecyc.dat mod appears to not work. Note: if you tick the "Use customized GTA:SA files" box in settings, to load your modded data file, MTA won't load the default unmodded file. But you'll get kicked from most public servers, except for those that whitelisted timecyc.dat in mtaserver.conf using <client_file>. Most servers won't whitelist it, because they want to prevent unfair advantage and cheating. Timecyc.dat can be abused to gain an unfair advantage over other players, a list of examples: - Illuminating all other players with contrast or a bright color, for easy spotting over distance and tracking with a weapon - Manipulating weather and perceived time of day (when it's night or bad weather for others in a gamemode combat map, the extra visibility would give you an advantage). Weather manipulation could also affect vehicle handling/tyre grip. - Manipulating draw distance and detail against any server-defined or default limits that other players have, allowing you to spot and shoot others over ranges that other players without mods cannot. This is why we had to do something.
  22. You've been developing cheats and testing them on your other serials: 3BF78241159CBA18DA00B48683A23E44 64F8A557A8B1D459121C2A4A00868E41 This includes an attempt to create an "MTA external hack". It got detected and you failed, and it resulted in a permanent ban across all of the serials that belong to you. If you're willing to be honest (instead of lying like here) and change that, then send me a PM with full sourcecode/info that you have. @SHiKARi
  23. From a hardware perspective you should be fine, the amount of players it can handle depends on gamemode (optimization), I'd really recommend at least using external HTTP server for resource downloads (as you got 1.6MB upload speed, which is Mbps so it amounts to 160KB/sec). The same upload speed can also bottleneck general sync performance for your players, you will have to try to discover the results with different player counts. I honestly think your upload speed is the biggest problem. @Lestat
  24. Both the section description and information topic mention that automatic temporary bans (as a result of trying to use a detected cheat or method) cannot be appealed individually. So unfortunately there won't be early unban. Let me guess.. you were preparing for the tournament by trying to find a working cheat So, this is what happens.
  25. ReShade doesn't rely on timecyc.dat to run, and also this topic was made before timecyc got blocked; it's more likely that he just ran into a compatibility issue or that ReShade, for other reason, just doesn't work with MTA.. I didn't test it, but in general i can say that its not MTA's agenda to guarantee support for mods. If compatibility with ReShade is bad, then it's more likely a result of the known shader processing changes around MTA 1.3.5 that also resulted in dropping support for ENB's that were based off anything other than the latest base ENB.