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  1. It should work in this version of MTA: https://nightly.mtasa.com/?mtasa-1.5.7-rc-latest Please try it out and let us know! @gamesreaper13 @Michu000 @Zreti345 @drew @MineAngerBR
  2. We're aware of it, and because it was published very recently MTA doesn't support it yet. As we're speaking, MTA developers are looking into adding support for this new version of GTA SA.
  3. Contact the admins of said server. MTA has no power over bans on particular servers. @dewekker1836
  4. Ask the scripter of said server about the way their event triggers work (usually, 'speaker' systems like these use that as method to sync it to other players), it's probably a script bug.
  5. We removed your ban previously, this will be the last time. Reason: trying to use a disguised Antidetect tool, please don't do that. You have been warned ; ) @Zibelline
  6. If the reason was misconfiguration, then this could actually work and skip any troubleshooting. So, please keep us in the loop about the results. @ccw can have a second look about the toplist aspect you mentioned, although I doubt it's relevant..
  7. This is a little different from what you said initially (that it appeared to be password-locked), but points in the direction of server networking/firewall issues, as long you're sure many players are affected by this. 1) what happens if they connect anyways, by just doubleclicking it despite being greyed out (like in your picture)? 2) did you change anything to (the configuration of) your dedicated server around the time it started happening? Right now, it appears all of your ports are closed (https://nightly.mtasa.com/ports/?d= - I thought your server was 24/7 hosted, so this may point towards a big problem.
  8. Dutchman101


    Banned for cheat development, this ban won't be immediately removed until you contact me over PM. @and.
  9. Dutchman101

    no limit

    Actually, it's already being worked on by MTA devs (FYI @Hugos), a PR to implement dynamic skin ID's exists and Saml1er (MTA dev) is planning to lift many more limits in the near future.. including making vehicles and game objects also dynamic, so that you can apply an infinite amount of models without running out of base game models to replace. So you can rest assured that this suggestion will become reality.
  10. If you have high-end PC specs, the most common reason for performance problems like these is that servers you're playing on have unoptimized scripts, that are doing something so inefficiently that it hits GTA limits.
  11. The crash is related to animations. If it happens on any server you're trying to join, then please re-install GTA so that there won't be any (ped) models with corrupted bones hierarchy, or animation data files with corrupted anims. If it happens only on a particular server and it does so for multiple players, then contact the server owner and ask them to review their custom animations/ped models. @szafka_nocna
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    CD47 Ban

    Not neccesarily, but in your case you did something suspicious. If you get a ban like this (with e-mail address) then, as noted in https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/116414-ban-appeals-information-how-to-appeal-your-global-ban/, you are under investigation for something, and the correct step to take is send a message to that e-mail address. Since you also contacted us on Discord, we can continue discussing your ban in PM instead of e-mail. Please check your discord PM.
  13. while (according to link) I believe it's just a notification in a red bar on top of your screen (so you don't have to constantly click somewhere), the release of MTA 1.5.7 has been delayed beyond the mentioned July 2019 (and thus, XP/vista will still get an initial 1.5.7 update), but I can assure you that it won't be delayed much longer. But once released i believe a message will still be there, to inform XP/vista users that they are (and always will remain) on an outdated version of MTA. Due to security concerns, this reminder cannot be stressed often enough. Again, as I don't think you are right (about having to click anything away to proceed), I personally think only looking at the notification text at the top after you launched MTA, which will disappear once you join a server, isn't bothersome enough to warrant modification. If you meant something else (which you perceive as "having to click no" for), then please show us a message that demonstrates the problem, so we can have another look.
  14. There's just a problem with your PC or, GTA installation (re-install it without mods), and this weird crash without any collected info is a symptom of the problem and not more than coincidental. So please go to the client support section instead: https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/83-client/ @Barnus0089
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    check your PM, @EgorXD7 проверь свой личный
  16. You're not banned by MTA, but a particular server. So you're in the wrong place; i advise you to appeal the ban with that server's admins, at https://rdmr.ru/ @FARC
  17. It can also be caused by bad normals, or not exporting them.
  18. Involved in development of paid cheats, there will be no unban
  19. You're providing incorrect information; you got detected only once for launching "Veiled DLL injector" while MTA was opened, as a result of which you got a single ban for 1 hour. Temporary bans cannot be appealed, as should be clear from reading the section description and thread. As your ban has expired, not running said DLL injector while MTA is opened in the future, will prevent any problems.
  20. We know that you are the same person as from https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/119144-mta-sa-ban-rat/, but this is your second serial (PC). Because you got banned as an individual, and even said illegal activity happened on both, creating a new forum account to pretend you're someone else isn't going to help. @Muharran
  21. MTA isn't the same as MTA:Province fork, go to https://forum.gtaprovince.ru/ instead of here Наш проект MTA не является форком называемым себя MTA:Province, постарайтесь решить свой вопрос там https://forum.gtaprovince.ru/ @[M]Province
  22. I don't believe that.. It looks like, 5 years ago, you (or the person who used this PC) uploaded a malicious resource (backdoored) to http://community.mtasa.com/. The person who banned you removed the ban now because it was so long ago/benefit of doubt. So problem solved, if you did that, then never do it again.
  23. If you want to create your own IFP animations, you better already know modelling, because otherwise it will be really hard to get hold of it. To learn that i suggest you search the web for tutorials on modelling and later animations, or join the MTA discord (http://mtasa.com/discord/) and go to the #modelling channel, because it's more active than the modelling forum section.
  24. It was handled through Discord PM's and you know the answer, your acts of infecting MTA players with remote RAT trojan (which you admitted in the process of trying to apologize for) and other illegal activities weren't forgiven and the appeal was denied.. so please stop making topics in here, thanks. @murat121315
  25. Banned for (attempted) cheat development, if you want a shorter ban then PM me to hear about the possibilities. @u0w2³ᴰ