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  1. @ViRuZGamiing Thx i always forget that
  2. Still gives me the same error in the debug
  3. Thx! But now i get this error in the dubug: Warning: [gameplay]\(SARS)CarJacker\script\server.lua:47 Bad argument @ 'getElementType' [Expected element at argument 1] — Line preview: local elementType = getElementType( hitElement )
  4. Hello, I'm creating a Car Jacking script for my server. But there is something wrong with line 2 I'm not a pro scripter i'm trying to learn it. Server.lua Can somebody tell me what's wrong with it?
  5. Hello, Recently i got a new laptop with Windows 10 preinstalled. I download MTA and i started creating a server. But after a week of 2 something noticed me in the server. Sometimes when i use a fuction like restart then a white bar shows up. When i typ something and the white bar is there, then it go's away. Does somebody else have the same probmen? I have this problem since i'm using Windows 10. I hope somebody can help me fix this problem because it's very annoying. Server problem: MTA version: 1.5.2 My pc specifications:
  6. Hello, I have a mechanic job in my server but it gives me error's when i enter a random vehicle. even when i'm not in the mechanic team. How could i fix this? Debug: (lijn 3 ligt gelijk aan lijn 54)
  7. Ok thx! And how can i make it flashing?
  8. Hello, Is it possible to attach a red flashing light to a object? I have a script that plays a sirene from this object but now i want to add a red flash light at the top of the object when i activate the sound. Could somebody help me please?
  9. Thx for the help! This code works:
  10. Hello, I have made a little script but i can't stop the playSound3D It starts when you use the command start and it needs to stop when you use the command stop. But i get a error in debug Client: meta.xml Debug: What did i do wrong?
  11. What? The team name is the same name in server.lua. Server:
  12. Hello everybody, I'm making a server but sometimes i get a error from the debugscript. For example: What does the [Expected team at argument 1, got boolean] and [Expected player at argument 1, got nil] mean? I don't understand it but i want to understand it Is there a list with the information what does error means? Sorry for bad English Hope somebody could help me
  13. Hello, I have downloaded a drug transport resource from the community. But it has some error's in the debug. Also when i hit the LSmarker with the CarLS then it gives me the money and wanted level from JobLS, jobLV and JobSF.. How could i fix this? i have tried a lot of thing but nothing works. (Sorry for bad English) Debug: Client.lua JobLS.lua JobLV.lua JobSF.lua
  14. Hello, I have a script that makes a image moving from the top of your screen to the middle of your screen. But i was wondering if it is possible to change the image to a gif?
  15. hallo allemaal, Ik heb laatst een drugs transport job gedownload van de MTA Community. Maar er is een probleem met de job die ik zelf (na meerdere malen geprobeerd te hebben) niet opgelost krijg. Het probleem is dat wanneer ik alleen naar de marker van Los Santos rij hoor ik $3000 te ontvangen. Maar ik plaats van dat ontvang ik $19000 en dit is het bedrag bij elkaar opgeteld dat ik zou ontvangen wanneer ik naar LS, SF en LV zal rijden. Ik zal hier onder de scripts plaatsen en hoop dat iemand mij zou kunnen helpen. Cliend: Server:
  16. Still does not work When i choose los santos as my destination and when i drive to the marker and hot the marker. Then i receive the money of the destination Los Santos San Fierro and Las Venturas. When i drive to LS normally i would receive $3000 When i drive to LV normally i would receive $6000 When i drive to SF normally i would receive $10,000 3000+6000+10000=19000 So i receive $19000 for only driving to LS.
  17. No errors but still i get all the money of all the locations when i only drive to LS. The scripts said i will get 3000$ dollar bet i around 19000$ -,-
  18. I have a problem with my drugs transport scripts. When i hit the marker i will get the money of: Los Santos, Las venturas and san fierro. How can i fix this? Server-side:
  19. I mean something like: if getPlayerTeam ( player ) ~= getTeamFromName ( 'Police Officer' ) then
  20. Hi, I have a drugs transport scripts for my server. But the problem with this scripts is that every group can take this job and i only want that the group criminal can take the job and also when you leave the vehicle then the vehicle will be destroyed. Can somebody please help me with this scripts? Client: Server:
  21. Hello, I'm searching for a good scripter that can script me a Roleplay/RPG scripts. I will pay for the scripts. You can contact me at my website and send me a PM. Than we can talk about the price of all the scripts. Greetings, Wesley http://www.sars-rpg.cf/
  22. Paid scripter Become a paid scripter of SARS:RPG. You will get paid for your work every month. What is SARS:RPG? SARS:RPG is a RPG server with a 24/7 VPS. When you are a scripter of SARS:RPG you will have access to our VPS. Only to work on the server. Our intention We are trying to make SARS:RPG 1 of the best servers for MTA:SA. With much players and great staff people. What we expect from you We don't expect any thing special from you. Only that you make the scripts that we ask from you. Contact me If you like the job and you would to become a scripter. Than you can add me on s
  23. Hello, I'm the owner of SARS:RPG. I i'm searching for some active staff members for my server. What i expected I expected that you will be active on the server and website of SARS:RPG. That you will be friendly to other players and that you will know the rules of SARS:RPG. Do i get paid? No you don't get paid of being a staff member. I only pay for a good scripter at my server. For more information you can look at our website: http://www.sars-rpg.com/ Greetings, W. Willems
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