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  1. Hi all, Is it possible to make a GUI fade in? And how?
  2. Already found, it was a bug in the freeroam because i used the old freeroam.zip from MTA 1.4.3 But thx for the help!
  3. I downloaded a other login system resource from the community but still i get the error. So it has nothing to do with the script that i placed in the topic. Where can i look to find the bug? the debug doesn't give me a resource name.
  4. The debug says: ERROR: Client (****) triggered serverside event onLoadedAtClient, but event is not added serverside
  5. Hi all, Today i updated my MTA from 1.4.3 to 1.5.3 I have copied all my resources from my older server to my new server but i have a problem. Everytime somebody joins my server then i get this error: ERROR: Client (****) triggered serverside event onLoadedAtClient, but event is not added serverside But there is no onLoadedAtClient -,- Can somebody tell me how to fix this? Login-system resource: Client.lua local infoLabelText = "Welcome to SARS:RPG\n\nYou must have a account to have access to SARS:RPG\nIf you don't have a account then feel fr
  6. I know but i have no idea how to use: executeSQLDelete
  7. Hi all, I have downloaded a car shop resource from the community. I'm trying to add a sell button to sell a purchased vehicle but i have no experience with executeSQLQuery. Can somebody help me or explain to me how i could add a sell button to the panel? Client-side: dealerwdw = guiCreateWindow(0.19, 0.19, 0.57, 0.70, "", true) guiWindowSetSizable(dealerwdw, false) guiSetVisible(dealerwdw, false) dealerwdwgrid = guiCreateGridList(0.02, 0.05, 0.97, 0.83, true, dealerwdw) guiGridListAddColumn(dealerwdwgrid, "Car", 0.5) guiGridListAddColumn(dealerw
  8. What do you mean with "streamers"
  9. Hi all, I'm currently busy scripting a roleplay server. Does somebody know if it is possible to bring the map of GTA United to MTA? Can i import the DDF, TXD and COL map files to MTA? If so, has somebody experience with this?
  10. Hi all, I'm busy with a trucker job resource for my server. But i have a problem with hiding the marker and blip when the player get's out of the truck. The markers are created at the client-side but i have no idea how i could send the marker and blip to the server-side (to hide). Client-side: addEventHandler("onClientVehicleExit", root, function(thePlayer) local Truck = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer ) if Truck and getElementModel(Truck) == 403 then end end ) Server-side: function HideBlipMarker ( thePlayer ) setElementVisibleTo ( *Ma
  11. Hi all, I'm busy with a drug transport script for my server. I'm trying to add a wanted level function to it so that if the player deliverd the van he will get 2 start of wanted level. But my problem is when i use setPlayerWantedLevel (thePlayer, 2) and the player has 4 start then the player will lose 2 start. Can somebody tell me how to fix this?
  12. Hi all, I have a problem with my drug transport script. I'm trying to make the marker not Visible once the player reach his destination. Everythibng works but i get a error everytime i hit the destination marker. How could i fix this? WARNING: [gameplay]\SRdrugDeliver\server.lua:14: Bad argument @ 'setElementVisibleTo' [Expected element at argument 2] function JobDoneLS(attackerLS) if (attackerLS) and (attackerLS ~= source) then setElementVisibleTo ( markerLS, attackerLS, false ) if isElement(CarLS) then destroyElement ( CarLS ) end end end ad
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