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  1. WEll..... clan tnt is pulling out of mta even if it was never really in, the clan doest have the motivation to play it, there are too many other BETTER and NEW games to get into, such as HL2 and Savage, so farewell everyone, nice meeting you
  2. she needed her rest after last night
  3. thats okay trows, i wouldnt have expected you to wait around dont worry mikiro tnt should still be around
  4. sure trows and btw 2 more people should be joining the clan soon woot we will cover the streets of vc with our uperferated urine
  5. why dont you no clanners just join mine TnT, your most welcome
  6. tnt will enter the league when the new patch for vc mta comes out, and cos i a damn busy, so sit tight till then team or go hybernate
  7. Whens the next release due out for VC and after that it will be massive gang bang action right, <- the way it should be
  8. okayyyyyyy, ill pm you the link next time mate, sheesh make up your mind first you say you want it now you dont
  9. go back to bible camp homo
  10. http://www.DONT POST PORN LINKS IN
  11. hot dang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS 7 people in clan now
  12. Deacan Sharp

    TNT gang?

    okay toy, well i am pretty sure were not the same clan where is your clan from???
  13. LETS PARTAYYYYYYYYYYYYY dodododododododododododododod come on in
  14. Deacan Sharp

    TNT gang?

    Your TNT clan is it for mta???? or a diff game??
  15. okay i will make a new version of it and yes trow i do, add me or ill add you
  16. what do you guys think of this as a clan banner
  17. HELL YEAH brother!!!! send me an email of your details
  18. yep thats me muhaahahahaha
  19. glad to, but it wont be for a while
  20. gutentag!!!! wanna join my clan?