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  1. AcE_


    Is there a new IRC server?
  2. AcE_


    obligatory nostalgia post
  3. AcE_


    Bishop! goddamn its nice seeing you bastards here. and also, your ice joke was semi hilarious
  4. AcE_


    is ulk alive on any irc servers?
  5. AcE_


    Xcon, Zirc, Pron, Bishop? Any IRC servers for ULK alive?
  6. AcE_

    Missing the old days... :(

    I remember alot of you bastards from back in the day, including you rival. I miss em' also =[ -{ULK}AcE
  7. I dont know what caused me to reminisce about this website, but its been almost 4 years, dear god.
  8. OMG ITS TEH DETHB *crapspants* LOFFERZ
  10. I knew of Shanes death but never got to post in this thread. I remember him recruiting me around 2003-04. I reflect on the teamspeak convos...the gangwars...the practice...and the random fun. You will be remembered. Allah Hafiz
  11. AcE_


    still here, waiting for a stable release
  12. Im more experienced than 98 percent of the people on this board.
  13. Nice try, next time keep it in the view source
  14. MTA seems to be getting worse by the release. The most stable releases were .1 and .3r2 IMO
  15. Honorary - Ace I'm speechless
  16. AcE_

    Regarding Gang sigs

    VVVVV is this okay?
  17. A. Nothing, good spam left us 3 months ago Q. did it? or did it not?
  18. Ok added Bryce to the List Edit-Drake you cant be in another clan. Ask kung.
  19. Im pinging 400, dunno why CPU Athlon 1800+ 1.5Ghz RAM 512 DDR 2700 VIDEO CARD GF3 Ti200 CONNECTION SPEED DSL ISP AT&T ROUTER yes Router type Microsoft Operating system WIN XP Other internet applications running NONE Do you have both gta3 and vice city JUST VC GTAVC version 1.0
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