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  1. Thanks a million for this link.
  2. I have a new system with a Radeon 9500 Pro and a 21" Trinitron monitor. I was wondering what screen resolution size i should use for GTA:VC. Right now i'm at 1024x768x32 and that looks nice, but how much higher do u think i could go?
  3. tjaisv

    GROW UP!

    f*ck u whiners, die
  4. for those that don't want it, there should definitely be an option to turn it off! Just don't hard code the damn thing!
  5. tjaisv

    g4tv .......

    Hmm, i'm sure they wouldn't object to posting the segment on the homepage for download. I mean, shit, it's not like they're a big f*cking cable station with quality money-making content to protect.
  6. Hey what's the name of the machine gun in this pic: Lets have this one in the next version.
  7. Yep, it worked! I uninstalled my nForce2 drivers and installed the latest drivers. No GTA sound FX problems now. Also, Foobar2000 sounds way better than Winamp. I'm gonna try installing it again, because it could of just been the fault of the old audio drivers i had.
  8. tjaisv

    COOOOOl game

    Once the next GTA comes out featuring kick ass online mp for the PS2, then that will be all the more reason for people to get PS2 online.
  9. Thanks, i'll give it a try. I have an Nforce2 motherboard. I suggest everybody with sound issues update their drivers, because one of the updates is for EAX fixes and compatibility improvements in GTA:VC.
  10. I installed an audio player called Foobar2000 and now GTA's sound FX have faded out. Turning the FX volume to maximum helps a little, but the sound is still very distant and muffled. For example, i can barely hear the weapons fire. But oddly, the music and mp3 sound is just fine! Yes I've uninstalled the Foobar2000 application, and reinstalled GTA:VC and MTA, but still the problem remains. Wtf can i do short of reformatting my drive?
  11. thats because we haven't synced the weapons for the hunter yet Maybe for 0.3 u can have the hunter shoot at a downward angle, that way it won't be so difficult to move into position to fire. And also, if u can, please speed up the view shift when you rotate the hunter. It's frustrating having to wait through that delay. When i turn the hunter i want to see the front view immediately.
  12. I dont know, could be. You're not going through a firewall or router?
  13. Yeah, plus it's exceedingly difficult trying to manuever the hunter with the keyboard while firing from the air at evasive ground targets. Even stationary vehicles can be a bitch to destroy without having to be near the ground. This is where the PS2 definitely has an advantage, the controller.
  14. excellent work, too bad there's no pictures of the weapons though...i haven't familiarized myself with all the names yet
  15. I correctly uninstalled GTA:VC by using the uninstaller and then I deleted the leftover Rockstar Games folder to make sure everything was gone. But after reinstalling the game i noticed that it had retained all my gameplay and setup settings. This is fine, I just want to know how it was able to do this. Does GTA:VC have a permanent registry key or something?
  16. On large servers (more than 15 people) i usually crash every 10 minutes; it doesn't matter what i'm doing when i crash. On smaller servers (less than 10 people) i can go a little longer, usually around 15 minutes before the unhandled exception appears. And i'm almost always not the only one to crash at the same time; there's usually a couple other people who say they crashed also. So this rules out the likelihood that it's only my end at fault.
  17. I too would like to know this. I don't have any "Official" MTA servers near me, but i'd like to know which servers you guys are using that are actively monitored.
  18. Are u going through a router or firewall or some other hardware or software connection device? Some of us have found that this can cause connections problems.
  19. Great game! Hey I was wondering if there's a way to bind the right-mouse button to a numberpad key for when I'm in the Hunter. Or is this a hard-coded feature that can't be changed?
  20. This is a nice map. Can you make one for the weapons too?
  21. agreed and make it very small too, you don't need a big damn thing
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