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  1. scorp, it cant be done properly. think about it for a while, you'll see why.
  2. Hi. I have some skills in PHP and SQL as well as graphic design... Here is a site I designed, and if one of the dev's PM's me I can show you an (unfinished) PHP/SQL portal (login system) which i coded. I am currently coding a PHP/SQL realesate managment system for the above site. I also have experience with Unix, though this is probably irrelevant.
  3. yes m16 rocket launcher shoot down the dodo's!
  4. im a multimonitor user too i tried to use mousejail too... you cant use it because of the way you launch it. in the end i got ultramon, and bound CTRL + ALT + L to lock the mouse to primary monitor. press it again to turn it off. if you use ultramon, you will want to enable a margin when you use the hotkey, or the mouse briefly flicks over to the 2nd mon, then back again. i use a margin of 100px, and my mouse doesnt go over even in the most heavy shootouts
  5. bendog, ive mailed node too Im a node customer so mayeb that will score a few points I also mentioned the fact that ive got a GTA site that gets 10,000 hits a day
  6. Im an Aussie, and I have tried to use my (legitimate) copy of VC, but it seems to crash before i even get ingame. So... i just use a different exe
  7. I agree. Drug do have a bad habit of cheating - usually speed hacks and then constantly running you over - over and over again untill you die. I was playing the first day 0.4 was released, they we're already flying across the map obliterating anything in the way.... they hit you at vercetti mansion and you will fly through the air all the way to ocean drive. Worst thing is some of them are friendly with server admins, who turn a blind eye
  8. i got disconnected for suspected trainer usage for having internet explorer open
  9. My connection is half mbit, so speed shoulndt really be an issue....
  10. I have teh super lag CPU: AMD XP 2100 RAM: 512 ddr 2700 VIDEO CARD: GF Ti4200 (oc'd) CONNECTION SPEED: 512/128kbit DSL ISP: Internode (http://www.on.net) ROUTER: Yes Router type/model: Linux Box FIREWALL: Yes Firewall type: IPTABLES Operating system: XP SP1 Other internet applications running - none Do you have both gta3 and vice city - yes GTAVC version - 1.1 GTA3 version 1.0 Are you running admin: yes are you running admin+: nup Are you running mtama connected to admin: nup are you running mtama connected to admin+: nup
  11. yay! Cant wait for the update no more being booted off servers for having a ping of 900
  12. Thanks guys! This is great The new aiminig is so spot on :D I love your work
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