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  1. For what? May be I just need to get the distance between two points? Ped pos and node pos? And my question not about it. It's about traffic system
  2. Now I'm just try to understand how NPC HLC Traffic and 'traffic' (default MTA resource) is working, i.e. how the peds choose where to move and where to stop, etc. I know: peds randonly spawn around player on closest nodes and moves to another nodes. Nodes have flags (roadblock, emergency, highway, etc.). Each node have a links to another nodes. But for what a node need a neighbors and links and how it using, I don't know. Can't understand how they choose the right node from others. Please, explain how this system works. I suppose this algorithm has been taken from singleplayer, right? I've read an article at trying to find out, but couldn't...
  3. If I understood u right then I have anotehr question: if I will reduce calls to server side and will try to fake the effects like not sending things which already sent, I need to check if they already sent? And it's another waste of bandwidth, no? And the second: If I'll try to fake the effect, there will be a different situtations like: player joined but can't see what can see a player that joined before him. P.S.: sry for my 'wonderful' English.
  4. I'm working with peds and trying to make them "smart". But how I can reduce or fake?
  5. Hi there. Currently I'm writing large gamemode with smart NPCs and other features that needs a lot of data to be synchronized to all clients. Data update will be very short, I mean a lot of data needs to by sync every ~100ms. Should I use Element Data or may be I need to use one table with data every time sending to all clients? Please give me an advice. Because my current code seems to be really not good for server bandwidth. Also can somebody tell me how to track current bandwidth when scripts running? Thanks.
  6. Thank you very much! I'll try it now! One question: what 'GetMarrot' function doing?
  7. Hello all! Please help, I need to make a driving ped. So I've tried to create ped and create a vehicle and make ped drive to me, but soon I'm understood that I don't know how to make ped choose right direction (turning left or right) and go forward to me... Tried to investigate CrystalMV's NPC HLC scripts, but cannot understand how it works... So, please, somebody, help me code and understand how ur code works. I need a simple NPC turning into the right side and accelerate then stop using handbrake or brake_reverse and that's all. I've spend many hours thinking how to code it, but decision still not found, so I'm here..