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  1. Hey there! Is there a way to set projectile a direction? I've tried to test Rocket, but it always fly to direction of player camera... Tried to set rotation of projectile, but it only changes rot of it, not the direction. Please help!
  2. I need to create about 500 colshapes or more...
  3. May be someone knows animation block and name for original cop twohanded shoot action which used for cops in singleplayer?
  4. Unfortunately, these params don't change anything... I've tried. Unfortunately, these params don't change anything... I've tried.
  5. Now I'm try to simulate ped do a carjack to the player with animations like in singleplayer, and I have a problem: when ped attached to vehicle, I found no way to play animation with updating position... ped plays animation in the same place and not moving, but when call 'setPedAnimation', I've set 'updatePosition' to true, but no effect.. May be someone tried to simulate SP ped enter/jack vehicle? May be someone made that already in resource?
  6. I'm creating script that creates weather regions and when player enters one of them, weather will change. What your advice how to do it more optimized way (using less memory, creating less lags)? I thought creating a lot of ColShapes and working with hit/leave events is a waste of memory, no?
  7. I need to check is player in certain zone, which variant is more optimized? 1. Usage of ColShape: creating ColShapes as zones and using hit/leave events 2. Timer (500 ms) which checks if player position in boundaries (zone bounds will be defined in table) It will be a lot of areas where player can be, so what way more efficient to not loose bandwidth?
  8. Understood, but can u write a code, how it must work?
  9. Great idea, but Marker it's another type of Element, so *Object functions not applicable
  10. Hello there. I'm looking for way to make markers of type 'arrow' to move up and down like enex markers in singleplayer, how can I do it?
  11. Is there a way to make ped shoot with animation like in singleplayer? (holding pisol in two hands)
  12. For what? May be I just need to get the distance between two points? Ped pos and node pos? And my question not about it. It's about traffic system
  13. Now I'm just try to understand how NPC HLC Traffic and 'traffic' (default MTA resource) is working, i.e. how the peds choose where to move and where to stop, etc. I know: peds randonly spawn around player on closest nodes and moves to another nodes. Nodes have flags (roadblock, emergency, highway, etc.). Each node have a links to another nodes. But for what a node need a neighbors and links and how it using, I don't know. Can't understand how they choose the right node from others. Please, explain how this system works. I suppose this algorithm has been taken from singleplayer, right?
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