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  1. [URGENT] setPedHeadless

    I have written a small code and its not working how it should, its a script to remove a players head on death if headshot (bodypart 9) but its only showing the player who was killed. I need this function to visually remove the player's head for all players, it was written serverside. function removeHead (thePlayer, bodypart ) if (bodypart == 9) then setPedHeadless(thePlayer, true) end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerWasted", getRootElement(), removeHead ) I need this solved as soon as posible. Regards Serverboss
  2. Scripter For Hire - SBSS

    My services are still avalible to the community, just skype at gary.darroux or check out my website
  3. if statement == that OR that

    Sorry for not getting back to you, I have been busy with other jobs. Did you get this fixed?
  4. Scripters Team

    Ill contact you this afternoon
  5. if statement == that OR that

    Show that function plz, like the entire part for that function and see what pops up in the debug window and post it
  6. [HELP]Scripting

    This is server side right? And try using some indentations man, it helps read the script.
  7. Scripter For Hire - SBSS

    I'll complete my gamemode and post it in june And thats embarrasing, I'll correct the signature a it later.
  8. [WIP]The subway surfers project

    You can try making several maps and when the player starts running it will randomly select one of the several maps so that its not one make everyone can get accustom to. If you like ill help you with that, pm me.
  9. The subway surfers project

    This is a really cool project, if you need any help script wise contact me.
  10. Scripter For Hire - SBSS

    ServerBoss Scripting Services Services [*] Full Gamemode Scripting [*] Single Resource Scripting [*] Script Editing and Maintenance [*] Scripting Lessons About I am offering my scripting skills to the community of MTA:SA, including lessons all at a cheap rate which you may check out at There you can apply for a gamemode scripting, lessons and purchase completed gamemodes and single resources Contacts You can contact me by filling out a short form on my website or contact me on skype at gary.darroux or you can PM me on this forum. Feel free to ask any questions below. (v)