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  1. haha! Same here... Just due to my exams on 18th January and later on in February, life's a bit messed up.. you know V.3 will be out soon!
  2. Hello guys, Well, I ain't new or newbie in MTA neither in hosting game servers. Today, I thought to open my own MTA server with help of some professionals... To be honest, I need help to create it. Also, in the last 5 month I spent my money on Minecraft so I need some help in hosting as well... The server won't be a fail or something like 10 minute server, I guarantee that. This server will have a mixed gamemode -- RPG + CnR/MW. Yeah, you may think that here comes another server who will try to compete with CIT, SAUR, CSG or some other new ones. But I've all new ideas which MTA had never thou
  3. Hello guys, As you may remember my last theme, Mach Universe v0.1, was a great success to me and I had got 95% positive response from MTA Forum as well as other MTA Server forums. It's a pleasure to create themes for such a nice game for which the MTA developers are working hard. I am here today with my new creation, Mach Universe v0.2. It's based on my last theme but this time in red color and slight Aero theme, better than previous one. Also, as the last one, Inspired by the Sath Metro Theme. What you can expect in this version? Better Aero theme Red variant of v.1 Better butto
  4. Thanks Ransom, It helped me to learn Basics and navigate thru MTA
  5. Thanks. I'll be releasing V0.2 this sunday
  6. Thanks NOki, and as you said, V0.2 will be with background too
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