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  1. Ich habe mir den Server angesehen und finde das er viel Potenzial hat und mir persönlich sehr gut gefällt.
  2. Dawi

    MTA:SA Yu-Gi-Oh!

    We did not make a server public.
  3. Hello community! Today Jusonex, sbx320, ReWrite and I came to the decision that MTA need Yu-Gi-Oh! We played it longer again and want to implement it for MTA. The project is open source! Development process: We started to develop today. Concept: We just want Yu-Gi-Oh for MTA. We will use the original cards and rules. We appreciate any kind of support. If any questions, just ask. IRC: irc.gtanet.com #mta.YuGiOh - Connect now GitHub: https://github.com/yourdawi/mtayugioh
  4. I like this app. Good work.
  5. Good Idea. I think we will add this.
  6. Dafuq ? It is not ripped Oo @xXMadeXx This is no problem, because only Noneatme and myself can ban anybody. BTW: You can check the bans here
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