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  1. Maybe something wrong in server.lua:9 triggerClientEvent(source,"PlayerLogedOnClient",source)
  2. TRANE152

    50P SpawnScript

    Semicolon is not required
  3. TRANE152


    Thanks. Solution:
  4. TRANE152


    How hashed passwords in a file /mtasa/mods/deathmatch/internal.db? sha256(password) ?
  5. TRANE152

    Problem with mysql module.

    Thanks a lot!
  6. TRANE152

    Problem with mysql module.

    Hello everyone. Server config: Ubuntu 13.10 Server v1.3.4-release-5927 Printer HP laserjet p1024 When server starts, i get this error: [HH:MM:SS] MODULE: Unable to find modules/ ( wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64)! ... [HH:MM:SS] ERROR: resource/server.lua:1: attempt to call global 'mysql_connec t' (a nil value)
  7. TRANE152

    Player serial and his username (and password)

    I fear steal passwords. Because you can just go to ../mta/mods/deathmatch/resources/Accounts/xml_md5.xml and steal player username and password. It can do some viruses, friends and programs, like RAdmin.
  8. Can I set data to serial, for example remember username (and password)? Or use xml data on client-side? If this is not possible, can I set data in database, like MySQL? Sorry for any errors in the text, because I just started to learn English language.
  9. TRANE152


    It works perfectly! Use server-side: addEventHandler ( "onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), function ( ) local tm = getPlayerTeam ( source ) if tm then outputChatBox ( getTeamName(tm) .." quits" ) outputDebugString ( getTeamName(tm) .." quits") end end)
  10. TRANE152


    If that does not work, then download another group system
  11. TRANE152

    Hospital fix

    --server addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", getRootElement(), function () setElementData (source, "weapon0", getPedWeapon (source, 0)) setElementData (source, "weapon1", getPedWeapon (source, 1)) setElementData (source, "ammo0", getPedTotalAmmo (source, 0)) setElementData (source, "ammo1", getPedTotalAmmo (source, 1)) -- etc. setTimer( spawnPlayer, 4000, 1, source, 1177.57, -1323.26, 14.1 ) outputChatBox ( getPlayerName ( source ).." died and was transported at All Saints Hospital.") end) addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawn", getRootElement(), function() local weapon0 = getElementData (source, "weapon0") local weapon1 = getElementData (source, "weapon1") local ammo0 = getElementData (source, "ammo0") local ammo1 = getElementData (source, "ammo1") giveWeapon (source, weapon0, ammo0, true) giveWeapon (source, weapon1, ammo1, true) --etc. fadeCamera(source, true, 2.0) end)
  12. TRANE152

    Help in that script error script

    Try this: --server addEventHandler("onZombieWasted", getRootElement(), function (attacker, weapon, bodypart) if weapon == "pistol" then if bodypart == "head" then setPedStat(localPlayer, 69, getPedStat(localPlayer,69)+3) elseif bodypart == "body" then setPedStat(localPlayer, 69, getPedStat(localPlayer,69)+2) else setPedStat(localPlayer, 69, getPedStat(localPlayer,69)+1) end elseif weapon == "shotgun" then if bodypart == "head" then setPedStat(localPlayer, 72, getPedStat(localPlayer,72)+3) elseif bodypart == "body" then setPedStat(localPlayer, 72, getPedStat(localPlayer,72)+2) else setPedStat(localPlayer, 72, getPedStat(localPlayer,72)+1) end end end)
  13. TRANE152

    setAccountData or setElementData?

    Learn from my mistakes? Well, you are right
  14. TRANE152

    setAccountData or setElementData?

    Does not work >< Can you write like this?
  15. TRANE152

    setAccountData or setElementData?

    The fact that I'm learning lua and still not very well get a hold of triggerClientEvent or triggerServerEvent (addEvent etc.) By the way, I touched on this topic due to the fact that you had to get an account(getPlayerAccount(Server-only function)), but the script is written in a client-side. Sorry for bad English skills.