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  1. http://www.udpsoft.com all seeing eye But you should read the forum before making new threads ! for it has been stated well over 5 times. Thread closed
  2. Again The #1 rule applies ; Do not ask for the release date(s) We will release it when it's done.
  3. Well it is official ; MTA:VC will be made, we have been working on it too, and there will be a release in a not too long period of time.
  4. yea, like the controls "frame rate" apps use. They show a text ; current frame rate over the d3d app. We need to do the same using those controls, but not for frame rates but a chat system.
  5. TermNL


    and this is the 100th time ppl suggested this. Thread closed.
  6. TermNL

    Gta3 dev

    no, mta works like a trainer. we did not make any modifications to the exe itself. But we do need somebody who is good in directx, we need to overlay text in gta3 (for ingame chat) Could you help ?
  7. Just download mirc from http://www.mirc.com run it, set options (name/email etc. do there whatever you want) and set server : irc.multitheftauto.com then press Connect. You will auto join the help channel.
  8. voice uses very few bandwidth. It may sound crazy, but it takes no more then 0.5 kB/s
  9. reinstall mta to another directory. I think this will solve it. i had it once too and doing it in another dir solved it for me. Good Luck
  10. What we think the biggest bug is what needs fixing is not seeing any player when you started game, so you have to escape, alt tab, disconnect, reconnect, send gae request and play further This i think we will lookat for 0.3.5 The main thing 0.3.5 will have is way imroved lag, and most of the bugs we know of because of you fellas posting like crazy's. Keep posting the bugs, the more we know, the better we can get them out !
  11. locking it lol, too much CRAP
  12. Yes, we know this bug. when you get to another islnad thus having to load the other island, you experience a bug causing you to be invisible. The radar sees you, and the arrow is still above you. We don't really know wht is causing this but im sure we will
  13. And now you do ; The little light in upper right states if you are connected or not. like a PING?PONG! in IRC. If it flashes every 5 seconds you are connected. if it is not ... um you are not connected
  14. you can always try to do send game request a couple of times (one at a time when you alt tab.) then it will take about 10 secs for you to be able to choose spawn point. Choose diablo for mafia has a few bugs. When you do not see any other players go to main menu alt tab diconnect, reconnect, send game request go back to gta3 now you will see the other players.
  15. TermNL

    Read Me

    tintin, we are working on it, and you can say you are everything, and know everything, but i think you are the kid of 12 years old, that doesn't even know BASIC. If you want to intimidate us, go to our channel on irc, then everybody there will tell you how they feel. For now, YOU get a life because if you are so good at programming , MAKE IT YOURSELF
  16. TermNL

    More 0.3

    Just don't think of ANY release dates yet, for there is none. Think it will take at least a month for us to complete it, and do not ask for any pre-releases, because if you do it will slow us down by awnsering to all those requests. Just think it will be a month, that way it will only be better when you get a suprise and it is sooner than that. We cannot give any guarantee or release date. just sit tight because it WILL come !
  17. this goes to everyone, especially Iggy248 This is not to chat, and post 1 word messages ! Just discuss, but do not reply with : "yeah i think too" ar anything similar to it. Don ttry to get that point rate under your name up, because if you post shit like this you can get into trouble on this forum (with some warnings offcourse)
  18. MTA will not have anything related to gamespy anyway ! we will use ASE (all seeing eye)
  19. we will most likely not enable any other mods but ours. Ours mods will be things to be able to pay games with eachother, such as DM,TDM,CTW and liberty city survivor. These will be very small modifications, but they will be very much fun
  20. thanks all for your contributions ! remember ; when driving in gta3 keep your fingers at your print-screen button
  21. most likely we will go to c++ ... eventually. But for now and many versions to come we will stick to vb
  22. There will be a dedicated server tool for win32 AND linux So all of you with fast servers are welcome to run some
  23. GTA3:MTA 0.3B is being developed again, and it will not take too much time until it is finished, and released to the public.
  24. TermNL

    GTA2 on 3

    Yo guys, keep up that nice work the more mods, the more fun for gta ... 3