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  1. Just thought i'd perform another legendary bump Not that there is any chance of my original request being fulfilled, but what the heck
  2. heh, been a while since anyone posted in this thread... but erhmm... Does anyone still has either one of the two movies that were posted in this thread? Would be great for (personal) nostalgic reasons. Guess not tho
  3. TermNL

    Cops in mta

    asked before, answered to ... before
  4. no need lol, havent you seen the newspage on the home page of the site that last week ?
  5. if ppl have a capture card and can get G4TV, i'd apreciate if you can capture it and send it to one of the team members. this way more ppl can see this milestone ; Mta on TV
  6. I am talking about complete server bans ppl NOT channel bans.
  7. If you were wrongfully k-lined from the irc network, reply here with your nick and ip/host.
  8. We have found that a main core that is causing all these unhandled exceptions, is because of people cheating by using trainers.
  9. To find the memory addrersses, we make a memory scanner wich will scan for it
  10. Dude don't bitch at my movie ! i am no movie designer i am a programmer. i just made a cool movie, so you say " Damn term, nice movie !" Then im happy.
  11. I know something funny : everybody who bitches @ mta, should their IP be added to a blacklist. Be on it = no mta 4 u :D:D
  12. When you get no picture you should get the divx codec from somewhere. Search for it on google...
  13. http://www.multitheftauto.com/downloads.php?file_id=21 download the movie there. I don't think the weapons on the heli will hae effect yet. We'il see. First our priority is to make a stable mta for VC