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  1. l2ebel

    Your MTA History!

    yeah but im currently redoing that run, i think i should be able to do it about 7 mins faster with new strategies and all
  2. l2ebel

    Your MTA History!

    http://liberty-unleashed.co.uk #gta-lu
  3. l2ebel

    Your MTA History!

    well what i mean by going back to gta3 is that im gonna go back to modding it intensively, ive got plans for a total conversion single player mod and the other thing is, theres a new gta3 mp mod in development, which will hopefully revive the online community a little, although itll take a bit of effort to get everyones attention so they play it
  4. l2ebel

    Your MTA History!

    -"played" gta:am (2001?) -took a break (waiting for next release, somehow missed 0.2 though) -played gta3 0.3b -took a break (waiting for next release) -joined irc -mtavc 0.1 was released- -joined forums -became B moderator (limited access) -joined VCP gang -became moderator -became beta tester -founded DK gang -became first and last vc blue tester (tested about 30 mins) -choosen to build new beta team (qa leader) -made Ransom and JHXP new qa leaders -stepped down as qa leader -resigned from qa (that was 1 hour ago) END thats one quick rundown of 5-6 years how my career sta
  5. l2ebel

    Missing the old days... :(

    omg Scorp! i thought you had vanished for good, great to see you posting, how are you doing? i thought id never see any of the old peeps again, but somehow everyone still manages to find this thread and drop a line, nowadays people come and go but it seems every now and then a few return to see whats up which shows how engaged the community was back then good to see ya Shark, funny recruitment story right there, jupiter must have enjoyed his position theres good news for everyone whos missing the gta3 mp days, VRocker is making a new mod, the homepage is http://liberty-unleashed.co.uk
  6. first trailer this ones with german voices, dont think theres a capture in english just yet, looks amazing though
  7. http://www.2kgames.com/mafia2/home.html looks pretty cool, never played the first one but this one seems like worth getting to me
  8. no plans, hes just playing with the thought
  9. nevar. we're looking forward to a new gta3 mp, gta-lu, or maybe Mike will make one..
  10. l2ebel


    great vid, original stunts, really enjoyed it
  11. yeah spit, add yourself so i can stalk you for a change added btw
  12. one question, why is the repair that close to the starting line? shouldnt it be somewhere in the middle?
  13. probably that hes still looking for someone? better than creating a new thread if you ask me
  14. vlc has a screenshot feature
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