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    i'm a scripter an the owner of the german project "Weed Reallife".
  1. [S] Modeler

    Hello Community, i need some custom models, but i dont know too much about 3DS Max and so on. So i search a modeler, who knows about modeling and who can make me some objects for GTA:SA. of course i pay for the work, please leave a pm and we talk about it. ( Sorry for english, i'm german )
  2. Advanced Vehicle Mechanics Emulation System

    Will you release that awesome Script? I would pay for something like that, because my engine Script isnt as realistic as yours
  3. Apply a shader to a vehicle's door?

    At the moment i dont understand that way.. Can anyone explain it to me?
  4. Apply a shader to a vehicle's door?

    So, now i have the second problem: Where is the patriot-door-texture? In the "patriot.txd" is nothing with doors, only the weels and some other stuff, but not the doors I hope you can help
  5. Apply a shader to a vehicle's door?

    Aah thank you, now i know what you mean Thats the way i will do
  6. Apply a shader to a vehicle's door?

    If i put the image with a shader on the door-texture, the whole door have this image.. But i dont want that the image is on the whole door, only on a little place of a the door
  7. Apply a shader to a vehicle's door?

    Thank you! But i dont want the image all around the door, only a little place of it I hope you understand what i mean Thank you
  8. Good Morning Community, First of all I must say that my english isn't as good as yours, because I'm german So, now to my problem: I know how to apply a texture-shader to a texture, but.. I wan't to apply an image on the vehicle, but only to the door. I have an Army-faction an i want to put the Faction-sign on the faction-vehicles, on the doors.. Can anyone tell me how?