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  1. Woah .... i thought this isn't even possible to script Well done dude
  2. I'm looking exactly for that friend, someone who can help me start and show me the road You can Add me on FB : Anas Amessou
  3. I see, can you help me? starting a small dm gamemode that contains team selection and some commands i'd really appreciate it
  4. I did check it and Also read the MTA wiki i really can't understand nothing, i'm noob when it comes to scripting
  5. Hello there i'm Looking for a series on Youtube or other website to start scripting for MTA, i have never programed somthing and i understand English, French and Arabic i'll really appreciate it if you helped
  6. Is this Server up yet? if yes please drop an Ip
  7. a really nice looking server, best Dayz server i ever tried
  8. Any Suggestion? i'm still looking for an unique Dayz ... and servers
  9. i'm Sure Huge number of players want to play in a "Look Like" GTA Online Server that contains Missions , Races , DM and Crews ...etc you can Find GTA V mods everywhere and it will keep your Project alive for a long time
  10. Hello i'm kinda new here and i'm looking for Good and Unique Dayz server and Also a Look like GTA Online Server if there is one Also if there is a TDM server that deserves to be shown i'll give it a Try Thanks
  11. Takadi

    a question

    hi all i wonder if there is away to make a *distance counter*, like it collect meters from point A to point B, when player get closer to point b it reduce the meters ( just like markers i call of Duty and Battlefield 4
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