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  1. Thanks man, that will help a lot
  2. thanks Necktrox wow, this table is different from what i have seen, I only see tables more like that local VehiclesID = { {417}, {593}, {493}, {509}, {487}, {497} } how can i check for the id's in this type of table? I wish to learn this way too
  3. Hi, i am trying to learn tables but so far no success kk I wish to learn then I tried to pass this id's and the check if is one of then but i had no success if not getElementModel(veh) == 417 or getElementModel(veh) == 593 or getElementModel(veh) == 493 or getElementModel(veh) == 509 or getElementModel(veh) == 487 or getElementModel(veh) == 497 then Thanks in advanced and sorry for the english
  4. Today I used the setVehicleWheelStates and If I set my wheels to fallen off, then set then to inflated again, after that if I fix my vehicle the wheels will be invisible, anyone knows a workaround for this? It only happens in my script (tested with the wiki script and don't happen) my script is this: --server-- local tireOff = getElementData(getElementData(veh,"parent"),"Tire_inVehicle") -- check if there is tires in the vehicle (gamemode element) if tireOff == 0 then setVehicleWheelStates(veh, 2, 2, 2, 2) elseif tireOff == 3 then local wheel = math.random(1,
  5. Oh, then that was the problem. haha Thanks
  6. I tried to use the code from the wiki: dxDrawEmptyRec( 350, 350, 100, 100, tocolor(255,0,255), 1, false ) then give me an error: mta attempt to call a global dxDrawRectangle the script is client side what is the problem? Thanks in advance
  7. ksTakor

    Check Water

    Strange I tried in some script and only when player is swimming return true.
  8. ksTakor

    Check Water

    this just return true if the player is swimming in water I want a way of detecting if the water is in his legs.
  9. ksTakor

    Check Water

    How can I check if the ped is near or touching water?
  10. ksTakor


    He is looking for the textures in the zombies/skins folder and your textures are on the zombies folder this way he can't find the textures, just create a folder called skins in the zombies folder and put the skins there.
  11. ksTakor


    is in wrong folder he is looking for the texture in the folder Dayz/skins and your skin are in a another folder. That's the problem, and sorry for the english
  12. @myonlake Can you give me a exemple, I try it but I can't make work.
  13. its possible to mask a HUD component like the radar?
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