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  1. DarKneSS29


    Salut am un server de DayZ MTA:SA si caut pe cineva sa-l hosteze desigur nu pe gratis .Cand l-am tinut aprins pe calculator am avut 23/32 de playeri.Dar mie imi merge greu calculatorul si nu pot sa-l tin aprins.Am gasit 2-3 donatori.
  2. How?I want to say another way to put a new skin.
  3. Hey I put some skins on my server Dayz and when a player attempts to connect to the server in one minute and kick him in the console [modloader request replacing player]. Please help me.Sorry my eng.
  4. But,how to use it.I put a skin with "replace_model" and the car is white.
  5. Welcome. I have a server Dayz and I want to know how to put car skins or weapons.Sorry my english.
  6. DarKneSS29

    Simple GM

    Hi i want a simple GM Roleplay.I want to do it on.But have admin commands and spawn the station in Los Santos. sorry my eng.
  7. Mersi dar am rezolvat la Sectiunea Scripting
  8. Please put some model please
  9. I need a script gate.For CTA of course but i want with this command /go1 to open and /gc1 to close.Tell me where i put x ,y ,z, rx, ry, rz.Sorry my english.
  10. Salut vreau si eu un script pentru o poarta dar comanda sa o pot modifica eu.Si poarta sa fie id: 980 si sa imi spuneti unde pun x,y,z rx.ry.rz.Multumesc!Poarta sa se deschida cand scriu comanda mea.
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