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  1. I'm want to make the function run with a loop for 3 possible weapons and only give/ take away 1 weapon at a time. but it removes primary weapon from back when i equip secondary or vise versa also only equips secondary when equiping any weapon. function rearmPlayerWeapon(weaponName,slot,slot1,slot2,slot3) takeAllWeapons(source) setElementData(source,"currentweapon_"..slot,weaponName) weapon = getElementData(source,"currentweapon_1") if weapon then for id,item in pairs(weaponTable)do if weapon == item[1] and getElementData(source,item[1])>= 1 and getElementData
  2. i read the page for triggerClientEvent and seen the argument but i didnt realize you can just use a variable for that there thanks a lot
  3. im not sure how to do this i knew i had to use random.math on server but idk how to pass it
  4. client side function endVol() local position = guiScrollBarGetScrollPosition(Cock2)/100 local Number = math.random(1,37) muzik = playSound("sounds/"..tostring(Number)..".mp3") setSoundVolume(muzik, position) end addEvent("endvol",true) addEventHandler("endvol", getRootElement(), endVol) server side function muzikS( ) triggerClientEvent( source,"endvol", source ) end addEventHandler( "onRoundFinish", root, muzikS ) im trying to get the same random song to play on all clients this plays different per client
  5. it shows on players now but it only shows on whoever typed the cmd and takes it away from the last player
  6. im tryin to make it show on player's skin via texture name this is working, but its only client side others cant see unless they type /dvoid #number ect originally this script was for vehicles. When the player entered the vehicle it would update the clients to show their effect number on their car and other clients would see the effect and still see their own effect as well. basically i just want it to update all clients that whoever typed the cmd updated their effect and all clients will see. been trying to avoid doing server side because the script did not use server side scr
  7. Im trying to set the shader to peds with setElementData and an id for the effect this works but only renders per client im trying to make it render the effect for all clients but only apply the effect to yourself and not others with effect active
  8. I'm not sure the math on this, but I'm trying to make the velocity not drain as fast. However this is making it continually gain speed. vV = "w" iK_v = 1.02 -- inertia power sK_t = 50 Xperimental = true local sorc = getLocalPlayer() addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function(resource) bindKey(vV, "both", _coref_) end ) function _coref_(key, state) local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(sorc) if (veh) then if (getVehicleController(veh) == sorc) then if key == vV then if state == "up" then if Xperimental then
  9. This is server side and it's never been tested. It's a frame work you can build off of. If you need help feel free to ask Also please put <oop>true</oop> in the meta.xml file local distanceFromDoor = 20 local key = 'L' local Doors = {} Doors.__index = Doors local collection = {} function Door.new(objectid, x, y, z, rx, ry, rz, locked) if objectid and x and y and z then local self = setmetatable({},Door) self.id = objectid self.position = Vector3( x, y, z ) self.rotation = Vector3 ( rx, ry, rz ) or Vector3 ( 0, 0, 0 ) self.locked = locked or f
  10. Not sure why, but it doesn't load the grass texture when i call the directory outside of the function, everything else works just fine. im lost lol No errors either. dxSetShaderValue(shader, 'Tex0', terrain) this is where it should be applied but its not for some reason
  11. you can reduce resolution with: local scaleValue = screenY / devScreenY and it will all so reduce impact for lower end pc?
  12. presume i have 163 of these, some with smaller tables ect, functions: addEvent('pp',true) addEventHandler('pp', root, function() if setting == 1 then terrain = dxCreateTexture('shader/low/1.png',"dxt5",true) elseif setting == 2 then terrain = dxCreateTexture('shader/medium/1.png',"dxt5",true) elseif setting == 3 then terrain = dxCreateTexture('shader/img/1.png',"dxt5",true) end if terrain then shader = dxCreateShader("shader/fx/shader.fx") dxSetShaderValue(shader, 'Tex0', terrain) local grass = {'sw_sandlod','desstones_dirt1','desertgryard256','grasspatch_64hv','desertgrya
  13. setting = 1 local sx, sy = guiGetScreenSize() local dx, dy = 1920, 1080 -- GUI Window local guiWindow = guiCreateWindow(100/sx*dx, 160/sy*dy, 200/sx*dx, 160/sy*dy, 'Shader Resolution', false, false) local low = guiCreateRadioButton(20/sx*dx, 30/sy*dy, 150/sx*dx, 20/sy*dy, 'Low', false, guiWindow) local medium = guiCreateRadioButton(20/sx*dx, 60/sy*dy, 150/sx*dx, 20/sy*dy, 'Medium', false, guiWindow) local high = guiCreateRadioButton(20/sx*dx, 90/sy*dy, 150/sx*dx, 20/sy*dy, 'High', false, guiWindow) guiSetVisible(guiWindow, false) -- END bindKey('F1', 'down', function() guiSetVisible(gui
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